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    Chinese Education System

    As a Chinese student, I have a lot to say about Chinese education. But firstly, Id like to give a simple introduction about Chinese education system. In China, children begin to go to school at the age of seven. It takes them for six years to finish primary school. After primary school, the students will go to junior middle school without having to pass the exam. Education at this level is compulsory; junior middle school education lasts for three years. For senior middle school students, it takes them for three years.

    Regarding college, senior middle school graduates have to pass competitive college entrance exam in order to enter college. The college education takes them for 4 years. And if they want to get further education, they will spend another 3-6 years for Bachelor degree and Master degree. Though we spent nearly 20 years to finish all the study, some of us can benefit little to our future work.

    Nowadays, many people have a lot of complaint about the current Chinese education system. On behalf of them, Id like to talk about the disadvantages about

    Chinese education system. I think there are three disadvantages:

    1. The way to select talent person

    2. Unfair policy

    3. The education in rural area

    As we all know, now the only way to select talented person in China is examination. That is to say, we test a persons level by the so-called mark, However, I

    think such an approach is not very scientific. First, the knowledge in the exam only

    covers a small part of the book, and some people may know it by accident, while other people may not know it. Second, there are many causal factors existed in the processing of examination. For example, what if someone feel sick in that day?

    Unfair policy is a very important issue, we all know that national policy is quite loose. Lets take Beijing as an example: the educational level of Beijing is nearly the lowest in our country, but their chances to enter college are much larger than others in any other cities in our country. On this issue, government can not make a lawful and reasonable explanation to us, why in the same country, we cant get a fair policy

     Furthermore, we should take more care of education in rural area. Rural education is the focus of education reform and development in China. The truth is the rural population accounts for the vast majority of the country's population, but only a few people have accepted advanced education, which directly contributed to their short-sighted. Therefore, we need to vigorously develop rural education, in my opinion, which is one of the most important goals in our educational development.

     However, Chinese education still has its advantage. Such as, Chinese students can get a solid foundation, which would benefit us a lot to learn other knowledge and advanced technology later.

    In a word, I have a tendency that Chinese education is not so satisfactory.

    Although some measures have taken place in recent years, and may hopefully lead to some changes in Chinese education in the near future, we should be fully aware that Chinese education still has a long way to go. I hope that one day our education system will improved greatly.

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