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SCAN-100 has various software used to diagnose the ECU on the vehicle.

    The SCAN-100 software tree on the following page provides the user a better

    understanding of the SCAN-100 software

All information contained in this SCAN-100 software is based on the latest data

    available at the time of publication approval.

SCAN-100 software begins with a look at “Main menu” and displays six kinds of

    functions ;

    Diagnostic, Coding System, Snapshot Replay, tool Function, special Mode, and


Of course, each function has a sub-function which may apply to specific vehicle

    applications, DWMC’s vehicle.

IMPORTANT ; Proper operation of the “PCMCIA” card is essential for

     successful vehicle diagnosing.



    1] Diagnostics

    Select Model Year


     Select Vehicle Type


     Select System


     Powertrain Selection

     Engine Type Selection

     Function Selection

     Trouble Code

     Data List


    Trouble Code Clear


    Transmission Selection

     (GM Auto T/M)

    Function Selection

    Trouble Code

    Data List


    Trouble Code Clear




    (AISIN Auto T/M) TCM ID

     BODY(Air Bag)

    (NUBIRA) Air Bag(DELPHI)

     Trouble Code

     Data List

     Trouble Code Clear

     SDM ID



    Trouble Code

    Data List


     Trouble Code Clear

     ECU ID

     Air Bleeding




     ? ? : Cursor up.

    2] CODING SYSTEM * Key Function * ? ? : Cursor down 3] SNAPSHOT REPLAY ? ENT : Select the mode on cursor 4] TOOL FUNCTION

    5] SPECIAL MODE ? 1-8 : Select the appropriate 6] REPROGRAMMING Mode from 1 to 8 key. 7] COMBINATION


    Select one of the above items !!

Main Menu

    ? After the power ON, pushing “ENTER” key at the DWMC screen the “Main

    menu screen can be displayed.

    ? Select the appropriate menu to be operated at the “Main menu”.

    ? The following functions are available from the “Main menu”

    1] Diagnostic ; This provides you diagnosis related to the Powertrain, Body, and

    chassis of the DWMC vehicle.

    2] Coding ; By using this, the user can do the key coding for the Immobilizer and

    Keyless Entry System.

    3] Snapshot Replay ; The user can view directly the snapshot data, Freeze

    Frame data, and Failure Record stored by Diagnostic mode.

    4] Tool function ; By using this, the user can control the basic functions of the tool

    as Highlight adjust, Clock set, etc..

    5] Special Mode ; This provides the user the supplementary tools for diagnosis

    as oscilloscope and digital meter, etc..

    6] Reprogramming ; The reprogramming program for the flash memory type

    ECM will be provided when necessary with some comment. At that time this

    program will be updated by SCAN-100 Tool reprogram.

    7] Combination : This function in SCAN-100 allows you to perform multi-meter

    function and simultaneously communication with engine ECU for scantest.

    8] Communication : This function analyze the snapshot data.

    Use either the Up or Down arrow key to move cursor to desired selection and press

    “ENTER” or select the appropriate number key.

DLC connector Description

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 I4

    (Vehicle Side) 2 : Class 2(Delphi PCM) 9 : UART(Delphi ECM/TCM/ 4 : Chassis Ground IMMOB/ABS/Airbag) 5 : Signal Ground 11 : Fuel Prime 6 : Check Engine Light Diagnostic 12 : Bosch ABS 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 7 : KWP 2000 16 : BAT +

     - Siemens ECM/TCM/Immobilizer

     - RKE & Anti-thett


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