4-H Club Leader Job Description

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4-H Club Leader Job Description


    September 2009

    4-H Club Leader

    Position Description

Purpose: Help 4-H club members grow and reach their fullest potential by supporting them to

    conduct meaningful, educational experiences. Inform and encourage members, parents and other

    volunteers to actively participate in appropriate 4-H opportunities that offer the best chance for

    their success.


    Develop a caring relationship with members.

    ? Become an advisor, guide, and mentor.

    ? Each member is a unique individual with unique needs. Take time to listen and visit

    casually with each young person.

    Create a safe environment for members.

    ? Help youth feel welcome and safe from physical or emotional harm.

    ? Encourage participation and welcome the ideas of youth and parents.

    ? Ensure adequate supervision at all club functions.

    Provide opportunities for youth to feel capable and experience success, developing self-


    ? Help youth find resources to explore projects and activities.

    ? Provide meaningful learning experiences.

    ? Model and teach that failure or frustration is part of learning experience.

    ? Be fair and consistent in enforcing rules and giving feedback.

    Provide opportunities for youth to value and practice service to others.

    ? Encourage youth to consider the feelings of others.

    ? Encourage youth mentoring each other.

    ? Allow youth to choose their service projects based on what is important to them and their


    Provide opportunities for youth to make decisions.

    ? Provide opportunities for youth to feel they have impact over their lives.

    ? Allow youth to make decisions about how the club functions and its activities.

    ? Engage members in creating a yearly club activity calendar.

    ? If you choose to have officers in your club, help them learn their responsibilities and train

    them to run their meetings, develop committees and plan and conduct activities. .

    Create an inclusive environment

    ? Involve members in developing club programs, project work, community service, social

    events, and participation in county, district, and state 4-H events.

    ? Serve as a primary communication link between the county Extension office/county 4-H

    professional and the club.

    ? Follow-up with members who miss meetings.

    ? Continually provide feedback to members. Give them advice and praise.

    ? Have members provide feedback to you. Ask members how you can help them even

    more than you are now.

Provide club management and communication.

    ? Read 4-H newsletters and literature from the county Extension office and keep members,

    parents, and other advisors informed.

    ? Be aware of 4-H projects available, help members select projects, and encourage parents

    to support their child’s project work.

    ? Secure club organization materials from the county Extension office.

    ? Complete enrollment forms and other paperwork as requested by the county Extension


    Participate in volunteer training

    ? Participate in twice a year required volunteer development trainings.

Qualifications/Skills Needed:

    ? A sincere interest in the safety and well being of youth.

    ? The ability to teach and motivate youth while nurturing self-esteem, decision-making

    skills, responsibility, and leadership in youth.

    ? Successfully pass through Child Protection and Safety Policy screening process

    ? The ability to organize information and materials and delegate responsibility; the ability

    to work and communicate effectively both verbally and written;

    ? The ability to motivate parents and other volunteers to assume leadership positions;

    ? The ability to work with minimal supervision from professional staff;

    ? A sincere interest in working with other volunteers and professional staff in an

    educational setting;

    ? A willingness to become familiar with the philosophy and guidelines of the Iowa State

    University Extension, Iowa 4-H program, and the county 4-H program.


    ? Extension agrees to provide orientation and training that will help the volunteer meet the

    needs of members, leaders, and parents.

    ? Provide appropriate educational materials.

    ? Offer professional assistance.

    ? Provide appropriate recognition and awards.

Appointed by:

    ? County Extension Council

Responsible to and receives counsel and guidance from:

    ? County Youth Coordinator

    ? 4-H Youth Development Specialist

Length of Commitment

    ? 1-2 years

    4-H Project Leader Position Description

    Purpose: To help youth develop life skills and help youth learn skills and information about a specific project.


    ? Plan and prepare for project meetings or workshops, which utilize experiential learning

    through workshops, field trips, audio/video resources, guest speakers, teaching kits,

    computers, or other learning tools. Coordinate these activities with the club leader for

    club level activities or Extension staff for county level activities. ? Encourage youth to use project materials and research based information. ? Be familiar with 4-H rules, policies and guidelines. Adhere to guidelines and due dates

    for enrollments, registrations, animal ID’s, and entries.

    ? Involve members in activities which teach life skills; communication, leadership,

    decision-making, coping with change, developing a positive self-concept, learning how to

    learn, and record keeping. Encourage youth to share what they have learned with others. ? Inform members of and encourage participation in other 4-H opportunities related to the

    project, such as Animal Science Round-Up, county or state workshops, and project


    ? Participate in appropriate volunteer training.

    ? Encourage and assist members with record keeping on project work. ? Arrange for appropriate supervision during project activities. ? Communicate with Extension staff about club progress.

    ? Delegate as many responsibilities as you can to older members, teen leaders, parents,

    project leaders, club helpers, and others. The more people involved the better.

Qualifications/Skills Needed:

    ? Successfully pass through Child Protection and Safety Policy screening process ? Interest in helping youth and ability to communicate with youth and adults. ? Ability to organize, plan, and coordinate experiential learning experiences. ? Ability to delegate responsibilities to others.

    ? Knowledge and skills in specific project area.

    ? Ability to motivate, direct and evaluate.

Length of Commitment

    ? Minimum of one year, renewable annually. Commitment depends on time volunteer is

    willing to devote to this leadership role.


    ? Access to Iowa State University and Iowa State University Extension Staff. ? Training opportunities.

    ? Regular communication about youth and adult opportunities, policies and programs. ? Project materials and other educational resources.

Responsible to and receives counsel and guidance from:

    ? County Youth Coordinator

    ? 4-H Youth Program Specialist

    Mentoring Volunteer Job Description

Responsible to: County Youth Coordinator or regional Youth Program Specialist

    Purpose: To provide new 4-H leaders with the support, encouragement, training and personal contact to help them become well-rounded, knowledgeable, confident 4-H volunteers. This

    position will help produce a solid network of volunteers to enhance our 4-H youth program.

Benefits to the Volunteer:

    ? Being able to share the expertise you possess as a successful 4-H volunteer.

    ? The satisfaction of helping the 4-H program retain knowledgeable, confident volunteers

    and seeing the program grow and reach more youth.

    ? Meeting new people with common interests and goals.

    ? Being an active partner in helping the 4-H program in your county succeed.

Major Duties

    ? Attend special mentor volunteer trainings.

    ? Contact new volunteers and provide a current resource volunteer list for specific project


    ? Help mentor new volunteers and be available to answer questions.

    ? Telephone or otherwise notify new volunteers concerning trainings and meetings that

    would benefit them or their subject matter (offer rides to meetings, etc.)

    ? Keep the appropriate Extension staff informed as to progress, needs, and potential issues.

Skills Needed:

    ? Leadership, friendliness, knowledge of 4-H philosophy/goals/program, enthusiastic

    attitude towards program, enjoys working with others and helping them succeed.

Term: 2 to 3 years

    Time Involved: 1 to 3 hours a week


    ? Communication, listening, and mentoring skills via Extension Staff, Leader Forums,

    Satellite Conferences, etc.


    ? County Extension Office support, 4-H and Iowa State University Extension resources.

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