Sample Booking Blitz Script

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Sample Booking Blitz Script

    Sample Booking Blitz Script

    Hi, Cindy, this is Kathy Goff-Brummett calling. Do you have just a minute?

    I am so excited. We’ve just come out with our fabulous new ________________ (holiday, limited-edition, etc.) products. I need to put those products on 30 faces

    this month and get your opinion of how Mary Kay compares to what you currently

    use. Is there any reason you couldn’t give me your opinion? Great! Would this week or the next be better; weekend or week night?

Sample Warm Chatter Script #1

    You know, I would never forgive myself if I got to my car and realized that I had

    not asked you to be a model for me. I’m putting together a portfolio of women who would agree to give me their honest opinion of how Mary Kay products

    compare to the products they are currently using. Is there any reason you

    wouldn’t be willing to give me your opinion? Great! I know you’re working. Just jot down your phone number and I’ll call you at home tonight to set up a time.

Sample Script for Converting a Facial to a Class

    Dana, it’s perfectly fine if it’s just you and me, but if you will invite three or four of your friends to join you at your appointment, that would mean free products for

    you. Dana, how does free sound to you? Great! I already know that you can

    think of 15 to 20 of your friends that you’ll want to invite, but so that I can give them my best attention, we’ll want to limit your guests to five or six. But I’ll tell you, why don’t you invite eight, because someone is sure to have to cancel?

Sample Warm Chatter Script #2

    Hi, my name is Ann Shears. I’m a professional Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. My Sales Director has challenged me to give my business card to the five

    sharpest women I’ve seen today and, of course, today you are definitely the sharpest woman I’ve seen. Has anyone ever offered you your complimentary


Sample Script for Overcoming a Common Booking Objection

    So what I’m hearing you say is you really like the natural look. I think you will be quite impressed with our skin care line. I know you are very

    concerned with taking care of your skin, and I would really value your opinion

    about our product. So is there any reason why we couldn’t get together for your complimentary facial?

Sample Scripts to Promote the Follow-Up Facial

    Pay close attention to how well the cleanser is working for you. We have four

    other cleansers, and when I come to do your check-up facial, if you’re

    not getting the results you want, I’ll exchange it at that time. How many times has anyone from any cosmetic counter ever offered to come to your home within two

    weeks of your purchase and give you a check-up facial to be sure the products

    you purchased are working correctly and getting you the desired results? Well,

    with Mary Kay, that’s exactly what we offer. Tonight you’re just working with

    learning colors to see what our color products are really like. When I come to do

    your check-up facial, we’ll work more on your color preferences and some

    special glamour tips and techniques.Mary Kay’s Booking Approach

    Stevie, in every class I choose a couple of people that I would love to have as my

    future hostesses. And tonight, I have selected you. Tell me, is there any

    reason why when we get together for your personalized glamour makeover

    that you could not get a few friends together like Dana did tonight?

Sample Tentative Booking Approach

    Stevie, when we do get together, would you want your friend Dana to get credit

    for it? Let’s do this, why don’t we set a tentative date with the understanding that if something comes up, we can reschedule it. But it

    would mean that I can give Dana credit if you book tonight.

Sample Script for Hostess Coaching

    Hi, Stevie, this is Ann. Did you have time to look at the hostess packet I gave

    you last night? Great! Stevie, the first thing I want you to pull out is The Look

    brochure and outside order forms. Now this form will help you increase the sales

    for your class. This is for people who won’t be attending your class; their names,

    what they want will go on that form. And what I’ll do is I’ll call you the day before

    your class so you can give me all of your orders. That way I’ll have them already

    packaged for you, and bring them to the class with me so that you can deliver

    them, okay? I find that most of my hostesses prior to their skin care classes will

    set a goal of $100 or $150 in outside orders. That, of course, is only going to help

    you to earn more free products. Now which goal, Stevie, would you like to set;

    $100 or $150 in outside orders? Another form I’d like you to pull out is the guest list. Now, Stevie, you want to come up with at least eight to ten people so that we’ll have at least two back ups as guests, okay? Also I need you to list anyone

    who maybe could not attend, but would love to hostess a class because, guess

    what, you get credit for that. Another form in there is how to be a successful

    hostess, which includes how to invite your guests. Stevie, since we’re business

    partners, I wanted to take all of the guesswork out of everything for you. So when

    you call your guests, be sure to use the script that I have right there in your

    hostess packet because you know what, it’s very, very effective. Now, Stevie, in your packet I’ve also included some information on our business

    opportunity, and I really do hope that you’ll take time to review it, because you

    know what? I think that you would be so great at what I do. I would really value

    you as a team member, and I know that you could be great. So I’m looking forward to your class this Saturday, and you know something else I know? I

    suspect that you will be my high hostess of the month! Is it okay with you if I call

    you on Wednesday to get that guest list so that I can talk to them and find out

    what products I need to bring to the class for them. Now is this same time a good

    time for you, Stevie?

Sample Pre-Profiling Script

    Hello, Stevie, this is Ann Shears and I’m the Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant who will be conducting Dana’s skin care class on Saturday. Do you have a moment? Great! I just need to ask you a few quick questions

    about your skin, because, you see, I’ll be bringing products that are formulated just for your skin type, okay? Is your skin dry, normal or is it combination? Oh,

    your skin is oily? Do I have a wonderful product for you! It’s called Oil Mattifier. As a matter of fact, I have a sample of that, so I’ll bring that on Saturday. You’re

    going to love it. Now let me ask you this: are you having any particular problems

    with your skin? Well, is there anything else that you would like for me to cover

    during the class? Okay, great. I also want you to know that we’re going to be

    starting at 7:00, okay? Now, if you get there at 7:05, you won’t get the Satin

    Hands? treatment and you don’t want to miss that, okay? And the other thing I

    want to tell you is that I will be bringing products with me just in case you want

    to purchase a lipstick or something, okay? Great! You know, Stevie, I don’t know

    if Dana told you that this class was by reservation only. Did she tell you that?

    Well, I want you to know that you’re really very, very special to her, because you

    were one of her five guests. Now the other thing I want you to know, though,

    Stevie, is that Dana is working as a hostess for free products. And one of the

    ways she earns free products is by guest attendance. I’m looking forward to

    seeing you, but just in case there’s an emergency or something comes up and

    you can’t be there, you’ll want to let Dana know in plenty of time so that she can

    replace you, okay? Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing you, and I can’t wait for you to try our Mary Kay skin care line. Now listen, if you come up with

    some other questions about something you want me to cover at the class, let me

    just give you my phone number. You can just give me a call back, okay? All right.

    I’ll look forward to seeing you next Saturday, all right?”

Sample Pre-profiling Script to Use

    When a Guest Says She’s Unable to Attend

    I understand how busy people are. I don’t know if Dana told you or not but this class is by reservation only. One of the ways Dana’s going to earn a free gift as a Mary Kay hostess is by your class attendance. So I definitely

    understand if you’re not certain that you can be there. What you’ll need to do then is just let Dana know so that she can replace you.

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