SC v10.50 Upgrade Plan

By Pamela Barnes,2014-05-16 20:28
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SC v10.50 Upgrade Plan

    If Support is getting inquires regarding v10.5 upgrades, here is the plan to get existing TSCe

    customers upgraded to v10.5. Please forward to all that need to have this information.

Survey Controller Registered Customers

? We have there contact details and serial numbers needed to generate the OS

    license code.

    ? The week of Sept. 9th Tech. Services in Sunnyvale will send each registered

    customer a SC v10.5 upgrade kit (P/N 46945-00). This kit includes a letter of

    explanation, CE.Net license code, CE.Net license sticker, and SC v10.5 CD.

    ? The letter of explanation will explain how the customer can check if they have a

    valid support agreement, by checking the Software support expiry date in SC.

    ? If they are on support, then they can go ahead with the upgrade of the OS

    and SC. They have everything they need.

    ? If they are not on support, they need to contact their local distributor and

    purchase a one year firmware support agreement.

    Non-Registered Customers

? Customers that are not registered, but have verified they are on support (there

    will be instructions online how to check) should registered and select yes, please

    mail me the SC v10.5 upgrade kit.

    ? Customers that are not registered and not on support should contact their local

    distributor and purchase the v10.5 upgrade kit.

If you have any questions please let me know.





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