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Print a Glimpse Brochure - thefaceofglimpsecom

    Individual Item Descriptions Product information

    Toner Simple 4 steps for healthy skin

    Xanthone-rich treatment toner re-energizes and refreshes System I (Normal to Dry) skin while preparing the skin to receive optimal nutrients from step 3 and 4. Step 1: Creamy Cleanser Benefits:

     Step 2: Toner ? Refreshes and re-energizes the skin

    Step 3: Serum ? Restores pH and primes the skin for system steps 3 and 4 Step 4: Moisturizing Cream ? Soothes and calms the skin with treatment-grade actives

    Serum System II (Normal to Combination)

     Step 1: Gel Cleanser Highly concentrated with beneficial phytonutrients, this serum nourishes skin and helps maintain its natural glow and youthful appearance. Step 2: Toner

    A New Beginning in Skin Care A New Beginning in Skin Care Step 3: Serum Benefits: ? Re-energizes and nourishes the skin Step 4: Moisturizing Lotion ? Promotes radiant and healthy looking skin ? Helps the skin to maintain its natural glow the worlds first the worlds first Moisturizing Cream Individual Item Descriptions pure green performance based pure green performance based Rich, velvet-like moisturizer features a unique absorption Creamy Cleanser technology and helps dehydrated skin become soft and plump while protecting skin from environmental stresses. Non-foaming, moisture-rich cleanser removes make-up, dirt skin care system skin care system and impurities while leaving skin supple and hydrated. Benefits: Benefits ? Helps the skin to maintain healthy glow and ? Gently draws dirt and makeup without over softness drying the skin ? Maintains the skin’s optimal moisture balance ? Maintains supple skin ? Protects the skin from on-going environmental ? Sooths and calms the skin effects

     Gel Cleanser Moisturizing Lotion Sulfate-free gentle cleanser removes dirt and impurities while calming skin with rich botanical ingredients. Light moisturizer gently exfoliates congested skin and supports smoothness while maintaining its healthy glow. Benefits: Benefits ? Gently cleanses the skin, removing dirt and impurities ? Helps the skin to maintain healthy glow and ? Leaves the skin completely refreshed softness ? Helps calm overactive skin ? Maintains the skin’s optimal moisture balance ? Protects the skin from on-going environmental effects

    Discover Glimpse Glimpse? Features: "Before using the oil, I had dry puffy eyes. I Why apply a toxic skin product when you can seriously thought about surgery. Now they are ? Improves back to normal. I don't have to do surgery now. skin tone experience Glimpse? Intuitive Skin Care? Our Some of my brown spots are fading. I am so and Benefits active brand life force is in perfect harmony excited to get all the products!" firmness between you and the environment. Debbie Lumby ? Promotes skin health by delivering "Where to begin, let me see, the wrinkles around beneficial phytonutrients Pure and Green Focus my eyes are gone and bags have disappeared. The ? Stimulates the skin to become more deep lines around my nose and mouth are much vibrant and radiant ? Botanical ingredients smaller in depth. My skin is supple and fresh, ? Promotes delivery of active ingredients ? Gentle cold processing looking, instead of looking 75 people tell me I look into skin

    ? Toxin Free in my late 50's or early 60's. What a great compliment! It has made me change the way I see

    myself. Instead of being ravished by my chemo therapy I see myself as beautiful once more."

     Lorrie Hall Simple and Clean

    "We absolutely love the mangosteen pericarp oil. glimpse’s antioxidant activity ? Clean formulas - no harsh chemicals It is the ONLY thing that has helped our son's ? Simple ingredient panel - nothing to is 30 times more powerful than eczema in the last year that doesn't make his skin hide burn. It is soothing and the only thing he asks for green tea! ? Simple and functional packaging when he is itchy." Tommy Johnson

    Once I began using Glimpse, within 3 days my 3BioActive X Complex? skin looked and felt better than it ever has in my entire life. I was hooked! Over the next 6 weeks

    or so (this stuff is so concentrated- lasts Women use an average of 12 personal care 3 Complexes from Mangosteen Pericarp FOREVER!!!!! !) I used only Glimpse until I ran out products, containing 168 chemicals, a day. Why ? XanGo Bioactive Pericarp Oil of the moisturizer. apply a toxic skin product when you can experience I reluctantly went back to my old reliable Lauder Glimpse! o Anti-inflammatory - Calms and soothes moisturizer and Lancome serum. As soon as I put the skin the Lauder on my skin was mad. I felt it drying For information on the toxicity of your current skin o Promotes collagen synthesis out and my skin felt like wax-I was amazed! I care visit: used the Lauder for about 2 weeks out of ? XanGo Bioactive Polymeric Extract necessity until I was able to get a replenishment o Antioxidant- Helps protect the skin from of Glimpse. environmental damages Within 3 minutes of using the Glimpse my skin went back to what it was when I'd been using it. I Learn More at: ? XanGo Bioactive Acidic Extract used it over the weekend and Yasue noticed a difference in my skin by the following Monday. o Anti-bacterial Supports pure and clear This stuff is incredible!! I'm SO excited about what skin To Order Please Call: will happen once people really give it a try!" Susan: 864-907-2159 Allicia Johnson

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