By Anna Owens,2014-05-15 17:49
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    April Fool’s Day

    Hello;everybody! Today let’s guess a riddle: “I like play jokes on others, and I will make others laugh at you. No one knows where I began.” Do you know me?

    Haha, I am your good friend April Fools. There are lots of theories surrounding the origins of the day, but one explanation is connected with the change in the calendar in the 16th century, which meant that 1st April was no longer the beginning of the year. Those who still celebrated the New Year on 1st April were called fools.

    1st April is a day to be careful, or you could easily get tricked by someone. It’s April fool’s Day, a day when people traditionally like to try to make a fool of someone else and laugh at them. So what kind of pranks do people play on April fool’s Day? Well, there are lots of simple

    tricks that you can play on your friends. For example, you could wear a black sweater and pull a piece of white thread through it, so that people try to pull it off. You could change the time on someone’s alarm clock so that they’re late for work. Or glue a coin to the floor and see how many people try to pick it up.

    However different counties have different ways to celebrate April fool's day. In France, people call The April Fools "April fish". They tape a paper fish to their friends' backs to fool them. When he or she finds this, they shout "April fish!" In England, people play jokes only in the morning. Once you are fooled, you will be called a "noodle", just like a "little dog" in our life. Will you be proud if you are called" a little dog"? Absolutely not! In America, people play small jokes on their friends and any other people on the first of April. They may point down to your shoes and say, "you shoe lace is untied." If you believe them and look down, you will be an April Fools.

    Above all, wish you happy fool’s day. That’s all. Thank you!

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