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    2008-01-03 和平街一中 赵新

Passage One

    Watch out! Bears about!

    On our first evening, the three of us were tired after walking for about eight hours. We soon fell asleep.

    In the middle of the night, there was a strange noise outside. But when I looked out of the tent, there was nothing to see.

    In the morning, I got up to make breakfast. The bag of food was open. Bears, said Joe. We should hang the food in a tree tonight.

    Later that day we stopped in a beautiful valley by a stream. It was very peaceful, and we fell asleep listening to the sound of water.

    During the night the bears came back. This time they took the food from the tree. How did they do that? I asked.

    Not high enough. Bears can climb trees. They can smell food from a distance. We should pick up the rubbish, too.

    The first rule of camping is to keep a clean camp site. You cant leave anything which

    bears might think is food.

    OK, lets tidy the site up, and move on. Oh, and we should make lots of noise, too. If they know where we are, they may not come any closer, said Joe.

    If you see a bear, said Joe, you mustnt move or make any gesture. And above all,

    you mustnt run. No one can run faster in the forest than a bear.

    We went to sleepor we tried to.

    The next day we stopped at midday for something to eat, and while the others were resting, I went for a walk in the forest.

    Suddenly, I saw a baby bear playing with some sticks and stones. He looked so friendly, and I remember thinking, If I reach out, I can just touch him.

    There was a loud noise behind me.

    I stood very still. I didnt even turn my head. There was another loud noise, and I still couldnt see what was happening. The baby bear looked up, and ran past me into the woods.

    I stayed in the same position for five minutes, maybe more. Then slowly I turned round, and on the hillside about 300 metres away I saw the baby bear and his huge mother. I have never run so fast, back to my friends.

    For the next 10 days, every time there was a sudden noise, my blood went cold.

Activity One: Answer two questions:

    1. Where do they think is the best place to keep food safe from bears?

     2. What was the noise behind the writer?

Activity Two: Choose the best answer

    1 When they went to sleep on the first night, they left the food_______.

     a) in a tree b) on the ground

     c) in the tent d) by a stream 2 They put the food in the tree to _______.

     a) keep it away from the rubbish b) make it easier to open the bag

     c) stop the bears from smelling it d) stop the bears from seeing it

    3 You should make lots of noise because bears _______.

     a) can run faster than people b) may be afraid of people

     c) may not know where people are d) shouldn’t come too close to humans

    4 The writer tried to go to sleep, but ______.

     a) was worried about the bears b) wasn’t tired

     c) wanted to see the bears d) there was too much noise

    5 The writer’s blood went cold because he ________.

     a) thought the mother bear was coming back

     b) was afraid of noise

     c) liked bears

     d) felt ill after running so fast

    Activity Three:

     Find out the modal verbs and underline the sentences.

     do not do







     Summary: checking:


    ( ) 1. Can you lend me your MP3?

     Sorry, I ________. My father has taken it with him.

     A. mustn’t B. can’t C. needn’t D. shouldn’t (07大纲卷)

    ( ) 2. Shall I go and meet you at the airport?

     No, thanks. I ________ take a taxi home.

     A. need B. must C. should D. can (07西城一模)

    ( ) 3. –I can’t find Dad. Where is he? I’m not sure. He ____ be in the study.

     A. must B. may C. need D. will (07崇文一模)

    ( ) 4. All the passengers ________ wear seat belts on the plane.

     A. can B. may C. will D. must (07崇文二模)

    ( ) 5. ______ the exam paper be handed in right now?

     No, it doesn’t have to. You may hand it in before 11:30.

     A. Can B. Must C. Should D. May (07宣武一模)

( ) 6. Must we get to the station before 6:00 ?

     No, you ______. The train leaves at 9:00.

     A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. won’t D. can’t (07石景山一模)

( ) 7. Mary, _____ you speak Chinese? Yes, only a little.

     A. must B. need C. may D. can (07 课标卷)

    ( ) 8. ______ I come in ? Sure, come in, please.

     A. Will B. May C. Must D. Need (07东城一模)

    ( ) 9. ______ I use your mobile phone? Certainly. Here you are.

     A. May B. Must C. Should D. Need (07海淀一模)

    ( )10. May I put my bike here? No, you _____. Put it over there please.

     A. needn’t B. won’t C. mustn’t D. wouldn’t (07朝阳一模)

    ( )11. Having a blog (博客) _____ help me make more friends.

     A. can B. must C. need D. should (07丰台一模)

    ( )12. _____I return the book next week?

     No, you needn’t. You can keep it if you like.

     A. Can B. Must C. May D. Need (07 丰台二模)

    ( )13. Must I hand in my exercise book after class, Miss Li?

     No, you ______. You may give it to me next Monday.

     A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. may not D. can’t (07怀柔二模)

    ( )14. Must I finish the work in two days, Mr. White? ______.

     A. Yes, you need. B. No, you mustn’t.

     C. No, you needn’t D. Yes, you can (07延庆一模)

    ( )15. Mom, _______I play computer games?

     Yes, you can. But you have to finish your homework first.

     A. must B. may C. will D. need (07延庆二模)

Passage Two :

    People are very worried about the damage that is being done to the ancient forests of

    Britain. Many visitors to the forests use stones to cut their names into the treessome of

    which are hundreds of years old. Although there are plenty of rubbish bins, people still

    throw rubbish into the steam and this causes plants and fish to die. A local conservation

    group is making a huge effort to help. Students and even retired(已退休的) people from

    the local villages have all got involved in cleaning up the forests, and they have already

    achieved good results. But we expect the tourists to play their part in keeping our forests

    clean, too!

Activity One: Read and answer the questions:

     1 What are people worried about?

     2 What do people do to damage the forest?

     3 How do people do to solve the problems? Activity Two: Task: Giving suggestions

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