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    November 2008

    There is no such thing as failure, only lessons learnt along the way.

Kim Balson N.D

    398 Tarragindi Rd, Moorooka 4105

    PH: 07 3848 9800 Mob: 0412 496 125

Hello again everyone and really hoping things are going

    well for you all… in spite of all that has happened in the

    world these past few months.

Moving house has been the major reason for the delay in getting the

    newsletter out to everyone and taking on a few too many tasks alongside it. Are

    you all actively pursuing full and joyful lives? It is truly wonderful to have hopes,

    dreams and wishes realized when a grateful attitude is given towards each and

    every day. Showing gratitude now for what you may heartfelt want is the key and you can use it for health, wealth, business, home, friendships,

    travel……….in all areas of your lives. Watch your lives change. Dare to dream

    but be vigilant………with the right energy behind them, they might just come


    So, welcome to the end of year edition of this newsletter. Please forward this on

    to any of your friends or relatives as information and knowledge has no


Contents at a glance:

    ? Keeping in touch

    ? Around the clinic

    ? Hormonal health and candida break out

    ? Skin care ingredients

    ? Arbonne anti-ageing skin care JUST NEW

    ? Best juicer in town

    ? From the Editor’s Desk

    If anyone has altered address/contact details, would you be able to email them to me please. Anyone you may know who would like to be on my emailing list, please have them contact me via email. Newsletters are such a great way of communicating and I appreciate all your comments and feedback.


    This past year has seen me do several trips out west to Longreach and Barcaldine, providing health seminars and clinic sessions. I love going to the country and hope to continue this so if there is a need in your area for someone like myself to help with health issues, please make contact. Ph: 073848 9800. I am now in my fourth year of regular monthly trips to Toowoomba to assist the people up on the Downs with their health conditions. I am finding issues such as depression, fatigue, weight and hormonal imbalance all too common an occurrence and they can often be linked to a handful of causes. Naturopaths are similar to detectives as they piece together the puzzle of your health after serious analysis, hopefully in a much better condition so that you can feel well each and every day.

Phone Consultations are offered to all clients, both old and new, on Mondays

    and Wednesdays so if you are struggling with a health problem and live too far away or have children and can’t get into my clinic, please call me and we can organize a time for you. For directions, please visit

BIG NEWS!!!! I have another Naturopath now working with me in clinic 2

    days per week and her name is Rike Ehm. She originally comes from Germany and has had an upbringing steeped in traditional remedies, from herbs to essential oils to nutrition. She brings with her a love of treating all manner of children’s complaints so bring your children along to see her, even for a health screen. Being a highly trained Naturopath, she treats a broad range of other conditions for other ages as well. You can contact her directly on mobile 0432249712 or ph: 3165 1884.


    This may come as a surprise to some of you but you can have many of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance and yet be suffering from “systemic candida” instead. Candida is a yeast/fungus which grows in each and every human but it

    will grow to oversized proportions if presented with the right environment. Normally it is a harmless part of your skin, intestines and for women, the vagina. But if your system is out of balance from eating unhealthy, chemical substances called processed foods or if you are on prescription drugs, or fighting illness or on synthetic hormones, candida will grow quickly. And your health will be

    sabotaged in ways you may not be able to put together for yourself. Some

    common conditions that indicate you may have candida albicans overgrowth include : Irritable Bowel, Migraines, PMS, Cancer, Vaginitis, Asthma, Fibromyalgia, Weight Gain, Food Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Yeast Infections, Depression and Thyroid imbalance. As you can see, the list is long and varied and the symptoms mimic those caused by many other diseases.

    I recommend a simple saliva candida test you can do at home and we discuss this in clinic if yeast seems to be a problem. There is also the Comprehensive Stool Analysis we can do and this will tell us of microbial imbalance too.

    Men can have thrush which can be evidenced by an itching anus, pimples on the bottom, tinea, coated tongue and heavy fatigue. Craving for sugars is usually the candida driving you to eat those foods to satisfy its own needs as it thrives on sugars. So, don’t delay, and come in and see us to correct this little bug that has the potential to cause SO much damage.


    As I travel around the Eastern parts of Australia consulting with hundreds of men and women, I can’t help but notice how damaging our climate is to the skin.

    From wrinkles on face and forearms, drying ageing skin, eczema, rashes, dryness etc, it is a very real problem. For years we have all used creams that merely sit on the skin and are often based on petroleum. Take a sniff of your plain sorbolene cream and the whiff of petrol will be apparent as this cream is made of 10% paraffin. Now doctors have often used this cream to wash up before operations! This is not meant for our skin. Petroleum products (including baby and mineral oils and guess what! Agarol has it as well) coat the skin like plastic, clogging pores and creating a build up of toxins which in turn accumulate and can lead to dermatologic issues. They are a suspected cause of cancer and will disrupt your hormones.

    Don’t touch Parabens either. Most moisturizers bought over the counter contain these. These can mimick estrogen and are endocrine disruptors as well. And what about phenol carbolic acid (can cause convulsions, respiratory failure), propylene glycol (dermatitis, kidney and liver issues), acrylamide (found in hand and face creams and linked to mammary tumours), SLS (found in car washes,

dngine degreasers and in over 90% of personal car products!), toluene(a poison)

    and dioxane………..why put this stuff on your skin?? Why are they being used at all, one might ask! If we keep buying it, they keep on making it so STOP buying

    them .These hair and body products are surely bound to add to our chemical

    overload and we know where this will lead too.

    I have since encountered one of the best skin and body ranges for men, women,

    adolescents and babies. I trained many years ago as a beauty therapist, long

    before studying to be a naturopath, and hoped to work around the world on

    health retreats and resorts. Well, I worked on two here in Australia and opened

    my own practice but quickly realized that skin management was about internal

    as well as external management. But I have always maintained a close eye on

    different products and tried to develop my own fat soluble face creams with

    some compounding chemist but wasn’t able to get the texture quite

    right...……ENTER ARBONNE skin care range. WOW! What a difference to my

    skin and many others this has made. After trying it and giving out samples to

    some of my clients and friends I waited for their feedback. To date, we have had

    only success. Men, children, teenagers, women are all finding wonderful results

    from easing of acne, clearance of rashes and eczema, anti-ageing creams that

    actually work and soak into the skin, minimizing wrinkles and restoring the

    dermal layer damage. Unbelievable. This range was developed in Switzerland

    some 28 years ago and is used by many doctors, plastic surgeons and

    dermatologists around the world. WHY?? Because they have introduced fat

    soluble vitamins A,C, and E plus natural botanicals, hyaluronic acid etc that

    work not to sit on the skin but actually penetrate and heal. Wonderful for

    scarring as well. Have even used the rejuvenating cream for outer vaginal tissues

    that become dry and cracked in menopausal women.

If you want to try an extraordinary range, first have a look at their website:, then phone me. I can guide you as to the best product for the best outcome. Can even send you out a trial 7-day skin sample, too. I come

    from Sydney and the beach was my favourite playground so my sun-damaged

    skin is starting to show. The biggest difference I have noted is a huge reduction

    in the appearance of wrinkles and dryness on my face and my arms and legs.

    What relief to find something that is scientific and not merely marketing hype! I

    am now a Consultant and happy to help with your orders. PH: 3848 9800 OR

    email me at

BEST JUICER EVER MADE has to be the Compact Juicer. Fresh juices daily can

    and will give you greater health and wellness. We have been so impressed by

this machine we are now taking orders Australia wide for it. Here is what it can

    do for you:

    1. Cold extraction will maintain live enzymes and vitamins in your food

    2. Makes baby food, ice cream, sorbet, nut butters, sausages and minces

    3. Extrudes pasta and noodles

    4. Comes with a great free recipe book

    5. Does the best juicing in town

    6. Lifetime warranty on motor

    7. and you get a bonus mincing attachment.

Juices are great for detoxing, cleansing, clearing skin and allows for greater

    energy output. A fresh start to the New Year!!

Save $100 by purchasing through our clinic. Normally retails for $349.00.

    Through us, they are $249.00. Please call Rike Ehm on PH: (07) 3165 1884 or

    mobile 0432249712. Our clinic only provides you with the very best we can find

    so get started right away.


Well, that just about wraps it up for this year. I hope to do lots more traveling

    around the state next year again, providing clinic and seminar services where

    needed. I thought I might finish on a thought that is dear to my heart and that

    is ….women. I have had the pleasure of treating and observing many of my womenfolk in clinic for 21 years now and am constantly by who we are. But

    what can truly bring us down are the thoughts of insecurity, comparison and

    competitiveness we often have for each other. I see it in the workplace,

    competing for job placement. I see it in the sporting fields and fitness centres and

    I hear it when I walk my dog in the morning at 6am when women cyclists speed

    past me in groups of 3 and 4, talking negatively of another female they know. It

    really struck me that this is not the way we need to see each other. When we

    judge others, we are really only judging ourselves. Our thoughts are a mirror

    image of what we see in our world and what we THINK creates our reality and

    our perceptions of it. Putting another woman down to make yourself feel and

    look better is a sure sign of your own insecurities. Your opinion of another is

    only an opinion.

    When was the last time you really took the time to really see and feel the

    presence of another woman? Have you ever wondered what it may have been

    like to walk a mile in her shoes? Every woman has a story to tell. She just may

    have the same feelings, thoughts and insecurities as you. She is a woman. We are

all on this amazing trip together and we are linked through our femaleness. Let’s

    lighten the loads we place on ourselves and just simply

    be………………..women…and show kindness and love towards each other.

Happy Christmas everyone !

Very warmly


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