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    Vocabulary Thesaurus



    English Mr. Kelly‘s


    01 anger

    antagonize verb to provoke hostility

    ―I wish I could ask God to give me another personality, one that doesn‘t antagonize

    everyone.‖ ( Frank, 1/30/1943)

    [ antagonist nouna person who provokes hostility ]

    [ antagonism noun expressed hostility ] [ antagonistic adjective marked by hostility ]

at loggerheads prepositional phrase


―I and Mr. Van Daan are always at loggerheads

    with each other. ( Frank, 8/21/1942 )

    bicker verb to quarrel over petty matters

    ―Verbal exchanges here are just plain bickering.‖ ( Frank, 9/28/1942 )

    [ bickerer - noun person who argues ]

    choler noun easily angered

If we be in choler, we‘ll draw our swords.

gall noun an irritation

    gall verb to irritate

Being chained in the hold galled Equiano.

    [ 01 anger continued]

    mistempered - adjective ill-tempered, angry

―On pain of torture, from those bloody hands

    Throw your mistempered weapons to the

    ground,‖ ( Romeo and Juliet, I, i, 93-5 )

    [ tempered verb to cure the steel of a blade ]

row noun a quarrel

    ―They just had a flaming row about it [ selling Mrs. Van Daan‘s fur coat ] . . .‖ ( Frank, 10/17/1943 )

    scorn noun open dislike or disrespect scorn verb to treat with open dislike

     ―He swung about his head and cut the winds

    Who, nothing hurt withal, hissed him in scorn.‖

    ( Romeo and Juliet, I, i, 118-19)

    seethe - verb to experience violent internal


    ―I seethe when they [ the Van Daans ] scold and mock me.‖ ( Frank, 9/28/1942 )

    [ 01 anger continued ]

    squabble noun a noisy quarrel about trivial


―I should be used to the fact that these squabbles

    are daily occurrences.‖ ( Frank, 8/28/1942 )

[ squabble verb bicker ]

    [ squabbler noun person who argues ]

strife noun a bitter, sometimes violent, conflict

―Whose misadventured piteous overthrows

    Doth with their death bury their parents‘ strife.‖

    ( Romeo and Juliet, Prologue, 7-8 )

tetchy adjective touchy

    ―to see it tetchy and fall out with the dug.‖ ( Romeo and Juliet, I, iii, 26 )

    tirade noun a long speech filled with nasty remarks

    ―I wasn‘t doing it on purpose, but I‘d followed her tirade so intently that my reaction was completely involuntary.‖ ( Frank, 9/28/1942 )

    turmoil - noun extreme agitation, confusion or


    ―We‘re so fortunate here [ in the Secret Annex ], away from the turmoil.‖ ( Frank, 11/19/1942 )

    [ 01 anger continued ]

    vex verb to bring trouble

―Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs;

    Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers‘ eyes;

    Being vexed, a sea nourished tears.‖ ( Romeo

    I, i, 196-98 ) and Juliet,

[ vexation noun - irritation ]

    [ vexatious adjective intended to harass ]

wrath noun strong vengeful anger

―At long last Mr. Dussel‘s fury was spent, and he

    left the room with an expression of triumph mixed

    with wrath.‖ ( Frank, 7/13/1943 )

    [ wrathfuladjectivefilled with a desire for

    revenge ]

    02 happiness

    optimist noun a person who believes this is the best possible world

    Pim [ Otto Frank ] is a big optimist, but he has his reasons.‖ ( Frank, 5/2/1943 )

    [ optimism noun an inclination to put the best face on actions and outcomes ] [ optimistic adjective expecting good

    outcomes ]

    [ 02 hapiness continued ]

peals noun loud sounds

    ―Peter . . . burst into peals of laughter when he saw me standing at the bottom of the stairs, like

    an island in a sea of brown, with waves of beans

    lapping at my ankles.‖ ( Frank, 11/9/1942 )

    03 sadness

    clamor noun noisy shouting

    With drums and clamor the people who hold humans in slavery called the buyers of people to


[ clamour British spelling ]

    [ clamorous adjective noisily insistent ]

    dejected adjective downcast in spirit

All of the Africans held as slaves were dejected

    by their fate.

[ deject verb to make gloomy ]

    dismal adjective causing gloom or depression

―I‘m terrified that our hiding place will be

    discovered . . . That, of course, is a fairly dismal

    prospect.‖ ( Frank, 9/28/1942 )

    [ dismally adverb done particularly bad ] [ dismalness noun lacking merit ]

    [ 03 sadness continued ]

    lamentation noun the act of expressing sorrow

    ―That‘s not the end of my lamentations.‖ ( Frank, 10/9/1942 )

    [ lament verb crying out in grief ] [ lamentable adjective mournful ]

    [ lamented adjective grieved ]

languish verb to live in a state of depression

    African Americans ―languished in the corners of society.‖

    [ languid adjective sluggish in character ] [ languor noun weariness of body or mind ] [ languorous adjective inertia ]


    pathetic noun marked by sorrow or


    ―We listened to the radio, and it was pathetic.( Frank, 3/19/1943 )

[ pathetically - adverb evoking pity ]

    piteous adjective of a kind to move to


―Whose misadventured piteous overthrows

    Doth with their death bury their parents‘ strife.‖

    [pitynounsympathetic sorrow for someone suffering]

    [ 03 sadness continued ]

    somber - adjective of a dismal or depressing


    ―Oh, may these somber words not come true for as long as possible.‖ ( Frank, 7/8/1942 )

[ somberly - adverb - gravely ]

    [ somberness noun melancholy ]

    sullen - adjective gloomy or resentfully silent

―Dussel looked very sullen. . .‖( Frank, 7/13/1943 )

    [sullenly adverb - done in a resentful manner ] [ sullenness noun a gloomy state ]

    tribulation noun a trying experience

    Dr. King spoke to a nation that was suffering from many tribulations in 1963.

    04 chaotic

    boisterous adjective coarse, rowdy

―Is love a tender thing? It is too rough,

    Too rude, too boist‘rous, and it pricks like a thorn.‖ ( Romeo and Juliet, I, iv, 25-26 )

    consternation noun amazement that hinders

    The first time that Equiano drank alcohol it gave him great consternation.

    [ consternate verb to fill with consternation ]

    [ 04 chaotic continued ]

    contort verb to twist into a strained shape

    ―Suddenly, she [ Edith Frank ] turned, her face contorted with pain, and said, ‗I can‘t make you love me.‘‖ (Frank, 4/2/1943)

[ contortion noun a twisted shape ]

    [ contorted adjective twisted ]

    [ contortionist noun an acrobat who twists

    her/his body into unusual shapes ]

    discord noun a lack of agreement or harmony

    Discord, violence, and death in the United States resulted from arrogance about skin color.

dispossessed adjective deprived of home,

    possessions, and security

    ―A Unique Facility for the Temporary Accommodation of Jews and Other

    Dispossessed Persons‖ ( Frank, 11/17/1942 )

    [ dispossess verb to put out of possession ]

    distraught adjective agitated with doubt or

    mental conflict

―I went straightaway and found a very distraught

    Mr. Goldschmidt.‖ [ The Frank‘s tenant ]

    ( Frank, 8/14/1942)

    [ 04 chaotic continued]

    extremity-noun-extreme danger or critical need

―Madam, the guests are come, supper served up,

    you called, my young lady asked for, the Nurse cursed in the pantry, and everything is in extremity.‖ ( Romeo and Juliet, I, iii, 100-102 )

[ extreme - adjective existing in a very high

    degree ]

    ferment verb to be in a state of agitation

    The inequality of opportunity based on skin color caused ferment in the African American


[ fermentation noun a chemical reaction

    causing efferevescence ]

garbled adjective altered or distorted

―He‘s [ Dussel ] amused us more than once by

    trying to pass on news that he‘s just heard, since the message invariably gets garbled in

    transmission.‖ ( Frank, 11/17/1943 )

[ garble verb alter or distort ]


    [ 04 chaotic continued ]

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