SC v1060 Install Problem

By Vernon Long,2014-05-16 20:19
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SC v1060 Install Problem

     SC v10.60

    SC v10.60 install wizard does not recognize the

    correct support agreement expiry date


    When the CE operating system is being upgraded, SC asks for a serial number and checks the

    Authorization code. Even though a customer may have valid support, SC complains the expiry

    date has passed:


    The problem is with the install wizard. It is comparing the Current date to the Entitle date. It really should be comparing the SC v10.60 Build date to the Entitle date. NOTE: there is a similar check preformed in the SC software - this check is working correctly.


    Set your PC clock date back to the year/month your support is valid to. Reset your PC date after

    completing the CE OS upgrade.


    If the user has a timed Terramodel, Paydirt or HydroPRO lock and they turn the system time TechnicalTIPback more than 24 hours and then start either program the lock will be disabled and have to be


    End users should only have a timed lock if they are evaluating the software.

    Dealers should all have timed locks.

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