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The Happiness of Graduate Students

代海林 许宝立 宋伟 王刚


     The pursuit of happiness is the eternal theme of humanitywith

    people demand of their quality of life improvinghappiness becomes the topic that people cares for. The paper describes the main factors of the

    happiness and gets the factors that affect happiness of graduate

    students, including Personal factorsFamily factors and School social factors. Furthermore, we give the suggestions that improve the index of

    graduate students happiness. As follow: 1.College should guide

    students to continue to adjust and improve the cognitive structure,

    master the interpersonal skills, create their own harmony and stability of

    networks. 2. Colleges should strengthen the mental health of college

    education, ensure students with a healthy attitude to learning, living and

    so on.

Keyword: happiness graduate students influencing factor

     In the 21st century what is the most valuable is talents, the

    colleges and universities have made large contribution to the training

    Professional talents. However, with the development of society, Social

    competition becomes more intense. Increasing competition in today's

    society have greater impact on growth of graduate students.

     On the one hand, the society requires students have more skills

    and Schools require students to acquire more knowledge; However, on

    the other hand, psychological problems of students is more and more

    serious. Some research data shows that psychological problems of

    graduate students is rising year by year, having reached 25.86%.

     Happy feeling can reflect a person's quality of life. Through

    investigating the happiness of graduate studentswe can understand the

    status of graduate students daily lifeand further explore the influence

    of personality, family, school, social and environmental factors on the

    happiness of graduate students. Therefore, the paper can help graduate

    students to predict their cognitive and behavior and have some positive

    significance in solving their psychological problems.

    2. The Survey Method

    1The subjects for investigation: graduate students in the bei hang university.

    2The survey method: Questionnaire

    The Questionnaire contains 20 questions, including sex, major,

    family and some other factors on happiness.

    (3)Information processing

    According to the statistical result of the data provided by the

    questionnaire, we make the statistical tables and charts. Then by

    analysis and comparison, we can obtain some conclusions.

     According to the results, finally, conclusions are obtained. What (4) Logical consequence

    more, through analyzing the result of Questionnairewe at last set

    forward suggestion and consideration.

    3. Data Analysis of graduate students’ happiness (1) Presentation of Result

17 person of the people surveyed are male, the rest are female. The

    number of person coming from one, two, three grade is 18,9,3. Among these people, there are 18 coming from countryside and 12 coming

    from cities.

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