Lunar Challenge

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Lunar Challenge


Lunar Challenge Lunar Challenge

    Parent Involvement improves student


    Lunar Challenge is an interdisciplinary parent

    involvement program, featuring inquiry-based

    learning and community partnerships.

Live the vision of lunar exploration with this award-winning family challenge!

    The program engages parent-child teams (grades 4-8) in a school or facility during

    four two-hour sessions. It uses your building’s systems as a model for the design and

    construction of the first lunar colony.

Lunar Challenge’s goals are to enhance families’ systems thinking and to increase

    their understanding of the inquiry process while they learn to communicate and work

    together. This real-world simulation emphasizes workplace readiness skills and

    promotes literacy through portfolio usage. Community mentors offer career-based

    knowledge to enrich the experience.

Parent Involvement

Family teams learn to work together during multiple sessions.

    ? Explorations: Participating in activities that foster team interactions

    ? Fact-Finding: Working online and with community mentors

    ? Modeling: Designing and constructing a model lunar colony

    ? Reflections: Building understanding through communications

“This isn‟t like the science we used to do in

    school.” - Parent

“Lunar Challenge was wonderful. We all

    learned about communicating and

    compromise. The diversity of the designs was

    interesting and we all delighted in the

    accomplishment.” - Parent


Community Partnerships

    ? Lunar Challenge creates the platform for

    community professionals to participate as

    guest “experts,” sharing their career

    experiences during the modeling process.

    ? A greater opportunity for cementing

    partnerships exists when talent and

    services are exchanged.

    ? Community and religious leaders may

    want to endorse this program for its

    contribution to family values.

Standards-Based Content

    Not only what you learn, but also how you learn it aligns with best practices in education today.

The guided inquiry framework provides opportunities for:

    ? Teachers to practice what they’ve learned about teaching through inquiry

    ? Parents to learn about good science by doing it

    ? Mentors to work side-by-side with an educator modeling current strategies

    ? Students to pursue answers to their questions in partnership with their parent

Schools are encouraged to offer the program in

    conjunction with frameworks-related content in

    classroom activities. Lists of NRC standards and

    SCANS Competencies addressed are provided in

    the curriculum materials.

“I see this as an exciting way to „grab‟ both the

    reluctant learner and the learner who relishes a

    challenge....Your model takes the „educationese‟

    out and delivers the content in meaningful terms

    that everyone can understand.”

     - Joanne Tuxbury

     NH Presidential Awardee 2000, Elementary Science



    Lunar Challenge is one of a menu of PACCT (Parents And Children as Co-Travelers in a World of Ideas) programs developed and managed by EDNOVATIONS for the Challenger Center for Space Science Education. Funding was provided by the

    National Science Foundation.

    ? Lunar Challenge content has been field tested and proven effective.

    ? 100% of the families analyzed were able to state a comparison between the

    school and lunar colony’s systems

    ? 71% were able to give examples of other systems.

    ? Embedded assessment tools are provided for district use

“I think it was very interesting because I didn‟t know my dad was so smart. I

    liked working with my teammates and I liked working with my dad. It was a

    great program because I learned a lot about solving problems. This was a

    great experience I will never forget.”- Student


The PACCT project was awarded the SBC Foundation and National Partners in

    Education Grand Award 2000 for “outstanding partnerships that have facilitated the

    integration of telecommunications technology into education and documented

    positive outcomes of student achievement and success.”


The Lunar Challenge Program consists of a scripted teacher’s guide with curriculum;

    facilitation and outreach tips; program materials and six months of support via email.

    Single Program per school district: $285 $270 for UVBEP partners Multiple Programs per school district: $270 $260 for UVBEP partners

    Shipping and handling fees are additional.

    For information and ordering, contact: Jan Anstatt


     603 Gunston Lane

     Wilmington, NC 28405

     (910) 509-1290

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