Making your way through the Cowichan Challenge

By Connie Nichols,2014-06-17 19:46
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Making your way through the Cowichan Challenge

    Conquer the Challenge 2010

    Always inform race timers if withdrawing from event at any time….


    ? There is NO race day parking in the park. Allow time to walk equipment in.

    ? Park in Fuller Lake Arena, do not park on Fuller Lake Rd! This is where you race…… ? Ask your cheering squad to leave Fido at home, or we lose the use of the park.

    Check In - 7 7:45 am all participants-all events!!!


    ? Pick up your Timing Chip: it must be worn on ankle throughout entire race

    ? Have your body marked-please show your race number to body markers

? Swim Conduct:

    ? Wear color coded swim cap provided by race.

    ? Wet suits are allowed. Standing in water start. (Absolutely NO running starts.)

    ? No artificial propulsion devices ( i.e. fins, paddles, floatation devices)

    ? In an emergency!! Raise your arm and call for assistance. You will not be disqualified as long as you

    are not transported forward your safety is our first priority.

    Cycling Conduct:

    ? Cardboard Bike number must be visible from both sides of bike. Use zap strips provided

    ? The bike course is open to traffic. Be courteous; keep your head up and eyes open.

    ? Crossing the centerline while cycling is an automatic disqualification.

    ? Helmets must be fastened at all times when in possession of your bike. Walk in and out of


    ? NO Ipods(earphones) or immediate Disqualifiication

    ? No drafting,blocking or bare torsos are permitted.

    Transition Area:

    ? Nudity or indecent exposure is forbidden

    ? Cycling is not permitted in the transition area. Walk bikes

    ? Bike must be racked not thrown agoinst fence

    ? No offensive language, Tri BC officials will give time penalties or DQ”s

    Run Conduct:

    ? Run Race number MUST BE WORN on your FRONT and be visible by exit of transition. ? NO IPODS or music headphones: or immediate disqualification ? Officials will stop athletes without visible numbers,

    Main event:

    ? Swim at 8 am is a clockwise, large triangle. Keep large orange buoys on your right and

    finish with dock on your right

    ? Bike: Proceed with caution go STRAIGHT PAST Sprint Turn Around! Yours is a large


    ? Run: don’t forget your race number! Exit transition for the run, turn left on Fuller Lake rd,

    right at Cottonwood rd entering the trail, which will consist of two loops. We will be

    checking, but we trust you can count. Then back onto Fuller Lake road into the park to the

    finish. Water /Gatorade will be supplied. Watch your footing; the trail is rough. Sunglasses

    are not recommended. No ipods.

    Sprint event competitors: NEW Turnaround! ? Swim at 8:20: is a small triangle, keep the buoys on your right and finish with dock on your


    ? SPRINT BIKE TURN AROUND (Crofton Mill Entrance-Hay Rd) - CHECKPOINT sprint

    cyclist must obey traffic controllers) your bike is an out and back.

    ? Run: Don’t forget your race number. Exit transition for the run, left on Fuller Lake Rd and

    right at Cottonwood entering trail. Run one loop only exit straight out past arena to finish.

    Water/Gatorade will be supplied. Watch your footing the trail is rough. Sunglasses are not

    recommended. No ipods


    Team events: start (8 am-main team with main start) (8:20-sprint team with sprint start)

    ? All team members must be body marked to be allowed access to transition

    ? Timing chip is transferred ONLY in transition at your bike rack area

    ? Cyclist must rack bike before removing chip

    ? Runner must still wear race number along with timing chip

    MOST IMPORTANT-we are a low key friendly tri, so relax, and have fun!

    All of us involved with this race are volunteers!

    A little thank you goes a long way!

    Monies raised help support our new sports complex.

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