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     Unit1 How often do you exercise? 一,重点单词

    1. time 2. health 3. Internet 4. habit 5. grade 6.difference 7. shop 8. no 9. exercise 10. most 11. drink 12. want 13. pretty 14. although


    1. once a week 2. how often 3. as for 4. surf the Internet 5. junk food 6. look after 7. a lot of 8. hardly ever 9. the results of 10. eating habits 11. keep in good health 12. be good for 13. once or twice 14. the same as 15. on weekends

    16. go to the movies 17. kind of


    1. in 2. every day

     on everyday


    3. all students 4. sometimes

     most students some times

     some students sometime

     no students some time

    5. how many 6. try to do sth.

     how much try doing sth. 7. say 8. maybe

     speak may be



    9. always





    hardly ever



    1. ---How often do you watch TV?

     ---I watch TV every day.

    2. ---What does he do on weekends?

     ---He sometimes plays basketball. 3. some students watch TV three or four times a week.



    用法(?1,表示经常性!习惯性行为或动作。常与usually, sometimes, often ,every day, once a

    week, hardly ever等表示频率的时间词连用。



    构成(?1be动词?am, is, are





    否定句(主语+am/is/are+ not+其他。


     主语+情态动词+ not+动词原形+其他。

    2. 表示动作频率的副词和短语

    3. what引导的特殊疑问句


    本单元主要是围绕人们日常生活习惯是否给人们带来健康等话题展开论述的 1,首先确定写作要点!即通过分析“我”的饮食习惯!睡眠及运动情况来构思文章。 2,然后尽量使用自己熟悉的词!词组即句子来表达以保证语法逻辑的正确性和语言的简


    常用句型(1.Im pretty healthy./ Im kind of unhealthy.

     2. I eat/ drink

     3. I love junk food, too. But I eat it once or twice.

     4.. I sleep nine hours every night.

     5. In my spare time, I like

     6. On weekends I often

     7.. My healthy lifestyle helps me



    1. sometimes A. 100%

    2. always B. once a year 3. never C. once a twice a week 4. often D. 0%

    5. hardly ever E. four or five times a week 二,根据句意及首字母提示完成单词

    1. He has many healthy h_______, such as eating fruit, playing basketball and walking after


    2. I like surfing the I_______ on weekends.

    3. ---Whats your favorite TV p________?

     ---Its Animal World.

    4. Do you know the r_______ of the football match? 5. He is very strong because he often e_______. 6. Im not very healthy, a_______ I have one healthy lifestyle. 7. I think Im kind of unhealthy. I h_______ ever exercise. 三,按要求改写句子

    1. I think she has a healthy lifestyle.?改为否定句,

     I ______ _______ she ______ a healthy lifestyle. 2. She exercises every morning.?对划线部分提问,

    ________ _______ does she exercise?

    3. Jim always does his homework after school.?改为否定句,

     Jim_______ _______ his homework after school. 4. We can see five glasses of water on the table.?对划线部分提问,

     ______ ________ _______ of water can you see on the table? 5. Jean often has milk and bread for breakfast.?将often改为now并改写句子,

     Jean_______ ________ milk and bread for breakfast now. 6. We go skateboarding on weekends.?对划线部分提问,

     _______ _______ you _______ on weekends?


    1. Do you know the________(different) between English and Chinese? 2. My old grandpa is in poor ________(healthy) now. 3. ________(be) your eating habits good?

    4. How often________ your father_______( drink) wine? 5. His mother_______ (come) to see him once a week. 6. Her sister__________(not stay) at home on Sundays. 7. I want the children_________( exercise) three times a week. 8. The boy never_______( eat) junk food.

9. I try_______( eat) a lot of vegetables.

    10. Look! The students________( swim) in the river.

    11. Li Lei often________( help) his mother with housework. 12. Where_______ (be) you last night?

    13. What about________(play) football now?

    14. It take ______(little) time to go there by understand than by bus. 五,单项选择

    1. ---_____ I have to show the school report to my parents, Mr. Wang?

     ---Yes, you do.

    2. Father asks me_______ computer games before finishing my homework. A. not play B. to play C. not to play D. to not play 3. She never______ tea_____ coffee.

    A. drink, and B. drinks, and C. doesnt drink, or D. drinks, or

    4. We have_______ to do every day.

    A. a lot of homework B. many homeworks C. lot of homework D. lots of homeworks 5. I found it______ difficult to learn English well.

    A. a kind of B. a few C. a little of D. kind of

    6. The twins uncle______ every day.

    A. exercise B. exercises C. is exercise D. is exercises 7. He hardly ever_______ sports news______ TV on Saturday evening. A. watch, in B. watches, on C. watching, on D. is watching, on 8. ---______ do you do your homework?

     ---Every day.

    A. How many times B. How C. How often D. When

    9. We _______ go out to have dinner, but not very often. A. sometimes B. never C. hardly ever D. some times 10. They play computer games_______ e week.

    A. once or twice B. everyday once or twice times D. once or two


    1. ---I saw you come to school by bus this morning.

     ---Oh, I_______ come to school by bus, but it is raining today. A. hardly B. always C. sometimes D. usually 2. Good food and exercise_______ me to study better.

    A. helps B. help C. helping D. to help

    3. I also love junk food, ______ I try to______ once a week. A. but, eating B. and, eat C. but, eat them D. but, eat it 4. _______ he is young, _______ he knows a lot.

    A. Although, but B. Although, / C. /, so D. Because, / 5. One of my favorite programs______ Animal World.

    A. am B. is C. are D. dont

    6. 65% of students in our class like reading English. Means(意思是)_______ students in our

    class like reading English.

A. All B. Most C. Some D. No

    7. I often go to the English club_______ weekends.

    A. in B. by C. on D. about

    8. We eat much_______ and many_______, but little______.

    A. fruit, vegetables, meat B. fruits, vegetables, meat

    C. fruit, vegetable, meat D. fruit, vegetable, meats

    9. If you work hard, youll get good______.

    A. grades B. notes C. lessons D. answers

    10. You cant sneeze and keep your eyes_______ at the same time.

    A. open B. opens C. opened D. opening

    11. Jackie Chan takes_____ in winter than in summer.

    A. exercise B. more exercise C. many exercise D. more exercises 12. Can you help me______ up the waste things?

    A. cleaning B. cleans C. cleaned D. to clean

    13. Mrs. Smith is very______. She has to sit down and rest every five minutes when she works. A. well B. healthy C. unhealthy D. good

    14. Here_____ the results_____ the student activity survey.

    A. is, with B. are, of C. is, of D. are, with

    15. _______ homework, we do the homework on Sunday.

    A. As for B. As to C. As of D. As from

    16. These days Mrs. Li looks_______ healthy.

    A. nice B. pretty C. heavy D. cool

    17. ______ students exercise twice a day.

    A. No B. Not C. No of D. None

    18. ---______ do the students exercise a week?

     ---Once or twice.

    A. How long B. How often C. How many times D. How many hours



    Once there was a king who told some of his people to dig a pond(池子). The king told his

    people that one person______ each family had to bring a glass of milk during the night and put it into the pond. So, by the morning, the pond should be______ of milk.

    After ______ the order, everyone went home. As one man prepared his milk, he thought that since everyone was bringing milk, he would just______ a glass of water and put that into the pond instead. ______ it was dark at night, no one would notice it, so he quickly went and out the water into the pond and ______ home.

    In the morning, the king went to visit the pond. To his _______, the pond was only filled with water! What happened? Yes! Everyone had the same idea_______ that man. They all thought, I dont have to waste my milk. Someone else will do it.

    Dear friends, when you plan to help poor people or people in trouble, do not think that______ will hake care of it. Instead, it starts with you. If you dont do it, no one else will, so

    change yourself and make a_______.

1. A. at B. from C. on D. with

    2. A. filled B. empty C. crowded D. full

    3. A. giving B. refusing C. receiving D. offering 4. A. hide B. steal C. waste D. drink

    5. A. If B. Since C. While D. After

    6. A. left B. came C. returned D. arrived

    7. A. surprise B. satisfaction C. joy D. taste 8. A. with B. to C. as D. of

    9. A. others B. the others C. none D. neither 10. A. face B. mistake C. living D. difference 二,阅读理解

    Everyone must go to bed early and get up early, or we wont be healthy and clever.

    Is this true? Perhaps it is. The body must have enough sleep. Children of your age need ten

    hours sleep every day. If you dont go to bed early, you wont have enough sleep. Then you cant

    think properly and cant do your work properly. Youll not be clever.

    Some people go to bed late and get up late. This is not good for them. We must sleep at night

    when it is dark. The dark helps us to sleep soundly. When the daytime comes, we must get up.

    This is the time for exercise. If you lack exercise, the body will become weak. Exercise keeps a

    strong body.

    Exercise helps the blood(血液)flow(流动) around inside the body. This is very important. Blood takes food to all parts of our body. The brain also needs blood. If we keep our body healthy

    and take exercise, we can think better.

    1. If we want to be healthy and clever, we must go to bed_______. A. late and get up early B. early and get up late C. early and get up early D. late and get up late 2. Children of your age need______.

    A. ten hours sleep B. nine hours sleep C. twelve hours sleep D. eleven hours sleep

    3. The best time to sleep is when______.

    A. daytime comes B. it is dark C .we are taking exercise D. it is late afternoon

    4. Exercise makes the body______.

    A. weak B. clever C. active D. strong

    5. Exercise_______.

    A. makes more blood B. helps the blood to flow

    C. makes food for our blood D. makes our brain tired 三,选词填空

    Hardly, cleaning, take, gave, try, to play, visiting, exercise, went, goes

    1. I_______ a shower every night.

    2. My father_______ ever watches TV in the evening.

    3. Thanks for_______ me.

    4. Mary often ________ to the movies on weekends.

    5. Grandma is pretty healthy because she_______ every day.

    6. You must________ to eat less meat. 7. I like_______ basketball.

    8. ---What did you do in summer holidays?

     ---I______ to Hong Kong with my parents. 9. My mother_______ me a new bike yesterday. 10. ---What are you doing?

     ---We are_______ our room.


    选用方框中所给句子补全对话?有两项是多余的, A: What are your favorite sports? B:__________

    A: Now, tell me what you like to eat. B: Err, I like fish and eggs. But_________ A: _________

    B: Oh, yes. I love vegetables.

    A: Do you drink wine?

    B: No, I never drink wine or coffee. _________ A:__________

    B: I drink a lot of milk. Its very good for my health.

    A. Do you eat a lot of vegetables?

    B. Theyre very good for me.

    C. I dont eat any meat.

    D. I like to eat.

    E. What do you drink, then?

    F. Well, swimming and running

    G. Theyre very bad for me.

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