Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan

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14 May 2007The Contractor not the Government is responsible for management and quality control actions to meet the terms of the contract.

     Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan For



    MedlinePlus en español

    Development and Support

    Date May 14, 2007

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    QAPC Contracting Officer


    1. PURPOSE

This Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) provides a standard of

    surveillance for MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus en español development and

    support services and a systematic approach for conducting surveillance over the

    performance aspects of the effort. The QASP is for the use of government

    Quality Assurance (QA) personnel to insure standards of the contract are being

    met. For the purposes of this effort the QA is the Government Project Officer or

    her representative.

The QASP provides a systematic method to evaluate the services that the

    Contractor is required to furnish, but not the details of how the Contractor

    accomplishes the work. This plan uses inspection as the primary evaluation

    criteria. This surveillance assures the Government that the Contractor’s

    performance is acceptable.

Any noncompliance with contract performance is deemed “sub par”. The term

    “sub par” refers to a support service that does not meet the standard of

    performance specified in the contract. The Contractor not the Government is

    responsible for management and quality control actions to meet the terms of the

    contract. The methods of surveillance recognize that unforeseen and

    uncontrollable problems do occur. Effective management and use of a quality

    control plan will allow the Contractor to operate within the specified surveillance

    requirements. QA’s are expected to be objective, fair, and consistent in

    evaluating Contractor’s performance against the standards.


2.1 Quality Assurance Schedule

The Contractor’s performance will be evaluated every six months following the

    exercise of the first option year. (The first twelve months of the contract is

    considered an introductory period, during which the Contractor is not required to

    meet the performance standard.) If the Contractor’s performance during the base

    effort is considered satisfactory, than the Government intends to award an option

    for 12 additional months.

2.2 Surveillance

In accordance with the Statement of Work the Senior Contractor reviewer (SCR)

    will submit the completed topic reviews to the Government Project Office (QA).

    The QA will inspect task performance by sampling 10-15% of the topic reviews

    to determine the accuracy of the topic reviews. The QA will also randomly


    inspect site records, topic reviews and other work for adherence to proscribed procedures.

    All surveillance inspections made by the QA will be recorded on a Government or locally devised form. Documentation will record the Contractor’s past performance. The completed form(s) becomes the official Government record of the Contractor’s performance.

    When surveillance detects unacceptable service, the QA will record the information on the checklist and request the Contractor to verify via email the unacceptable service. The Contractor will be required to resubmit the corrected topic review pages. The results will be recorded on the checklist.

3. Method of Surveillance


    The Project Officer (QA) or representative will sample 10-15% of the completed topic reviews every two weeks.

    Random inspections to verify adherence to proscribed procedures may occur at any time.


When performance is deemed unacceptable, the QA will so inform the

    Contractor’s Senior Contractor Reviewer, explain why, and request confirmation from the SCR via email. By submitting the email confirmation, the SCR is only acknowledging notification of unacceptable performance, not admitting fault. Disputes in surveillance should be referred to the Contracting Officer.

    The QA will notify the Contracting Officer of sub par performance. If any services do not conform to contract requirements, the Government may require the Contractor to reperform the contract requirements at no increased cost to the Government. When sub-par performance cannot be corrected by re-performance the Government may:

    ? Require the Contractor to take action necessary to ensure future

    performance conforms to contract requirements.

    ? Reduce the contract price to reflect the reduced value of the services


    If the Contractor fails to promptly re-perform the services, or to take the necessary action to ensure that future performance conforms to contract requirements, the Government may:


    ? By separate contract or otherwise, perform the services and charge to the

    Contractor any cost incurred by the Government that is directly related to

    the performance of such service or:

    o Issue a Cure Notice

    o Issue Show Cause Notice

    o Terminated the contract for Convenience

    o Terminate the contract for Default


    The QASP Surveillance Guide defines the performance objective and shows the

    pertinent portion of the Performance Work Statement, the Performance Threshold

    and the Government’s Method of Surveillance for this contract.

    Performance Performance Method of Objective Threshold Surveillance Topic Review pages 100% of work Project Officer submitted by the completed within (QA) sampling. Senior Contractor two weeks with an

    Reviewer are error return rate less

    accurate. than 5%.

    Site records, topic 100% adherence. Project Officer pages and other sampling work demonstrate

    adherence to




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