IFTA-3 - SC Department of Motor Vehicles

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IFTA-3 - SC Department of Motor Vehicles

     South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles IFTA-3

    (Rev. 3/08) International Fuel Tax Agreement

    (IFTA) Return

     Return for Period Ending

     IFTA Account Number / SCTID

     Please “X”


     If you wish to CANCEL YOUR LICENSE

     If this is an AMENDED RETURN

     If you are a MOTOR COACH CARRIER

    Schedule A Miles Per Gallon Calculation

    Calculate the average miles per gallon (MPG) for each fuel type, round the average miles per gallon to two (2) decimal places.

    You will use the MPG figures for each fuel type to calculate the gallons consumed in the detail summary of operations. Fuel Type Total Miles All Jurisdictions Total Gallons All Jurisdictions Average Miles

    IFTA/Non-IFTA IFTA/Non-IFTA Per Gallon

    Diesel Gasoline


    Propane Natural Gas


    Total Non-IFTA Miles Total Non-IFTA Gallons

    Summary of IFTA Operations Please complete Schedule B on the reverse side of this form.

    Tax Calculations You must complete Schedule A Schedule B before completing this section.

    Fuel Type Total Taxable Member Taxable Tax Paid Net Tax or Interest

    Jurisdiction Jurisdiction Miles Gallons Gallons (Refund) Due


    Diesel Gasoline Gasohol Propane Natural Gas


    $ Tax or (Refund) Due (Total from Line 4, Column K) ..........

    $ Penalty Due (See Instructions) .............................................

    $ Interest Due (Total from Line 4, Column L) ........................

    $ Total Balance or (Refund) Due (Total Lines 5, 6, and 7) ..... This is to certify that this return, including statements and schedules attached hereto has been examined by me, and is, to the

    best of my knowledge and belief, a true and complete report made in good faith covering the period named above and that

    same is in accordance with the books and records of the reporting taxpayer.

    Signature Title

    Date Telephone Number

     Summary of IFTA Operations

    IFTA Account Number Fuel Type (Complete a separate Schedule B for each fuel type) Page


     IFTA Member Total Jurisdiction Taxable Member Taxable Gallons Tax paid gallons Net Taxable or Tax Rate Tax or (Refund) Surcharge Surcharge Amount Net Tax or Interest Total or (Refund) Jurisdiction Miles Jurisdiction Miles (Col. C divided by (service station (Credit) gallons Col. F x G) Rate* (Col. D x I) (Refund) Due (Col. (See Instructions) Due (Col. K + L) Calculated MPG purchases and/or (Col. D - E) H + J) Sch. A) bulk withdrawals) ** Other Miles Totals

* See rate sheet for jurisdictions that have a surcharge on taxable gallons of fuel consumed. **Other Miles Enter Non-IFTA miles one time for each fuel type.

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