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    Claus von Bohlen

    June 2008

    A literary thriller for our time: sex, drugs, and identity theft in modern America

    Charlie Conti has just come into his inheritance. Young, rich and alone in the world, he leaves the echoing luxury of his Manhattan home and heads for Los Angeles. He throws wild parties and everyone comes, yet Charlie remains on the outside, an isolated figure. Then he meets Ray Celador: Ray has the eyes of a visionary and the rough, gnarled hands of a lumberjack. He deals in drugs, women and philosophy, and before long he‟s indispensable to Charlie: father-figure, teacher, friend. But who, in the end is Ray Celador? And who when he finds himself stripped of his home, his money and his identity is Charlie Conti?

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    Claus von Bohlen

    Spring 2009

    The second novel from this extremely talented young writer is a mesmerising story of memory and history

    Otto Eisinger, the narrator of this story, is a wealthy businessman from Sao Paulo who has retired to the southern Brazilian island of Santa Catarina. Still robust and healthy at the age of 77, Otto is living a pleasant and orderly retirement with his faithful housekeeper Anna-Maria, occasionally venturing out for an energetic swim in the sea or keeping a watchful eye on the gardener as he tends to Otto‟s immaculate lawn. Otto‟s leisurely existence is thrown into disarray when he is hospitalized trying stop two armed men from robbing a local newsagent. This incident, together with the appearance of Anna-Maria‟s young nephew Pietro, triggers an avalanche of memories in Otto, memories from his childhood in Nazi thGermany as a member of the 12 Panzer Division


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Claus von Bohlen was born in London in 1977. Based in

Brixton, he works as a writer, translator, documentary

filmmaker and part-time police officer.


    Malcolm Knox

    July 2008

    ITERARY REVIEW „Knox is quite simply, a fabulous writer‟ L

    Six friends travel to Jamaica to take part in a dangerous swimming race across shark-infested waters. Beautiful, rich, favoured by fortune, they exude arrogance and entitlement. The world is theirs. Jeremy Hutchison doesn‟t belong with these golden people, but his dogged admiration and irrepressible enthusiasm not to mention his money

    have earned him a place. He can‟t believe his luck. But beneath the surface this is a group on the edge of crisis; none more so than Jeremy, who is playing for the highest stakes of all.

    Malcolm Knox is the author of two previous novels, Summerland and Adult Book. He is the former literary

    editor of the Sydney Morning Herald and an award-winning

    journalist whose work has appeared in the Guardian, the

    Daily Telegraph and Wisden, among others.

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    Bruce Kennedy Jones & Eric Allison

    June 2008

    'Lithe as a cat burglar... An absorbing thriller, where the reader cares very much whether our honourable hero wins the day... Enjoy a rare, fly-on-the-wall glimpse into the hidden world of British villainy' BIG ISSUE

    Contemporary Manchester. Our narrator is just out of Strangeways prison and longing to see his children again. However, life on the outside is not what he expected: his nephew has been shot dead, his family has disappeared, and it seems that someone is out to get him. Over the next thirty days, as he works to unravel the plot against him, he finds that he has enemies on both sides of the law. But he has friends too, friends who are more than happy to help an honourable criminal clear his name.

    Bruce Kennedy Jones is an investigative journalist who produces features and documentaries for radio and television. Eric Allison, once described by the Manchester Police as being „in the top echelons of British criminals‟, is now the Guardians prison correspondent and an ardent campaigner for prisoners‟ rights. They are currently

working on Fat Blackmail, follow-up to The Last Straight


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    Andrey Rubanov

    Translation by Andrew Bromfield

    August 2008

    „More than just a “Russian Grisham”, Rubanov provides an astonishing blend of pride, critique of Europe, healthy

    FISHA patriotism, cliff-hanging action and expert language' A

    (Moscow‟s Time Out)

    When rich young businessman Andrei is suddenly arrested at his home in Moscow, he is not unduly worried. After all, things have changed since the bad old Soviet days and

    he‟s already hired a crack lawyer to prepare for just this event. But implacable forces are ranged against Andrei, and to his horror he is forced to do serious time in one of Russia‟s most notorious prisons. Surrounded by hardened criminals with a low opinion of the nouveau riche,cut off from his expensive lifestyle, betrayed by those he once trusted, Andrei turns inwards and discovers a new life amid the debris of the old.

    Do Time Get Time is a riveting psychological thriller somewhere between Dostoyevsky and John Grisham. The reality of modern Russia, by turns exhilarating and monstrous, breathes from every page.

    Andrey Rubanov was born in 1969. He became a businessman in the new Russia and in 1996 he was convicted of fraud and imprisoned. In 1999 he was exonerated on appeal and released.

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    Billy Cowie

„A sweet and touching love story‟ GUARDIAN

    When concert violinist Milan begins to hear musical tapping sounds that seem to be coming from somewhere inside him, he at first thinks he may be losing his mind. But a scan at the hospital reveals the alarming truth: since birth Milan‟s body has been harbouring his twin sister.

    At the centre of a whirlwind of media hype, Milan embarks on the most intimate and unexpected relationship of his life. His new-found sibling Roma believes there are only 147 people in the world. She has never seen the moon,

    never tasted her favourite wine. But as Milan attempts to introduce her to the world outside, he discovers to his surprise how much she has to teach him in return.

    Billy Cowie is a Scottish composer, choreographer and filmmaker. He has composed music for a number of BBC Radio 3 projects including Philip Pullman‟s His Dark Materials


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    Valentine Honeyman

    Spring 2009

An uproarious novel about the power of literary envy

    Richard & Judy run the most influential TV Book Club in the UK, guaranteeing fame and fortune for any author lucky enough to win their favour. Our narrator is a funny, arch, acerbic published author whose books don't sell and who can‟t resist watching twice a year when the Book Club's announcements are made, torturing himself over what might have been. When his old university arch-nemesis' first stab at writing is selected for the club, he spirals into a jealousy-induced nosedive. He devises a dastardly plan to inveigle his way into R&J‟s inner circle... and utter chaos ensues. Stalking Richard and Judy is a hilarious and

    often outrageous story of high-camp antic that shows just how far some people will go to achieve literary fame.

    Valentine Honeyman was born on the Old Kent Road, a very long time ago. He has written for radio, television and film, in London and in Los Angeles. This is his first novel since his last one, which was also a very long time ago.

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    Max Blecher

    Translation by Julian & Laura Semilian

    Introduction by Paul Bailey

    August 2008

    „Very few novels confront death as brutally and tenderly‟ NEUE ZÜRCHER ZEITUNG

    It is Paris in the 1930s and Emanuel, a young Romanian student, finds himself dangerously ill with spinal tuberculosis. He is sent to a sanatorium near the French coast where for a year he remains wrapped in a plaster body cast. In the eerie, isolated world of the sanatorium Emanuel discovers that life goes on. His body slowly deteriorates but, unexpectedly, he falls in love. This tender, doomed love affair between two patients is at the emotional core of an unforgettable novel that leaves the reader with an understanding of what it means to be human.

    Max Blecher was born in 1909 into a Jewish family in Romania. At the age of 19 he contracted tuberculosis and spent the rest of his life in hospitals and sanatoria. Scarred Hearts, his second novel, appeared in 1937, a year before his death at the age of 29.

Rights: translation only



    Gianrico Carofiglio

    „A stunner... An unforgettable novel‟ SUNDAY TIMES

    „A fascinating, succinct and stylish thriller‟ GUARDIAN

    Rights: WEL

    Rights sold: North American (Thomas Dunne Books)


    Lewis Crofts

    „A bold reimagining of the short, frenetic life of the

    painter Egon Schiele‟ GUARDIAN

    Rights: WEL



    Rawi Hage COUNTRY

    Shortlisted for Gianrico Carofiglio

    ***THE 2008 Winner of

    INTERNATIONAL*** *** The 2005 Premio

    IMPAC DUBLIN LITERARY Bancarella, Italy***


    Winner of DO TIME GET TIME

    *** The McAuslan First Andrey Rubanov

    Book Prize***

    Shortlisted for


    *** The 2005 Russian

    ***The Paragraph Hughe

    National Bestseller

    MacLennan Prize***



    Julian Gough

    Winner of

    *** The 2007 National

    Short Story Prize***



    Fifty famous horses from history

    James Chambers

    October 2008

    Without the horse, humanity would still be living in caves. Throughout history, the horse has been mankind‟s constant companion, ploughing fields, carrying knights in battle and racing in the „sport of the kings‟. In this beautifully presented selection, popular historian and writer James Chambers introduces fifty of the most notable, charming and important horses from around the world. There‟s the horse who was tried for witchcraft, the horse who trampled a suffragette and the many horses who played significant roles at the turning points of history. By turns funny, informative and moving, The Horse Who... is

    an ideal gift and will appeal to anyone with an interest in this most noble of animals.

    [Extent: 112pp, 170mm x 130mm portrait, hardback, 4-colour throughout]

    James Chambers was born in Northern Ireland and educated at Oxford. His books include Charlotte & Leopold (Old

    Street 2007) and Palmerston: The People’s Darling (2004).

Rights: World


    A Very English Adventure

    Jeremy Scott (Foreword by Peter Mayle)

    An extraordinary mix of daring polar exploration, insights into a bygone era and breathtaking descriptions of the natural world

    It is 1927 and Lindbergh has just made the very first solo flight from New York to Paris, but even so transatlantic passenger travel by air seemed a remote fantasy. Two Cambridge graduates believed otherwise and Dancing on Ice

    tells the story of their incredible expedition across the Arctic. In 1930 the dashing Gino Watkins led a group of fourteen intrepid and largely inexperienced young men to pioneer the first commercial air route between Europe and America. Alongside high adventure, triumph and tragedy, Scott paints a fascinating portrait of two lost worlds

    the Inuit hunters of the polar regions and the „Brideshead‟ generation of young Englishmen addicted to adventure.

    Jeremy Scott was born into a family of dysfunctional risk-addicts, carried a revolver to school and once spiked Ted Heath‟s canapés with speed. After a colourful (and highly successful) career in one of London‟s top advertising agencies, described in his first book Fast and Louche:

    Confessions of a Flagrant Sinner (2002), he became a full-

    time writer.

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    A Postman’s Diary

    Kevin Boniface

    Photography by Shaw & Shaw

    September 2008

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