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     The thought after watchingextraordinary measures

     There is no doubt that this is a deeply moved movie, mostly because it is related to our daily life and its feeling is among our ordinary people. This movie describes a real story. A man, John Crowley, getting MBA from Harvard, possess a successful career and a beautiful wife. However, two of his three kids are diagnosed with uncured disease. In order to save their lives, he encountered numerous difficulties with cooperating with a scientist, Dr. Robert Stonehill in spite of being laughed. Fortunately, they succeed and have a happy ending.

    I had to believe that the love of father can make miracle. The impression of John Crowley still haunts in my memory. His eye, his tears and the way of looking at his kid makes him a great father. The disease which his kids get is uncured at that time, and even the doctor has given up. While the father tries his every way to find source about this disease and works until midnight. The desk and chair is where he sleeps. Maybe, those two kids have a totally different destiny without so responsible father. So, grateful to this great father who give the kids second life.

    Also, the movie shows me that how important the perseverance is, no matter what difficulties you are confronted with. In the process of saving his kids, firstly, he needs to invest to establish medicine factory, spend himself money researching the medicine, hunt talented people as partner.

    Secondly, excepting for racing with the god of death, he has to compete with healthcare system of American. Finally, when he wants to put the medicine to the market, he should consider the business problems. All of these, he work harder and harder to move on and on regardless of the laughing and blame.

    At the same time, the two kids teach me a lesson that we are supposed to be optimistic about our life. The two kids are so innocent and cute. Although they know they contact the uncured disease and they can not use their hands as other normal kids do, they still enjoy the life and have their own dream. They are used to the life playing with the wheelchair and they even don’t complain one word. Their smile, their

    considerations reminds me of the angle which can bring us happiness. We can learn something from them.

     At last, what I want to say is that please cherish what we possess, the love, the kinship, the health, and do a happy person.

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