Introduction to Management Development

By Rosa Foster,2014-10-15 21:51
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Introduction to Management Development

The Modern Day Management Development Definition

    Want a clear definition of management development?

    Trying to define management development is tricky due to the wide variety of techniques and approaches used today, but an insightful definition comes from the business resource site

    Their management development definition is as follows:

    “The process of creating and enhancing the competences of managers and potential managers. Management development is usually thought of as a planned process, focusing on a long-term development program to increase managerial effectiveness, but it also incorporates informal and unplanned elements such as learning from day-to-day experience.

    Management development programs within an organization work to identify and recruit potential managers, and develop their knowledge and skills to meet organizational needs. They also equip managers for more senior posts. Management development activities include short courses, management education programs, management training, coaching, and mentoring.”

    Another informative management development definition comes from

    Definition of management development

    “The process of ensuring that an organization has the appropriate management skills and competencies to meet its developing needs. Existing skills and abilities are assessed and actual or potential shortfalls are identified with the aim of ameliorating them.

    Various programs and interventions may be used for this purpose, including training, mentoring, or role-play and team-building exercises.”

    You can see that each management development definition cites it as a process. There is no standard methodology or generic program; all are as diverse and unique as the individuals they are designed to teach. Some are implemented as a companywide effort to improve internal operations, and some are attended by a dedicated professional seeking to advance his or her career.

    How to Select Your Management Development Model

    You can find numerous management development books and management development articles discussing the best management development theories to study.

    But, some of the best management development models are quite simple and are created by an organization, for the organization.

    What is a Management Development Model?

    A management development model is not necessarily meant to be a solution, but more of an ongoing process to be used as a tool to better define and improve the organization overall. It can be a single chart outlining the management structure, to an expansive collection of documents.

    Management development books can be an excellent resource to find templates and descriptions for different types of management development models.

    Articles on management development flood the internet and will also offer some further insight on management development theories or concepts, and can provide reviews of the best management development books. Creating your Management Development Model

    As with any business model, management development models require strategic planning. Most management development books recommend an in-depth review of your staff and business processes as the first step in creating an effective management development model. Only then can you create a model that works for your unique organization.

    Some common areas to consider for a management development model:

    • Company Mission and Strategy

• Effective Leader/Manager Competencies

    • Defining Roles throughout the Organization

    • Staff Development and Training Tools

    • Management Development Theories and Roles

    • How to Make Management Development Matter

    • Personal Assessments and Profiles

    • Promoting Feedback and Opportunity

    Implementing your Management Development Model

    Once you have created the necessary components to your management development model, implementation across your organization is the next step.

    There are management development articles that will help you with tips on how to plan for a successful implementation.

    Arguably, the most important step will be following through with your new management development model. Seven Must Have Management Development Skills

    There are seven management development skills every manager should have, whether you are the CEO of a leading enterprise, or manage a successful retail store. Each management development skill is important, but bring them together and collectively you will have the most effective management development skill set possible. What management development tools are available to learn these skills?

    The most common management development tools are comprehensive programs, seminars, individual courses, books, consultants, and articles. To learn these seven management development skills, research the best solution for you that meet your schedule, your budget and your overall needs.

    Defining the Top 7 Management Development Skills:

    Management Development Skill #1: LEADERSHIP

    Arguably the most beneficial of the management development skills, a good leader is almost always a good manager and vice versa. Many of the management development tools you will find focus either exclusively on leadership, or at least dedicate a portion to this critical management development skill.

    Management Development Skill #2: COMMUNICATION

    You simply cannot manage effectively without excellent communication skills. Not only are you responsible for communicating with your team, but most likely with company executives and customers as well. It’s important to teach your staff this management development skill.

    Management Development Skill #3: PROBLEM SOLVING

    When problems arise between employees, or with a customer, management development skills like problem solving or conflict resolution teach you the best and most ethical way to handle issues.

    Management Development Skill #41: DECISION-MAKING

    Others depend on you to make the best decisions for the employee and the company. There are actually management development tools that will teach you how to make better decisions overall.

    Management Development Skill #5: MOTIVATION

    If you can’t motivate your team, the entire company might suffer. It’s important to learn the personalities of your team as individuals and as a department. When you know how to motivate others, you will see better productivity and, ultimately, better profits. All the other management development skills become much easier to implement. Management Development Skill #6: VISION

    Every manager should have a vision, whether it’s a vision for their department, or fulfilling a corporate mission statement. Share your vision with the team and find innovative ways to sustain the vision. Management Development Skill #7: FLEXIBILITY

The final of the Top 7 must-have management development skills is flexibility. If you adopt a “my way or nothing at all”

mentality with your team, you will not be an effective manager. When you work with people, you have to be flexible and

open to change and innovative ideas from your team.

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