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    At Last… An AHA peel so gentle, all you’ll notice are the results.

The only high performance AHA products proven to be as gentle as they are


    Only new REFINITY products let you experience the benefits of medical strength alpha

    hydroxy acids (AHAs) without the high irritation (stinging, burning, and itching)

    commonly associated with this type of product.

Used together, the REFINITY in-office treatment and home-use products produce visible

    improvements in skin color, tone, and texture, as well as a reduction in the appearance of

    fine lines and wrinkles.

REFINITY products can be applied to the face, neck, hands, and chest, and are

    appropriate for people who are just beginning treatment, have sensitive skin, or would

    like the benefit of higher strength products without the irritation.

Make REFINITY Skin Solutions an important part of your total skin care regimen…and

    discover the gentle, yet effective way to look your best.

The higher the strength, the greater the results.

    For AHAs to produce maximum results, a high level of acid must be made available to

    the skin. The higher the level of acid, the greater the exfoliation or skin renewal. However, increasing acid strength also increases the potential for skin irritation. So, while a higher strength is more effective, it can also be painful!

High strength AHA products and treatments are available only through a medical skin

    care professional. This medical strength is not available at a skin care salon or with

    department store products.

What makes the REFINITY peel different?

    With other peels, you often need to begin with a mild solution, and slowly increase the

    concentration until the desired strength can be tolerated. Now there’s a faster, more comfortable way to get a high performance peel.

REFINITY is the only AHA peel formulated with COSMEDERM-7, a clinically proven

    anti-irritant that helps provide comfort while delivering medical strength results. With

    REFINITY, you may achieve the skin enhancing benefits of a high performance peel at

    your first treatment even if you have sensitive skin.

    How long does it take to perform the REFINITY peel? A REFINITY peel is usually performed in a medical office, and lasts about 5 to 15

    minutes. The entire treatment should take no more than half an hour.

What can I expect after my REFINITY peel?

    After treatment, most patients report that their skin feels softer and smoother, and that

they’re able to resume their normal activities immediately. Any slight redness that may

    occur can be covered with makeup. Some patients may experience slight skin flaking in

    a few days following the treatment, but it is not necessary to see skin flaking for your peel to be effective.

How often can I have the REFINITY peel?

    Your medical skin care professional is best able to advise you on the frequency of your

    REFINITY peel treatments. However, many patients have found that a REFINITY peel

    once a month is an effective part of their ongoing skin care regimen.

How can I maintain optimal results?

    The REFINITY peel is designed to be used as part of a system with REFINITY home-use products. Your treatment may begin with the peel to accelerate exfoliation, and then

    continue with REFINITY home-use products and additional peels for best results.

REFINITY home-use moisturizers are formulated with a high concentration of lactic acid

    (15%) and the clinically proven anti-irritant COSMEDERM-7. The REFINITY home-

    use regimen is a simple 3-step program using:

    ? Purifying Cleanser a mild, soap-free cleanser

    ? Protective Toner highly recommended for protecting skin against irritation

    ? Choice of exfoliating moisturizer -

    Rejuvenating Lotion (for normal skin),

    Rejuvenating Cream (for dry skin), or

    Rejuvenating Hydro Gel (for oily skin)

    What can the REFINITY system do for my appearance? REFINITY can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while visibly improving

    your skin’s color, tone, and texture. Even after your first peel, you may have smoother,

    softer skin, and see subtle, yet noticeable, differences in your appearance.

Are there any complications?

    Complications with AHA products are rare. Be sure to provide your medical skin care

    professional with a full medical history at your initial consultation. Carefully follow any

    instructions provided to you, and report any persistent redness, irritation, or discomfort


Ask your medical skin care professional about other Collagen Aesthetics products.

    Collagen Aesthetics has created a number of medical products designed to complement

    your REFINITY skin care regimen, including Zyderm and Zyplast collagen implants, and

    Soft Form facial implant.

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