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Theme 3

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    Double-space Theme 3: The Ethical Issue Of Drinking Alcohol all

     text. Use 12-point,

    Times New Roman. Drinking is an issue that many Christians have mixed views on. The Bible contains over

    140 references that deal with drinking and wine. It speaks of several people who abstained

    completely from drinking, it warns people against engaging in drunkenness and wine, and is full

    of stories of drunkards. However, there are also instances in Scripture where wine was used at

    celebrations and feasts. It was even used at the Last Supper when Jesus and his disciples ate


     The word wine is found in many lists of produce in Bible times and because of its dark

    color is sometimes called “the blood of the grape.” There is sometimes a difference of opinion

    whether all wine was intoxicating or not in Biblical times. The Eerdman’s Bible Dictionary

    states, “There is no Biblical evidence that wine has ever consisted of unfermented grape juice.

     (used when the source is When such a drink is mentioned it is never called wine” (1058). mentioned in-text)

     Drunkenness has been a struggle for the human race since the beginning of time. Within

    the first few pages of the Bible the effects of strong drink are displayed. In Genesis, the story of

    Noah enjoying his vineyard’s wine is told, “when he drank of some of its (his vineyard) wine he became drunk and lay uncovered inside his tent” (9:20,21). Just a few chapters later the story of Lot and his daughters is found. The two daughters decided to get Lot drunk and lie with him so

    they could get pregnant (19:30). In 1 Kings 16 the Bible tells of Elah, the king of Israel who (book title is found

    in text)

    became drunk in his home.

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    Jones 2

    The Bible includes several warnings and rebuttals against the abuse of drinking wine.

     Drunkenness was considered to be one of the main social evils of ancient times (Thompson (includes

    author &

    page number. 1290). The book of Proverbs is a book full of moral and religious thoughts on right living.

    Proverbs 20:1 says, “Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not


    parenthesis wise.” This is a caution to those who use other Scriptures to support the use of drinking needed).

    alcoholic beverages. In this verse the wise man is concerned that the alcohol prevents him from

    thinking clearly and makes him appear to be a fool. As we continue reading a few verses later

    Proverbs 21:17 says, “He who loves pleasure will become poor, whoever loves wine and oil will

    never become rich” (Kufeldt 550). The New Testament also has much to say about drinking.

    Paul says in Galatians 5:21, “The acts of the sinful nature are obvious” and lists drunkenness as one of the signs.

     Many people in the Bible chose or were ordained to abstain completely from drinking of

    the vine. In Leviticus 10:9 the Lord told Aaron and the Priest’s, “You and your sons are not to

    drink wine or other fermented drink whenever you go into the Tent of Meeting, or you will die.”

    Another example is found in the first chapter of Daniel. The king brought in several strong

    boys to the palace to train them in the language and literature of the Babylonians. He assigned

    them a daily amount of food and wine from his table and they were trained for three years.

    Daniel and three other boys chose not to defile themselves with the royal food and wine and

    Format of block asked the chief official for permission to do this (1:8). The Pulpit Commentary suggests one


    Introduce with reason why David chose to do this: colon, indent left

    margin, right

    margin is It may have been that, feeling the critical condition in which they were placed, it was Block-Quote citation appears after the period.


    well for them to erect a hedge about the Law… Daniel’s request was simply due to the

    necessity of the situation. (Spence and Exell 18)

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    Jones 3

    Daniel , Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah ( also known as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego) ate nothing but vegetables, fruit, and water and trusted in God for the three years of training. The King ended up finding Daniel and his friends to be ten times better than all the magicians and enchanters in his whole kingdom.

    As one continues to study the Scriptures perhaps one of the greatest examples of someone

    abstaining from alcohol is John the Baptist. He never once took a sip of wine, but instead was filled with the Holy Spirit from birth (Luke 1:15). This same contrast between being drunk and being filled with the Holy Spirit can be found in Ephesians 5:18. These verses stress the importance that our hope should be put in Christ, not drowned in alcohol through drunkenness

    If author’s name is unavailable, cite with a shortened (Eerdman’s 1059). version of the source title.

     Another reason given in the Bible for abstaining from alcohol is found in Romans 14:21. It talks about how Christians shouldn’t drink if it causes their brother to stumble. In this verse Paul purposely puts aside the legalities of drinking and puts the focus on the demands of love and integrity. A very important principle in Christianity is to place Christian brothers and sisters needs before ones own. It is not at Christians liberty to cause others to stumble because of ones own actions. This is something that Paul himself believed and preached for others to also believe. Paul suggested total abstinence, even if it is used in moderation, if it is a stumbling block for another (Cragg 630).

     As one looks at the opposite angle of drinking, many Scriptures appear to validate drinking. In the New Testament there is no direct prohibition against drinking wine. In fact, wine was often used at celebrations, engagements and weddings. The moderate use of wine is recommended to Timothy by Paul in 1 Timothy 5:23 for the “sake of your stomach and frequent

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    Jones 4

    ailments.” Wine was also present at all of the annual feasts. In the Old Testament period wine

    was used at full strength because diluting it with water made it undesirable and made it symbolic

    of spiritual adulteration (Isaiah 1:22). However in Roman times it was sometimes mixed with

    water because some believed that water improved it. Sometimes wine was even used as a

    libation, or liquid offering (Barabas 170).

     Jesus used the topic of wine in many analogies, parables, and object lessons through his

    earthly ministry. In fact, the first miracle of Jesus that is recorded in the Gospel of John is at the

    famous wedding in Cana. This is where Jesus turned water into wine.

    Perhaps one of the most memorable uses of wine in the New Testament was at the Lord’s

    Supper when Jesus and all of the disciples drank the “fruit of the vine” (Matthew 26:7-29). The

    fruit of the vine stands for the whole supper as used here; it is an example of the part used for the

    whole. “I drink it new” means a new method of using the wine. It is taken from its

    significance in the Passover Feast and given a new meaning in the Lord’s Supper. The wine is a

    representation of the blood of Christ that was shed on the cross for the sins of the world (Boles


     In the many Scriptures throughout the Bible that deal with the issue of drinking, it is

    important to study carefully the context and meaning of the Scriptures to see the many different

    uses of wine in the Biblical world. By doing this, a Scripture based decision can be made by an

    individual on whether or not he or she should engage in drinking alcoholic beverages.

    (1246 words) Accurate word count recommended at

    the end of the paper.

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    Jones 5 Works Cited begins on a new page. Center

    title; continue double spacing throughout.

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     MLA Model Paper - Beginner ?2005 Florida Christian College, Kissimmee, FL.

    Jones 6

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     MLA Model Paper - Beginner ?2005 Florida Christian College, Kissimmee, FL.

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