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     812 Garmon Park Dr. Loganville, GA 30052 (888)-909-1658

Welcome to Alternative Beauty!

Our business model gives you the option to purchase our Nourish and Healthy

    Hair Plus brands wholesale or to create your own line under our Private Label Program. Purchasing our existing brands is as easy as ordering online or calling

    one of our customer service representatives. The required minimums are one

    case, or 12 per case.

Thinking about starting your own line? A common question is, “What do I have to

    put on the bottle/jar?” There are two things that you must include on your


1) The ingredients as we (Alternative Beauty) list it. The ingredients can not be

    altered unless we make a change to the formula.

    2) Your company name and full address. Most people include their website and

    some choose to put a telephone number. On your bottle (just above your

    company information), there will be either “Manufactured For” or “Distributed By.” It is your choice as to which you would prefer.

Our packaging varies depending on the products you choose. Either way, you

    will either have bottles that will need to be screened (for shampoos, conditioners,

    body/face washes, etc) or labels that will need to be created (face creams,

    serums, scrubs, etc.)

Type of file format needed from you/your graphic designer

    Vector Format

    .ai file Adobe Illustrator File Format or;

    .eps file

    This file must be in layers.

    If you do not understand this, your graphic designer will.

Here are the minimums are specifications for screen printing and labels:

Screen printing

    - Screens purchased - $120 (each product)

    Example: If you would like to have two colors on a product, you would

    need two screens one for each color. If you do decide to do two colors,

    there is a fee for the pass of the second color.

    - Second Color Pass Fee - .15 per bottle (or $7.20 per 48 bottles)

    - 8 oz Screening Minimum 400 bottles at .50 each = $200.00

    - 12 oz Screening Minimum 275 bottles at .50 each = $137.50

    - 48 Minimum per product filled

    - Set-Up Fee - $90.00 (Per Product, Per Fee)

We have included templates for the bottles (and sizes) that we have available for

    screen printing. They are cylindrical bottles in 12 oz, 8 oz. There is a max 2

    colors on the 12 oz and 8 oz bottles.

PDF Templates will be provided to you

    by one of our customer service representatives.

Below is an example of a template for the 12 oz bottle:

As per the illustration above, you can use the format that we have and insert your

    name and logo for ours. Also, you’ll notice the bottom right (where the company

    information is). Your company information will go there! Of course, you (and your

    graphic designer) can go with whatever format you choose to mix it up! Just stay

    within the specified printable areas of the template.


    can get an idea of what the design is going to look like on the bottle.

You’ll also notice the blue lines on the template. The template will tell you that

    your “printable area” is represented by the black lines. This can be dangerous,

    though. We recommend that you pay attention to where we set the blue lines.

    They are just guidelines as to what we consider the “danger area” for printing the

    front of your bottle. Be aware that if you make the front part of the bottle too wide,

    you will get that “wrap around effect” that makes it hard (for you and your

    customers) to read. This really only applies to the front of the design. We

    routinely spread the back out further than the front.


    - 12 Minimum per product. This low minimum will allow you to expand your

    product line by adding a larger variety of choices to your client base.

When considering private labeling products that will need labels (like creams,

    scrubs, serums, etc.), it is important to understand that you will need to purchase

    the labels in bulk quantity. There are many advantages to this the key being the

    price-per-label when you buy in bulk quantity.

Points to remember:

    1) Each label size equals a different label job. What does this mean?

    Consider that your creams, serums and scrubs all have different size

    labels that are needed. Also understand that the printer can only run one

    size at a time. If you were to do serums and creams, that would be two

    different jobs.

    2) Each label job is going to average around $500(estimate). In this

    common scenario, you will end up with 2000 to 3000 labels of that

    particular size. Example: You want to order our Anti-Wrinkle 55 Serum

    and our Skin Tight Serum. Both of these serums are, of course, the

    same size label. You will end up paying about .20 cents per label for this

    job. Of course, now would be a great time to consider that you might

    want to add another serum. The price would go up. You would just be

    dividing 2000 labels by three products instead of two. To put labeling in

    prospective, if you purchased 100 labels of each of those two serums, it

    would cost you $1.48 per label. This is why we order in bulk.

    3) Some products have the same size label. That’s right. Scrubs, Body

    Treatments, Bath Salts and Body Butters all have the same size label!

    This is a great way to expand your product line while only doing one

    label job. Talk to our customer service representatives about these


    Size Dimensions of labels

PDF Templates will be provided to you

    by one of our customer service representatives.

    Acrylic Airless Pumps Serums 1.5” (H) x 4” (W) Creams 2.5” (H) x 4” (W)


    Scrubs, Body Butters &

    Body Treatments

    - 1.75 (H) x 8.625” (W) Glass Jars

    (Microderm/Mask) 1.25” (H) x 7.25” (W)

    Vitamins - 2” (H) x 6” (W)

     Emu Oil/Enzy Block - 2” (H) x 4” (W)

    8 oz bottles 4.25”(H) x 6” (W) 12 oz bottles 5.0”(H) x 6.4375” (W)

Mineral Make-Up

    Lg. 1.125” Circle

    Sm. .75” Circle

Amber Bottles

    2 oz 3” (H) x 2” (W)

    8 oz 6.5” (H) x 3” (W)

Your artwork file must be the size of the

    label you are working on. Example: If

    you are created a label for serums, create

    the document size as 1.5” (H) x 4” (W).

    Concerning artwork and the labels, any

    artwork that stays within the label must be th from the edge of the label to insure 1/16

    that artwork will not be affected during

    the label cutting process.

If you are going to take something to the thedge of your artwork, you must bleed 1/8

    inch over the artwork.

Any artwork that does not meet the above specifications will be returned to you

    for correction. **If all this is new to you, we would be happy to speak directly to your graphic

    designer and facilitate the process for you.

If the proof meets with your complete approval, just “reply” the e-mail stating that

    you approve the proof and authorize us to proceed into production. Please be

    aware we can not begin the production process until we receive your approval. If

    your approval of the proof is delayed for any reason, our production and shipping

    times are also delayed.

Please note that colors may vary between monitors and printers the color you

    see on the monitor or printer may not be exactly the same color as the color

    printed on our press. If precise color- matching is critical to your job, then we

    highly recommend a press-printed proof ($15.00). Otherwise, we can not

    guarantee colors will be accurate.

Please check the PDF file carefully to make sure all the content is correct both

    the type (spelling, layout etc.) and graphic elements. If you have any questions or

    problems let us know as soon as possible by calling us at 770-207-7120 or toll

    free at 888-909-1658. If you are having problems viewing or opening the file you

    may need to download the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    We look forward to working with you on your wholesale/private label needs.

    Please contact us at (888) 909-1658 and ask for a customer service


    Alternative Beauty is a Faber Products LLC company.

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