There is kindness called smile

By Juan Peterson,2014-04-21 20:54
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There is kindness called smile

There is kindness called smile.

    Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

    Today I’d like to share my personal experience of happiness and bitterness of being an English teacher.

    I remember, eight years ago, when I stood at the teacher’s desk for the first time, the students in my class paid no attention to me. I felt ashamed and helpless. In order to save my face, I just criticized the students seriously. I thought sooner or later, they would listen to me. Yes, I could control the class now, but the students and the atmosphere became strange. It was too quiet. The breathless silence urged me to consider the way I was teaching.

    How to stimulate my class and show my warmth, so that they can enjoy their study in English? I had a deep thought.

    It’s smile. There is a kindness called smile. It is the most beautiful language in the world. It can make distance no distance. “Just awake the students with a smiling face!”I said to myself.

    The next day, when I stood on the stage with a smiling face, when I asked the questions with a smile, when I encouuraged the children in a friendly way, the students were just shocked! But I could find there was more happiness and excitement in their eyes! Gradually, they got used to it, and participated in my teaching. As I predicted, that class became a lovely one.

    In the following days, I keep on working even harder. I prepare my lessons carefully. I use Flash, pictures, riddles, and interesting stories to make great efforts to help the students to learn more. But I will never forget one thing: smile, give them a smile, to give them strength, to let them feel happy, to make them confident. The children do enjoy the English lesson now, when they tell me the answers in great excitement, I can feel their gladness, and my smile is more sincerely than ever! There is kindness called smile. From the children’s yearning eyes, I understand, it is smile that makes my students and I get closer, it is smile that fills the kindness to my English class, it is smile that shapes me popular English teacher finally.

    That’s all. Thank you very much!

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