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Ohio Campus Compact


    Host Campus Application

    “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his

    individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

    - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The MLK Challenge

    MLK Day Challenge 2009 will mobilize 1000 college students and youth to complete

    service projects throughout the state of Ohio while reflecting on Dr. King‟s life. Between four to

    nine campuses will organize projects throughout the state that assist local agencies in expanding

    or improving their abilities to help the people they serve. The MLK Challenge breaks down

    barriers amongst participants and between the students and their local community using a unique

    program model that frames the day as a “challenge” utilizing the resources, creativity, and

    planning ability of each team or group of young people. In addition to unifying diverse

    participants around a service project, the MLK Challenge provides opportunities for participants

    to reflect upon, honor, and celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK Challenge Project Model

    On January 19, 2009, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the MLK Challenge will mobilize campuses to recruit 1,000 college students and youth to complete between 8-18 service projects

    throughout Ohio and reflect on the life of Dr. King. The MLK Challenge, created in 2000 by

    Appalachian State University, through the ACT program (Appalachian & the Community

    Together) is a day of service projects… but with a twist. For the Challenge, groups are

    determined on a random basis. Groups are assigned a service challenge in a random fashion. With

    basic instruction and a final goal, the challenge resides with the group. Each group will

    brainstorm ways in which their project will be completed. Teams garnish resources to achieve

    their goal, supplemented by “seed money,” and work together through the completion of the


    An MLK Challenge “howto” toolkit will be provided, as well as an

    informational website, suggested evaluation measures, budgets/expenses guidelines, and other

    helpful mechanisms.

Selection of Host Campuses

    All Ohio Campus Compact member campuses are eligible to apply to serve as a Host Campus.

    Each Host Campus is responsible for hosting a regional MLK Challenge. They will recruit

    participants from their campus as well as from the Ohio Campus Compact campuses in their


    Preference will be given to Host Campus applicants that partner with local schools or agencies to

recruit youth volunteers, with special emphasis on disadvantaged youth. All applicants must also

    demonstrate how they will accomplish 15% minority involvement.

Selection of Projects

    The MLK Challenge selects projects based on requests of a local community agency, placing

    priority on the project with greatest need for completion. Host Campuses are encouraged to look

    for projects that are not necessarily the agency‟s normal group volunteer need (e.g., interaction

    with clients), but one that they wish they had the time or resources to complete. The “challenges”

    will primarily be manual/physical labor and all projects will allow participating agencies to

    expand or improve their abilities to help those they serve.

Host Campus Expectations

    All Host Campuses will be responsible for the following:

    Planning Committee

    • Develop a MLK Challenge Planning Committee, composed of students and staff from the host

    campus, as well as any Ohio Campus Compact member campuses in the local region and

    community partners

    • The Planning Committee is responsible for project planning, recruiting volunteers, and


Orientation, Reflection, and Celebration

    • Incorporate reflection and integration of Martin Luther King, Jr. throughout the day‟s events,

    including the orientation and closing sessions

    • Provide participants with the opportunity to take the MLK Year Challenge asking participants to

    pledge 50 additional hours in the upcoming year.

Registration, Data Collection, and Evaluations

    • Register all participants

    • Complete a Project Report at the conclusion of the project • Require all participants to complete an evaluation during the closing session

What Ohio Campus Compact Will Provide

    • A $500-$1000 minigrant for each Host Campus to assist with cost of resources

    • An MLK Challenge “howto” toolkit

    • An informational website

    • Access to materials to utilize during the orientation

     Application Deadline

    September 15, 2008

     Preferred application submission method is by email Mail, email, or fax this form to: Brandon Donelson-Sims: Program Director of Student Outreach/VISTA Leader

     615 N. Pear Street

    Granville, Ohio 43023 Fax: 740-587-8569

Phone: 740-587-8568


    Host Campus Application

    Applicant Information

    Name of School:

    Name of Contact: Title:

    Address City

    State Zip

    Phone Fax



    YES____ NO____ Have you ever hosted an MLK service event? If „YES‟, describe past projects and events you have hosted.

    MLK Challenge Service Event

What are your plans for MLK 2009? Are you interested in replicating or integrating the MLK

    Challenge model?

    Volunteer Recruitment

    Please describe the number of students you plan to involve (keep in mind that the overall Ohio number of volunteers must be 1000 across 4-9 campuses). How do you plan to meet or

    exceed the expected volunteer recruitment outcomes? Describe your strategies to recruit

    youth and disadvantaged youth from the community. How will you accomplish the 15% minority involvement?

    Community Partners

Please list the number of community partners you will work with (at least 3). How do you

    plan to meet or exceed the expected outcomes for partnering with community agencies?

    Describe possible types of partnerships you will create or continue with this project.

    Campus Mobilization

As a Host Campus, you are expected to mobilize other campuses in your region, if possible.

    How will you mobilize other campuses to be involved in both the planning of and

    participation in this event?


    Provide a summary of how you intend to use the minigrant funds.


    Preferred application submission method is by email Mail, email, or fax this form to:

    Brandon Donelson-Sims

    615 N. Pear Street

    Granville, Ohio 43023

    Fax: 740-587-8569

Phone: 740-587-8568

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