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1. WELCOME: Philip Croeser (PC) welcomed everyone to the meeting

2. APOLOGIES: Andrew Stevens, Gavin Ross, Jannie van Rooyen and Elvene Coetzee

3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: will be available on the net.


    ? Class P numbers for Phakisa

    ? Greg Reilly Charity


    ? Sponsorship: Nothing to report

    ? Pro tour: meeting is next week TBC. PC was asked to please report back to Pro-Tour regarding the

    towing of cars and the issue of the second race being moved.

    ? Treasurer nothing to report

    ? Technical 7 cars sealed 4 stripped yesterday (Lee Thompson, Kieren Quarmby, Jannie van Rooyen

    and Wayne Masters) all cars found to be legal.

    ? MSA report: Challenge racing was processional. Scrutineering of safety items is very high on their

    agenda especially cut off switches and anti-freeze. Safety nets cannot be attached to the door must

    be attached to the roll cage. Class C cams Maurice is trying to figure out what a “standard cam” is

    for Class C. He will go and purchase a cam to use it as a reference


Tin Top Gladiators

    The third round of the 2009 Pro Tour Series saw the Goldwagen Challenge brigade head out to the historic

    Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit on Saturday 30 May with more than fifty entries in attendance.

Class A

    Once again Lee Thompson (Interfile Golf I) took pole position. Wayne Masters (Jonnesway Golf 4) was

    second with George Economides (Wealth Avenue Golf I) and Quentin Thompson (Thompson’s Volkswagen

    Golf I) filling out the second row.

    Race 1

    Masters had a great start with Lee and the rest of the field fighting it out for the minor placings. Economides

    dropped out of the race with mechanical problems on the second lap with Steve Hurley (Koni Beetle)

    following a lap later. Masters set about increasing his lead over the rest of the pack. With no second gear,

    Lee was doing a great job at fending off Thompson and Ray Wilford (Fuchs Golf II). Gerhard Henning

    (Robbie’s Auto Golf II) made his way up to fifth place with Derick Smalberger (Sabertek / Targa / Autowiel

    Polo Classic) not far behind him.

Juan Gerber (Wholesale Cars Golf III) had a dramatic end to his race on the penultimate lap when a broken

    wheel hub on the right rear of his car pitched him into a high-speed roll through the very fast turn two sweep.

    Thankfully, the driver emerged unscathed. Masters went on to take an unchallenged victory ahead of Lee

    with Thompson holding Wilford at bay to take third.

    Race 2

    The second race saw another frantic charge through turn one. With his gearbox problems now repaired, it

    was Lee who emerged in the lead ahead of a repaired Economides and the rest of the chasing pack. With

    clear air in front of him, Lee set about pulling a gap on the rest of the field. After a bad start, Masters was up

    to third place by the second lap with Wilford and Henning hot on his heels. Economides’ bad luck came to

    haunt him again when the same mechanical gremlins returned to end his race on lap four. Lee romped home

    to another unchallenged victory with Masters having to settle for second. Wilford took a well-deserved third





Class P

    Ryan Tholet (Prend Properties Polo) looks set to be a serious threat to defending champion Jakes Jacobs

    (Brooklyn Automotive Polo Classic) this season after claiming yet another pole position for the first race of the day.

    Race 1

    Tholet battled with the start once again, leaving Jacobs to lead the pack down the back straight. After losing places at the start, Tholet slotted into fifth place through “Sunset corner”. Wouter Roos (Performance

    Laboratories Polo Classic) led the battle for third with Clayton Le Roux (Martin Le Roux Motors Polo Classic) and Peet Visagie (Time Mining Polo) hot on his heels. The battle at the front was hotting up with Jacobs and Tholet side by side down the notorious “Mine shaft”. Le Roux’s chances came to an end when electrical

    problems affected his challenge for third place.

    The crowd was brought to there feet on the final lap with Jacobs and Tholet involved in a titanic battle for the lead. Jacobs only just held on for the win with a mere 0.068 seconds separating the pair at the line! Roos

    held Visagie at bay to take the third place position.

    Race 2

    Jacobs got off to a flying start with Tholet losing out with excessive wheel spin once again. He fought back quickly however and was up to second place by the end of the second lap. Le Roux slotted into third place

    ahead of Roos and Visagie. Le Roux was the leader of the third place battle but once again, his chances

    were ruined when electrical problems slowed his pace on the seventh lap. Roos moved up to third with

    Visagie not far behind him.

Jacobs easily won the second race with Tholet taking a comfortable second place. Roos won the battle for

    third place.

Class B

    Friday afternoon’s qualifying session couldn’t have been closer. Dean Lester (Lester Properties Golf 1)

    scored pole position ahead of Kieran Quarmby (Interfile Golf I) by a miniscule 0.005 seconds. Derek Minnie

    (Demac Auto Golf II) was the best of the rest with Greg Gosman (Marty’s Body & Spray Golf I) lining up

    alongside him.

    Race 1

    Quarmby got off to another great start and slotted into the lead ahead of Lester and the rest of the chasing pack. Lester lost a position to Minnie after a huge sideways moment at the bottom of the “Mine shaft”. Lester regained the position on the next lap in the very same corner after edging Minnie onto the grass.

Quinton Needham (Ultravision / Thrashcorp Golf I) was driving like a man possessed from the back of the

    grid after not being able to qualify. He started in fifteenth position and was up to sixth place by the end of the first lap! He would slot into third position by lap four. Tragedy struck for Minnie on the fourth lap when

    mechanical gremlins ended his race. Needham wasn’t content to stay in third and out braked Lester at the

    top of the Wesbank shelf to claim second place. Gosman was inspired by this move and snatched third

    position from Lester with a well timed move at the bottom of the “Mine shaft”.

With Quarmby well on his way to victory, the battle for second place was heating up. Gosman was putting

    the pressure on Needham through almost every corner. Needham finally cracked on lap seven when he left

    his braking to late going into “The Bowl”. He ran wide and Gosman slipped through to take second. Quarmby

    went on to take a comfortable win. Gosman held on for second with Needham keeping Lester behind him to

    take third.

    Race 2

    Lester got off to a great start and led the field through the opening corners. Quarmby took the lead with a

    well-timed move through turn six. Lester ruined any chance of a good finish when he ran wide heading into

    turn nine. Daniel Sabiston (Team Gregory Golf I) and veteran Peter Thompson (Thompson’s Volkswagen

    Golf II) came together at the start of the second lap with both of them ending their race in the barriers.




Once again, Needham came scything through the field with Eben Rothman (Freddie’s Auto / Fram Golf I)

    following his example. Needham snatched second place from Gosman on lap four and never looked back. A

    great battle for fourth position saw Minnie and Rothman fighting it out through almost every corner. Quarmby

    romped home to a comfortable win ahead of Needham with Gosman holding on for third.

Class C

    The Class C contingent brought their strongest entry yet to Kyalami with no less than ten entries for the day.

    Deon van der Watt (Infraset / Truss Golf I) took pole position ahead of young Giles Darroch (PMT Civils Golf

    I) with Jannie van Rooyen Snr. (Goldwagen Roodepoort) making a welcome return to claim third position

    ahead of Shaun Dodd (Kopanong Hotel / Millennium Meats Golf 11).

    Race 1

    Van der Watt took the lead at the start with van Rooyen slotting into second place ahead of Darroch. The

    experience of van Rooyen shone through when he took the lead from van der Watt on the fourth lap.

    Defending Champion Elna Croeser (VW Techniques Golf 1) and Dean Gregory both retired after two laps.

    Once again the newcomers were showing their worth with Elvene Coetzee (Acollade / Venditor / MFC Golf I)

    and Charl Smalberger (Sabertech Golf I) slotting into fourth and fifth respectively.

The battle at the front was fast and furious with van Rooyen having to work hard to hold van der Watt at bay.

    There was nothing between the pair after nine laps as van Rooyen only just took the win ahead of van der

    Watt. Darroch took a well deserved third position.

    Race 2

    Darroch had a cracking start and took the lead ahead of van Rooyen and van der Watt. A determined van

    Rooyen made his move on the second lap to take the lead with Darroch holding onto second. Van der Watt

    was pushing hard but just couldn’t find a way past the youngster.

Croeser soon joined the party and was giving her male opponents a tough time. Unfortunately she ran wide

    through the turn two sweep but was able to rejoin looking a bit worse for wear. Van Rooyen managed to

    edge away from the chasing pair with only a few laps to go. Darroch had the race of his life and took the fight

    to his more experienced opponents. His reward was a hard fought but thoroughly deserved second place

    ahead of van der Watt.


    ? Class P numbers the numbers are low they want to have 8 9 cars so that they can earn

    maximum points. If someone wants to come in and race you have to pay full price. If at an away

    race you want to race someone else’s car, you can join for R200 the club for the race.

    ? Charity: we are trying to get as much publicity as we can Forza are very involved in Reach for a

    Dream, - bring children to the racing give them lunch, a cap a tour of the pits. The principle of the

    idea is great we should just make a more concerted effort to involve the VW Club as part of their

    year end jamboree. We could organise this on our own. Wim Gerber mentioned that if it was a

    charity event he could organise Zwartkops for free. The committee will run with this idea.

    ? Door Sponsor is available again for Phakisa R10 000 plus the cost of the stickers for one race. If

    you know of any one who is interested in the race please contact committee

    ? Shirts R100 for the driver’s first shirt R150 for each one after that.

    ? Sticker PLEASE order in time, stickers will not be available at the track unless ordered

    ? Change of second heat time for Class A and P. The incorrect procedure was followed by Sheldon

    as he did not ask all the Class A and P drivers to agree to swap the race as well as the Porsche 924

    needed to agree. No-one was asked any class P or A driver. This does affect people and the

    issue will be taken up with the Pro-Tour.

    ? Single seater racing association is thinking about an invitational in Maputo for August or September

     we might get and invitation. Wim will give us more information.





    ? Phakisa entry forms are available on Pro-Tour Website th? Entries Close next week on the 10 of June, this includes your payment. If you don’t pay you are not

    entered. If we don’t enter and before the cut off time then we will not get good pit allocation as we

    did at Kyalami.

9. TYRE DRAW: Won by Elna Croeser



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