The Greek Alphabet

By Laurie Hart,2014-05-16 20:42
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The Greek Alphabet

Α α alpha AL-fuh

    Β β beta BAY-tuh, BEE-tuh

    Γ γ gamma GAM-uh

    Γ δ delta DELL-tuh

    Δ ε epsilon EP-suh-lon

    Ε δ zeta ZAY-tuh, ZEE-tuh

    Ζ ε eta AY-tuh (rhymes with BAY-tuh), EE-tuh

    Θ ζ theta THAY-tuh, THEE-tuh (th as in thin)

    Η η iota eye-OH-tuh

    Κ θ kappa CAP-uh

    Λ ι lambda LAM-duh

    Μ κ mu MYOO, MOO

    Ν λ nu NOO, NYOO

    Ξ μ xi ZIGH, SIGH, KSEE

    Ο ν omicron AH-mih-cron, OH-mih-cron Π π pi PIE

    Ρ ξ rho ROE

    ? ζ sigma SIG-muh

    Σ η tau TOW (rhymes with cow), TAW Τ υ upsilon UP-suh-lon, YOOP-suh-lon Φ θ phi FIE, FEE

    Υ χ chi KIGH, KEE

    Φ ψ psi SIGH, PSIGH, PSEE Χ ω omega oh-MEG-uh, oh-MEE-guh, oh-MAY-guh

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