Skin Care and Cosmetic Questionnaire

By Samuel Flores,2014-05-12 23:16
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Skin Care and Cosmetic Questionnaire

    Skin Care and Cosmetic Questionnaire



    PHONE E-Mail


__________ , Thank you so much for taking part in our Marketing Survey. I appreciate your

    busy time to try our products and give us an honest opinion of them. I won’t keep you but a second, I’d like to ask you some quik questions and I’ll fill out the questionnaire for you over the

    phone......Check the box that best represents your answer.

    1. Did you find the products enjoyable and quick? yes no

    2. What brand of skin Care System do you use daily?

3. How would you rate how your skin felt after you used the Mary Kay Skin Care System?

     soft & smooth refreshing no difference

4. If you knew that the System starts at $49 and comes in a 21/2-3 month supply including your

     Foundation, (cost approx. cost of coke a day to use System 2 times daily) would this

     be a system you would like to have on your shelf at home?? yes no

5. Who do you know who would try a Facial on the Go as you have, and fill out this


     Names and Phone # or place of work on back side. (Tell of “Basket”, 1$ product each)

6. Since you were generous enough to try our Skin Care for this Survey, would you let us give

    you a FREE personalized makeover, with color and feature you’re before and after picture in our

    Millennium Model Makeover Portfolio? At that time I would like to have your opinion on our

    Anti-Ageing Products and our Color Products.

     Is Monday evening or Sunday Afternoon better for you...bring friend if you like….

7. Are there any products that you tried or saw in the Beauty Book that I gave you that you

    would be interested at this time? I have products on hand for immediate delivery.

    8. Please Visit my Website @ ...and email your opinion…...

9. May I put you on my mailing list for monthly and quarterly Specials and New Product


     YES NO

And one last question real quick…..

_______________ I really value your opinion on our New Products. My Co. is out of Dallas

    TX and we are looking for 100 consultants in the Area to market this New one of a kind

Patent Pending Product...Building a business on the internet or by private appt. our Consultants

    are starting out at about $35 per hour….I realize this may not be for you but maybe for someone

    you know who could use the extra CASH….I would love to treat you to coffee and Desert and

    tell you a little about our business for you or For someone you might refer this to….for helping me out on this I would love to treat you to your choice of A color product from me… tomorrow or the next day better for you…..


    Sherri Ammons 10/99

     This is a great way to generate 75 to 100 leads in about 10 days!! The key,

    as in everything, is QUICK follow up!!! Happy Prospecting.......

     First you will need to make up 30-75 Facials On The Go, with the Co. cards.

    If you do not have those today, after you have ordered them, while you are waiting

    on your order, make up 30 “Sample Cards”, or Eye Look Cards attached with your Business Card with Web Site etc. (samples of Lip colors, cheek colors, spa collection

    samplers etc. can be used while waiting, you will just revise the questionnaire). Do

    this Today with whatever samples you have, but order you Facials-On -The-Go,


     Second, make a list of Women who you like and respect their opinion;

     Clients, Women who work in large offices, Women who love a sale or

     free product, Previous Hostesses, Prospective Team Members

     who”just haven’t decided”, Women in different areas who

     you would love to have as a Team Member etc....

     Third, call your list with this Dialogue,

    “Hi ________ this is ________ with Mary Kay Inc. How are you? Well I won’t keep you but a second, do you have a quick second for me to share some exciting news


    you...Great. _______ I’m on a mission to get the opinion of 75 sharp women , in


    (our) area, of our Skin Care Product, this week and I immediately thought of you

    because__________(you know lots of sharp women, you love the product, I value


    opinion, you love FREE stuff.....) Here’s the scoop, I realize that all of your friends


    coworkers are so busy like you, so I have made up a Goody Basket of Facials On

    The Go, that I’d like to bring to you. You can let your friends that you see


    have a pack and sign the sheet and I’ll will give YOU $2 in product for each person who takes one and signs the sheet, so I can call them on Thurs. and ask them a few

    quick questions over the phone....” What FREE product would you like__________? Great, then that means that I need to put 10-15 packets in you Basket so you can

    earn that completely FREE.... Great __________I’ll bring your basket by work in the

    morning so you can get started early. Let’s set a time on Thursday that I can pick the empty basket and the list up and bring you gift. “(schedule the to pick the basket and LIST up before you hang up)

     Make sure she understands that you need these women to put their info on

the sign up sheet so you can get their opinion over the phone.

     As soon as you get the basket back with the list, call the names and ask the

    questions. You may want to put some Beauty Books in also so they can shop. Be

    sure and tell them to visit and do a Virtual Makeover...... do not put

    the questionnaire in the basket.....


Please take a Free Facial On The Go on us...try the product tonight or in the morning and


    out our NEW Web Site, . We would value your opinion on both.

    My Consultant will be calling your in the next couple of days ask you a few quick

    questions about our Skin Care. Feel free

    to take a brochure also. Thank You for your time...


    NAME (wrk or home) E-Mail Address BEST TIME TO


    Sherri Ammons

    Sr. Sales Director

    806-358-8394800-687-9444 email

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