English(Grade 4)

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English(Grade 4)

    Unit2 It must belong to Carla.


    must You must go to school on time.

    can He can speak English.

     ——Can I have a look at your new watch?

     ——Yes, you can. / No, you can’t.


     He could ride a bike when he was five years old.

    . ——Could I open the door?

    ——Yes, you can. / Noyou can’t.


    may ——May I use your pen?

     ——Yes, please. / No, you musn’t.musn’t


     Might I point out your mistakes?



     He must achieve his dream one day.

    They must be in the classroom now.

    表示对将来的事情、现在事情的推断要用must do

     She must be working on the computer.

    表示对现在正在进行的事情的推断要用must be doing

    They must have arrived in Shanghai.

    表示对过去事情的推断要用must have done

    She usually gets up early. She cant miss the train.

     The room is in such a terrible mess. It can’t have been cleaned as the

    landlady said.


    三、may/ might

     Lucy may / might know his adress.

    may not

    You may not see him.




     It is George.(是乔治)

    It must be George.(一定是乔治)

    It could be George.(可能是乔治)

    It may be George.(可能是乔治)

    It might be George.(或许是乔治)



     Who can it be at the door? Can it be Tom?可能是汤姆吗?

     Could Mary be an English girl?玛丽可能是英国人吗?


    1、——Can you play with a Yo-Yo, Jim?

     ——Yes, I ____. Its easy.

     must can need may

    2Her parents have bought a large house with a swimming pool.

    It _____ be very expensive.

    must can mustnt may not

    3Tom _______be at home because he phoned me form the farm just


     mustnt isnt able to may not cant

4______ the man there be our math teacher?

    He______ be, but I am not sure.

    May;cant Can; cant Can; may May; mustnt

    5_____ I have your name, please?

     Yes, jim. j-i-m

     Must Will May Need

Section A

    1belong vi. belong to

    E gThe book belongs to Mr Green.

    Does the book belong to Mr Green?

    belong in/on/among

    E g : These books belong in the liabrary.

    The cups belong on the shelf.

    2author n. authoress n *Like author , like book. 文如其人. E g: Can you tell me the author of the novel?

    Lu Xun is her favorite author.

    3picnic n.c at the picnic

    go for a picnic 去野餐 Eg : He was the only little kid at the picnic.

     They went on/for a picnic with their friends. 他们和朋友一起去野餐了。

4hair band

    Eg: It must be Meis hair band.

    5possibly adv.

    possible / / adj. 十有二三的可能 probable十有八九的可能 adv. Probably

    Use must to show that you think sth is probably


    Use might or could show that you think sth is

    possibly true.

    6drop v. =to let fall

    Eg: I dropped my backpack during the concert.

    7symphony n. ~ hall

    8optometrist appointment

    appointment n.[u.c]

    keep [break] ones ~ 守【违】纪

    by ~ 按约定的时间和地点

    make [fix] an ~ with sb. 与某人约会。



    9crucial adj.

    eg: Its crucial that I study for it because it makes

    up 30% of the final exam.

    10make up .. 11final adj. finally adv

     Final 表示的“最后”着重完结和最终的结局 the final game 决赛/the

    final exams期末考试

    last 表示的“最后”指次序得先后。 He is the last to arrive. 12anxious adj. anxiously adv.

    an anxious look

    I’m really anxious, because I cant find my backpack. 13worried adj. I’m really worried.

    worry vt. Dont worry me.

     vi. My father worries if I come home late.

    n. My father has a lot of worries.

Section B

    14chase vt.

    The man is chasing a cat.

    chase the thief

    15sky n. in the sky


17creature n.

     They see a strange creature. It must be an alien.

    18catch v.

     He might be running to catch a bus.


     able, comfortable, common, friendly, healthy, important, interesting, known,

    lucky, necessary, pleasant, popular

    20 un-, im-, in 21extremely adv. extreme adj.

     Mrs Zhou is extremely worried.

    22interview vt. He was interviewed by the local newspaper.

     n. Jane gave an interview on TV last night.

    23noise n. noisy adj.

     Every night I hear strange noises outside my window.

    24neighbor/neighbour n.

     I saw some neighbors of mine at the theatre.


     strange events in Bell Tower neighorhood

    Section B 3b, 3c

    26footstep 27garbage 28mystery 29director 30monkey

    31escape v.

     escape from/ out of Three monkeys escaped form the cage.

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