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Simple Spa page 2, 3, 4 - BeautiControl - Home


    CLEANSE SPA-?―This is our Skinlogics Gold Cleansing Foam. It's a nice foaming QUALITY TREATMENTS FOR cleanser that leaves your face clean, but not stripped. Use this every THE FACE morning and every night. This removes your makeup, oil, dirt and

    other impurities.‖ (Allow each guest to dispense cleanser.) Explain BeautiControl Research Institute

    SCRUB ―BeautiControl has been an industry leader for over 25 years. We

    are passionate about product quality and innovation. That is why ―Our exfoliating Facial Scrub helps get rid of that top layer of dry, all of our products are developed at our very own Research dead skin, and it’s perfect for all skin types.‖ (Pass scrub. Apply Institute, where they are: following cleanser.)

     Formulated with scientifically-advanced ingredients ?TONE

    ? Dermatologist, sensitivity and allergy tested ―Follow with your Tonic to rinse and refine your pores.‖ (Wipe

    clean with tonic.) ? Eye products ophthalmologist tested

     Never tested on animals‖ ?MOISTURIZE

     Share serious skin care solutions targeted for the age ―Use your moisturizer every morning and every night to hydrate, of your skin soothe, calm and protect the skin that we can see. (You top with

    “BeautiControl products offer serious skin care solutions moisturizer which we’ll do later.)‖ targeted for the age of your skin. ―You can immediately feel and see the difference just maintaining

    your skin can make. It’s amazing how noticeable it is. And it’s ? Maintenance products for the skin you can see amazing because you get such benefits from something that just ? Repair products for the skin you can't see takes a few minutes a day.‖ ? Prevention products for the skin you will see.‖ ―I’m going to pass around this card so you can see the Maintenance

    Set. It’s very inexpensive for daily use. It costs less to use these four MAINTENANCE products each day than it does to get that cup of black coffee each

    Starts with Maintenance for the skin you can see. morning. We need to do all we can to maintain our skin. And by

    using these four products twice a day, you increase the benefits, as Busy Women’s Facial they’re designed to work together.‖

     Explain Maintenance for the skin you can see

    ―Most skin care programs are based on whether your skin is dry, REPAIR oily or a combination. But we know there is so much more! Repair products for the skin you can’t see. BeautiControl developed a system targeted to the age of your skin We have High End Repair Products and because, let's face it sun, wind, pollution exposure, plus the aging

    process, affects you differently depending on the age of your skin.‖ Show the ―Repair‖ picture on the Spa ESCAPE UV Tool ―We have 4 programs for 20s skin, 30s skin and 40+ skin. And ―Now, let's talk about the raisins. That's where your wrinkles are 50s+. Tonight we're going to use our Skinlogicsstarting to form. Let me show you something that's kind of scary. ? Gold for 30s skin, We all look like this under a UV light. And some of us may look and later we can find out what skin care is best for you!‖ worse than others. This is the damage we can't see. What we want Show cornflakes, raisins, grapes flip card to do is work on this before we can see it. I’m going to show you two ―What I want to share with you first are my cornflakes, raisins and of BeautiControl’s repair products.‖ grapes. The cornflakes here represent the surface of our skin dry

    skin cells, make up, oil and dirt that we need to exfoliate or remove. ?REGENERATION GOLD REJUVENATING FACE AND The raisins represent the dry skin cells just below the surface that NECK LOTION Bottom Part of the Girdle need moisture. And the grapes represent nice, healthy, plump,

    youthful skin cells. Radiant, smooth, glowing skin. This is what we ―Regeneration Gold Rejuvenating Face and Neck Lotion, for 30s want to achieve.‖ skin, diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles, reduces the

    appearance of skin discoloration, diminishes the signs of sun ―We’re going to learn how to use our maintenance, repair and damage and slows down the signs of aging by delivering firmer, prevention products to achieve beautiful skin every day.‖ smoother-looking skin. I have great repair products for 20s and Show the ―maintenance‖ picture on Spa ESCAPE UV Tool 40+ skin as well.‖

    ―The first thing we're going to do is really take care of our cornflakes with our maintenance program. This photo shows just what you're And out Tight Fit and Firm Top part of the girle. working on now maintaining the skin that you can see. We do that with simple skin care just for you.‖ And our latest Resurfacing Peel our High End Maintain your skin with a daily facial. Repair. Peels away the years.―Today you’ll experience our 30s Maintenance set.‖

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    TM? MICRODERM ABRASION FACIAL BUFFING CREME* SPA BEAUTI?―Another one of our repair products is our Microderm Abrasion Show Spa ESCAPE Beauti Tool it’s just like treatments professionals use but at a fraction of the ―Your skin will look amazing and you’ll want to add the finishing

    touch with Beauti by BeautiControl makeup! And the better condition price. Microderm Abrasion resurfaces your skin and gives it a

    your skin is in, the better your makeup is going to apply and the dramatically smoother look.‖

    longer it will last! You can look beautiful in minutes!‖ ―This affordable at-home alternative is one of the top three most in-

    demand spa treatments.‖ Close on Spa BeautiTM Sets ―Apply this creme all over your face— except your eye areas and your ―Our Beauti products have something for each person’s individual hairline once a week at night after cleansing and toning. You just style. I’m going to pass this card around so you can take a look at turn on the Buffer and it goes to work to help the creme really our Spa Beauti Sets. We have sets that take the guesswork out of penetrate. Use the Buffer on your face anywhere from one to three selecting makeup and our color is state-of-the-art. We use pure minutes. After initial use, apply for three to no more than five pigments to help the products blend with your skin instead of resting minutes. When you wash away the creme, you get down to the nice, on the surface. The Spa Beauti Sets give you everything you need to

    look beautiful in just minutes.‖ newer, plump skin cells. You can really see imperfections and fine

    lines diminish, and you’re left with a wonderful glow. This is one of

    the most incredible skin care products on the market!‖ CLOSE

     Let Hostess experience Microderm Book Spa ESCAPEs. Show your booking calendar and offer ? Abrasion on her hand. available dates. Invite your guests to treat their friends and

    family to a Spa ESCAPE in their home. ―These are your repair products, going to work on all of those raisins.‖ ―I’m also looking for people who want to treat their friends and

    family to a Spa ESCAPE. I bet each of you can think of eight to ten ?REGENERATION GOLD EYE REPAIR friends who need this experience. Remember,

     Enjoy an exclusive soothing Spa neckwrap during your ―And now we want to repair that delicate skin around our eyes... Spa ESCAPE. It's yours to keep free! and we’re going to do that with our Regeneration Gold Eye Repair. Select Free BeautiControl products of your choice based on your This product helps visibly firm the skin, reduce the appearance of bookings and Spa ESCAPE sales.‖ fine lines and lighten the appearance of dark circles.‖ Share sets.

     Share Opportunity. PREVENTION

    Prevention products for the skin you will see. Close 20 minutes per Melissa

     Show protection comparison with UV light on Spa ESCAPE Brisbois UV Tool.

    1. Thank Hostess ?CELL BLOCK-C NEW CELL PROTECTION SPF 20 2. MRP Product Sets(3) Sets rd―Once we have used our maintenance and repair products, we really (3 is the ―I Deserve It All‖ Set) need to protect the skin we will see. Now we're working on the 3. Dream Bag(1) Bag grapes. And we want to really protect our skin to prevent the signs 2 reasons (mine) of damage. So, now let me show you this other picture. You can see Earn up to $100/hour one-half of the skin shows the damage and the other half is almost Make money fast within 48 hours one color. That shows we're actually helping to protect the skin with 4. One-on-one close to choose our Cell Block-C. It’s a protective moisturizer packed full of vitamin

    C and SPF 20 for moderate sun protection. It’s going to block both

    ONE-ON-ONE TIME UVA and UVB rays. So, we’re really protecting your future skin

    with our repair products with Cell Block-C.‖ Connect with everyone individually to take orders, book (Pass Cell Block-C.) ESCAPEs and share the opportunity. Now demonstrate Moisturizer, the final Maintenance Product. ―I’m going to visit with you one-on-one, so I can answer any (Pass Moisturizer.) questions you might have about the opportunity, Spa ESCAPE or Share Maintenance and Repair and Prevention Sets

    Maintenance, Repair and Prevention product sets serious skin care for the skin you can, can’t and will see.

    ―When you start using these products — everyone will notice. What’s

    even better is you’ll see and feel the difference. When you’re taking

    care of your skin, it shows! This is our total Repair and Prevention

    Set and, all of this together will give you the best skin you can

    possibly have. Like the maintenance set, all these repair and protection

    products work together to make a truly dramatic difference!‖

    (Show sets on UV Tool, and pass it around.)

     ?2.20 *Known in Canada as Microderm Facial Buffing Creme. 1/07



    Using the Spa ESCAPE outline as a guide, you can customize it to offer a variety of events to fit the needs of your clients. No time for a full Spa ESCAPE? Then try an Express ESCAPE, a shortened version of the same great experience. Whether you only have 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour or more, the important thing is to get your clients experiencing the products right away. Some other ideas may include:

    ? Spa ESCAPE at Work

    ? Husband/Wife Spa ESCAPEs

    ? Teen ESCAPEs

    ? Mother/Daughter ESCAPEs

    ? Bridal Spa ESCAPEs

    ? Holiday Makeover ESCAPEs

    ? Age-Defying ESCAPEs

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