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    Now, I continue the part of modern women's status.

    ;I mainly talk about the Chinese womenChinese

    women's earn more , and have more opportunities. So we can say their status improved significantly. But this is observed by foreigners. Foreigners noted that the improvement of the Chinese women status, this is a accurate judgment. Of course, such changes were not only cost a few years. In fact, since the founding of New China, China has been stressed the equality between men and women, Chinese women gradually free from the bad habits such as feet binding and child bride and so on. What’s more, they get further

    education, equal pay and promotion. In one word , the rights of women have been protected in the maximum extent.

    When talk about the decision of “big” things.

    Decision-making in the family investment or loan to buy a house, the percentage of wife's decision is 60.7% and 70.7%, increased 10.2% and 15.1%, compared with 10 years ago. 88.7% of women buy the things they want without their husbands promition,

    and 91.3% can decide independently funded their


    At the same time, the degree of autonomy in marriagement is further improved. More than two third women can choose their first lover by themselves instead of the choice made by their parents . Those who live in the village significantly benefits a lot, especially who leave for big cities, reaching 68.8%. women in rural areas who obey the orders of parents married young men compared to 10 years ago, dropped a lot, by the way , the dropping of men for the same thing is less than women.

    Then we come to the life part. Nowadays, women’s life become multicultural. More and more

    women reading newspapers in leisure time, doing some physical exercise, community and cultural activities. 16.1 percent of urban women and 3.1 percent of rural women enjoy touring , compared to 1990, women become more active.

    How about work?Market economy to provide a broad stage for the Chinese women, earn the money in accordance with their respective contributions that do not treat men and women. More and more women

became the boss or officer of men. Women won’t only

    at home and do some housework any longer. That you

    marry what just with what "the era is ending, Chinese women are to enjoy the equality with men, they are proud of really become" half of the sky ". However, the market economy does not prefer women. The market economy is only to provide men and women with a relatively fair competition principles, provides a common opportunities and stage.

    But "Rome was not built in a day" Generally speaking, men and women are not equal in some aspects, unfair still exist in some areas. First, women are also under increasing pressure. Due to the impact of the traditions and customs, women still bear the absolute pressure of housework in the family. Although up to 87.9% of the women sincerely hope that "men should share half of the housework, but realty is different with they wish. Compared with 1990, housework mainly done by female has not changed, more than 85% of the households such as cooking, washing dishes, laundry, cleaning and other day-to-day household chores are mainly borne by the wife. Female

    average daily housework time up to 4.01 hours, 2.7 hours more than men. Daily household chores of women in cities and towns is an average of 2.9 hours, still 1.6 hours more than men.

    Besides the social, historical and many other factors, women also need to think about their own problems. Despite in 10 years, the social status of women and their own ability have upgraded to a certain extent, but what is interesting is that in the market economy, traditional gender stereotypes still in some women’s deep minds. According to one report to the idea of “Men to social while the women to family,

    50.4% of women agreed. In recent years, raise an idea which “marry well better done well, 34.1% of women

    agreed with it . Women support the idea is 7.1% higher than for men. Some women hope to change their own destiny in marriage by marry a rich man, the experts say that this is a drawback, when women seek their own values in modern society they feel puzzled and confused.

    Overall, 10 years have shorten the gap between the sexes and the difference between different levels

    of groups of women, in some aspects. Business culture and consumer culture, benefits and profits weaken the ability of public criticism of gender discrimination However, due to the existence of problems, create a real equality between men and women in this social and cultural environment still need time. I hope that in that era, women should have a new method of living, a new era of women should be able to achieve the perfect balance career and family, and to live a more exciting, the United States even more comfortable.

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