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    If you set a goal of trying to live to be one hundred years old, most experts would tell you that you are really missing the point. From their conversations with many centenarians, they found most were trying to live a good life, but not necessarily a long one. There are something however, that lots of centenarians have in common, and these are good things to live by, no matter what age you are.

    There’s a lot of teasing when you are around Barney Barnes. You want to know how old he is? He was born on Mar.22, 1901, you do the math.

    There is a saying that XX said about the hundred-year-old situation of centenarians; they’ve worked at it for hundred years. They didn’t just come up with this when they are in their 85 years old and say hey I might become 100 now. no, they’ve been work at this for a while, you have to build the base, and keep optimizing, maximizing, for the rest of your life.

    Dr. XX is a stress physiologist, she writes lectures about healthy aging.

    what is the commonality here? It is not stress at all. It’s your response to stress.”She tells her audiences that we can all learn from people who live a long life. They take it as stride.

    One of the most important thing that centenarians demonstrate is a personality characteristic of stress resilience. It’s very interesting, they have this incredible ability to take almost any stress in life. Good or bad or otherwise, and simply integrate it. They deal with it, integrate it and move on.Dr. Hirsch sees patients who are aging and often ill. He think some stress is of the things that defines successful aging is maintaining a high level of XXX activity, social engagement and eractions. And by definition, doing that is opposed to sitting in a coach watching sth.,it tells some degree of stress. Hopefully, it’s exciting stress.”

    Life expectancy for people is getting closer to 100 years. How much of that is pre-determined? Dr. Hirsch says studies appear to show that 30% of our physical abilities and 50% of our mental abilities are already set in our genes.

    if you just live by your genes, that’s like you getting in a car, closing your eyes, pointing it in the direction you think you ‘d like to go and hoping you will get there. Obviously, you won’t.”So if genes are only part of the story, then lifestyle choices and your environments are the rest of them.

    Aging is not a passive process. You’ve got to take an active role, it will determine your outcomes and destination.”

    All you’re doing from the moment you were born til the moment you die is adapting, To sth. If you won a lottery, you adapt to that. If we were in a war time, you adapt to that too. And you do that by inbreathing every single day. This is nothing to be afraid of, this is nothing to run from, this is something to be absolutely inbreathed. ”

     Ok, so Barney Barnes has great genes, he and his 3 of his XX have surpassed their 100 birthdays. And stress? It’s just part of life to him. Barney spent 35 years working on the sets of movie and television universal studios. He outlived 4 wives, and most of the stars he worked with. He shares a lot in common with other centenarians, they are usually (shown on screen).

    anything else you’d like to know about this old……man?”

    Actually yes: what makes you so happy?

    Dancing. Singing.

    This could be the end of the story, but the truth is, Barney doesn’t often sit still in the coach like this and just talk.

    After a day of exercise, singing&dancing ,good friends and meals, Barney goes home to his own bachelors.

    Never smokes, he’s never done drugs. He’s never drink coffee. He really did eat balanced meals.”Like many centenarians, Barney doesn’t see a doctor many often, but he doesn’t have any problems either.

    in his October checkup, she said ‘don’t bring him back for a year, he’s too healthy for us to worry about.’”

    Most of all, it seems Barney Barnes remembers to see the joys in life.

    is life still good?””yeah, no matter how old I am, I like it.”

    One more thing from Dr. about extreme old age: men after the age of 90, seem to be able to handle a more independent role in life. If they are in good health, and they don’t have a spouse, they seemed to be able to handle it better than they could at a younger age. Women, on the other hand, she says they seem to be able to handle an independent role at any age, because, as on centenarian told her, women just, may do.

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