Integrated Lesson Plan Template

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Integrated Lesson Plan Template ...

    Integrated Lesson Plan Template

    Pat Warren Ants Teacher Name: Title of Lesson


    SPED Grade 4 Language Arts, Science, Grade Level: Subject Area(s): and Technology

    Carlin Combined Five days School/District: Time Frame to Elko County complete lesson:

    This lesson plan utilizes an extension menu for differentiated instruction that gives students an opportunity to demonstrate knowledge about ants through different approaches and materials. It was designed to follow the reading selection “Ant” in Delights. This plan is the

    students’ introduction to a menu, so it is expected that they will learn to make choices and to be accountable for completing activities.



     Productivity Tools

    2.3.2 Create a document that demonstrates simple typing and editing skills.

    2.3.6 Create and save files on various storage media.

     Research Tools

    3.3.3 Select information for a research topic or problem from a remote resource.

Life Science

    6.3.1 Investigate and describe how plants and animals have life cycles and require food,

    water, air, and space.

    6.3.2 Investigate, compare, and contrast identifiable characteristics of plants and


     Standards: Writing

    5.4.2 Write organized friendly letters, formal letters, thank you letters, and invitations

    in an appropriate format for a specific audience and purpose.

    5.4.3 Write a narrative or story that moves through a logical sequence of events and

    includes details to develop the plot, characters, and setting.

    6.4.4 Revise drafts to improve meaning and focus of writing by adding and deleting

    words, sentences, and ideas.

    6.4.5 Edit for use of Standard English.

Students will:

    ; Make choices and be accountable for completing activities.

    ; Compare and contrast informative writing and creative writing.

    ; Create a story using acquired facts about ants.

    ; Understand the format and purpose of a business letter.

    ; Create illustrations and sculptures to demonstrate knowledge of the life

    cycle of ants, the structure of ants, and ant nests.

    ; Define key vocabulary words. Objectives: ; Use technology to search for information.

    ; Use technology to type, edit, print, and file documents.

    Formal Assessment:

     Rubric to assess activities

    Informal Assessment:

     Teacher observation to assess students’ reaction to the menu activities, student

    engagement, and level of independence.

     Students’ journal entries responding to the teacher’s questions:

     What did you like about the menu? Why? Assessments: What was your favorite activity? Why?

     What activities would you like on the next menu?

    The students should have basic word processing skills. It helps if they know how to use


    Read “Ant” in Delights individually.

    Read Thinking About Ants to the group and discuss information in the illustrations.

    Introduce An Ant Colony to the class and share several pictures.

    Fill out Fun Ant Facts chart in cooperative groups.


    Knowledge: These lessons took place in the resource room with a group of fourth graders. The initial

    introduction was done whole group. After they chose the activities, they worked

    individually, in pairs, or in collaborative groups.



    Tools and Resources

    The resource room has four computers.

    Number of





    Build a Crossword Puzzle: This is my favorite puzzle maker site. The crossword puzzle

    maker is free. Some puzzles require a subscription.

    Ant Life Cycle: This website shows an illustration of the ant life cycle with a description of

    each stage.

    Ants: This website has a detailed illustration of an ant with the parts labeled. It includes text Internet URL’s: that defines the role of each ant in the colony. There are printables for additional activities.

    Attached are:

     Ants Extension Menu


     Assessment Rubric

    Printed Materials:

    Paper and pencil

    White construction paper

    Colored pencils

    Tempera paintblack, red, blue, and green

    Four pencils with new erasers

    Black pen

    Clay Supplies: Toothpicks

    Pipe Cleaners

    Brennan, Barbara. Thinking About Ants. New York: Scholastic, Inc., 1997.

    Fischer-Nagel, Heiderosa and Andreas. An Ant Colony. Minneapolis: Carolrhoda Books,

     Inc., 1989.

    Hepworth, Cathi. ANTics!. New York: The Putnam & Grosset Group, 1992.

    Stefoff, Rebecca. “Ant.” Delights. Ed. J. David Cooper and John J. Pikulski. Boston: Research Houghton Mifflin, 2005. Materials & Books:



    Day 1: Read/Write Class 45 minutes

     Display the following books: Delights, Thinking About Ants, and An Ant Colony.

     Materials: Ants Extension Menu, paper, pencil, and white construction paper

     Introduce and explain the Ants Extension Menu.

     Give the students a choice between the following RAFTS activities:

     You are ANTonio, the ant nest architect. You are hired to create a new plan for an ant nest.

     Write a letter to the queen ant describing your plan. Tell what each chamber is and how it will be

     used. Draw a plan of your new design and label each chamber.


     You are Queen Ant. You have a new daughter. She must begin her own colony. Write an

     instruction book telling her how to build an ant nest. Draw a picture that shows how your ant nest

     looks. Label each chamber.

Day 2: Read/Write Class 45 minutes

     Materials: Favorite Ant Facts chart, paper, and pencil

     Read ANTics! to the students.

     After reading the book, give each student a list of antics and discuss the meaning of each word.

     The students choose an antic for a main character in an ant story. The story should be fiction, but

     it should have a least five facts from the Favorite Ant Facts chart.

Day 3: Read/Write Class 50 minutes

     Materials: Ants Extension Menu, Delights, Thinking About Ants, and An Ant Colony,

     paper, and pencil

     The students will choose one of the following activities for vocabulary development:

     Create a picture dictionary about ants. The dictionary must have at least five entries and must be

     in alphabetical order. Each entry must include a definition and a picture.


     Create an ant crossword puzzle. The puzzle should have seven clues. Go to the website to create the crossword puzzle. Print the puzzle.

Day 4: Read/Write Class 30-40 minutes

     Materials: Ants Extension Menu, white construction paper, pencil, clay, pipe cleaners, and


     The students will choose one of the following activities:

     Go to the website

     Print the page. On white construction paper, draw the life cycle of an ant and label each stage.


     Go to the website to find a picture of an ant.

     Print page 1. Use the picture to help make a clay model of an ant. Ask the teacher for clay,

     pipe cleaners, and toothpicks. Use the toothpicks to hold the body parts together.

Day 5: Read/Write Class 50-60 minutes

     Materials: Ants Extension Menu, black, red, blue, and green tempera paint, four pencils with new

     erasers, and black pen

     All students will do this activity.

     Create a cover for the ant booklet. Use WordArt to design a title such as Amazing Ants or

     Fantastic Ants. After printing the title, add tempera paint ants to the cover. Use the directions on

     page 85 in Delights.

     While the tempera dries, meet in groups of three students to share activities. Then the

     students write the journal entry assessment. When the tempera paint is dried, the students assemble

     their activities into a booklet.

    Modification for Differentiated Instruction

    Modifications were built into the lesson through choices of activities. Teacher assistance was

    required for editing and revising writing activities.



    The teacher and other students will have to help build vocabulary and understanding. Also,

    the resource books have many pictures. Teacher assistance will be available on the writing

    activities, but the ESL students will have the opportunity to express their understanding

    through illustrations, clay, and tempera paint. ESL:

    Students could create their own RAFTS. They could locate ANTics that are not on the

    teacher’s list and draw pictures that reflect their meaning.


    This was an introduction to a menu. The students were given the opportunity to make

    choices, but two of the activities were required for all the students. The journal entries by the

    students reflected a positive response to using different materials for the lessons.

    This unit is based on the reading selection “Ant” in Delights, a second grade basal reader.

    These activities may need to be adjusted to be suitable for second grade students. Another

    consideration for extending this unit is to use the printables from Enchanted Learning.


    Used by permission from Project Venture, 1998 Technology Innovation Challenge Grant, Phoenix, AZ


    After reading ANTics, Create a picture You are ANTonio, the ant nest ask the teacher for a dictionary about ants. architect. You are hired to list of ANTics. Choose Your dictionary must create a new plan for an ant

    an antic for a main have at least five nest. Write a letter to the character in an ant entries and must be in queen describing your plan. story. Your story alphabetical order. Tell what each chamber is and should be fiction, but it Each entry must how it will be used. Draw a should have at least include a definition and plan of your new design and five facts from your a picture. label each chamber.

    group’s Favorite Ant

    Facts chart.

    Create a cover for your Go to the website

    ant booklet. Use http://www.enchantedlearning.

    WordArt to design a com/subjects/insects/ant/

    title such as Amazing Antlifecycle.shtml FREE

    Ants or Fantastic Ants. Print the page. Draw the life

    CHOICE After printing your cycle of an ant and label each title, add tempera paint stage.

    ants to the cover. Use

    the directions on page

    85 in Delights.

    Create an ant You are Queen Ant. Go to website http://

    crossword puzzle. You have a new

    Your puzzle should daughter. She must subjects/insects/ant/ to find a

    have seven clues. Go begin her own colony. picture of an ant. Print page 1. to the website Write an instruction Use the picture to help you book telling her how to make a clay model of an ant. crossword.htm to build an ant nest. Ask your teacher for clay, pipe create your puzzle. Draw a picture that cleaners, and toothpicks.

    Print a copy. shows how your ant

    nest looks. Label each




ElegANT Ant

    FANTastic Ant

    BrilliANT Ant

    ANTarctica Ant

    EnchANTed Ant

    ImmigrANT Ant

    LieutenANT Ant

MutANT Ant

    SANTa Claus Ant

    UnpleasANT Ant

WANTed Ant

PhANTom Ant

TANTrum Ant

    Rubric for Ant Activities

    Activity Excellent Good Satisfactory Needs


    Business Letter Letter is written Letter is written Letter is written It does not have a specifically to the specifically to the specifically to the clear focus of the queen. It includes queen. It includes queen. It includes purpose. It at least five details three or four fewer that three includes two or to inform and details to inform details. The tone fewer details. persuade. Format and persuade. of the letter is too Student needs is appropriate. Format is friendly. Format is much teacher

    appropriate. appropriate. assistance with the


    Instruction Book Book is written Book is written Book is not written Awareness of specifically to the specifically to the specifically to the audience is not daughter. It daughter. It daughter. Student evident. Book contains at least contains at least has some under- lacks under-

    three sequential two sequential standing of what standing of what steps. steps. happens when a happens when a

    queen begins a new queen builds

    new colony. an ant nest.

    Illustration of Ant Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration

    Nest contains at least contains at least contains at least contains two or the following five four relevant three relevant fewer relevant chambers chambers chambers chambers. Two or accurately labeled: accurately labeled. accurately labeled. more chambers are

     queen and eggs not labeled.




     foodseeds or


    Antics Story Story shows Story shows Story contains a Story shows little unique ideas and creativity. few creative creativity. creativity. Character details. Character Character Character development development does development development relates to the not reflect a clear shows limited relates to the selected Antic. It understanding of understanding of selected Antic. It includes at least the Antic. Used at the Antic. Used meets requirement four ant facts that least three ant two or fewer ant of including at are an integral part facts, but all were facts, and they least five ant facts, of the story. not an integral part were not related to and they are an of the story. the story.

    integral part of the


    Story is well Story has an Story lacks one of Story lacks two of organized with an introduction, body the following: the following: attention-grabbing with adequate introduction, body, introduction, body, introduction, body details, and a or conclusion. or conclusion. with supporting conclusion. Two Four to six errors Seven or more details, and a clear to three errors per per 100 words in errors per 100 conclusion. One 100 words in conventions. words in

    or fewer errors per conventions. conventions.

100 words in


    Picture Dictionary Five relevant Selected five Selected five Four or fewer words are selected words with four words with three words are selected. and arranged in being relevant. All being relevant. They are not

    alphabetical order. arranged in Alphabetical order relevant.

    All definitions are alphabetical order. may contain one More than one meaningful and At least four error. Definitions error in

    written in student’s definitions are are somewhat alphabetical order. own words. meaningful and in unclear but in Definitions are Illustrations reflect student’s own student’s own unclear or copied a clear words. At least words. At least from another understanding of four illustrations three illustrations source.

    the words. reflect a clear show an Illustrations show

    understanding of understanding of limited

    the words. the words. understanding of

    the words.

    Crossword Puzzle Seven relevant Selected seven Selected seven Student shows words are selected. words with six words with five little understanding Definitions are relevant words. relevant words. of a crossword short but Definitions are Definitions need puzzle and needs

    meaningful and lengthy but clarity. Student constant teacher written in student’s meaningful. needs teacher assistance on word own words. Student needs assistance to revise selection, Student needs teacher assistance and requires much definitions, and the limited assistance to revise and teacher assistance computer.

    on the computer. requires some on the computer.

    teacher assistance

    on the computer.

    Life Cycle of Ant The illustration has The illustration has The illustration has Illustration does in order: in order: in order: not contain all egg egg egg stages in order. larvaat least two larvaonly one larva Drawing does not

     to represent pupa pupa reflect an

     molting at adult adult understanding of

     this stage Drawing Drawing does not the shape of each pupa represents shape of reflect an stage.

    adult each stage. understanding of

    Drawing the shape of each

    represents shape of stage.

    each stage.

    Sculpture of Ant The sculpture has The sculpture has The sculpture has The sculpture does all of the the following: the following: not have one of the following: 3 body parts 3 body parts following:

    3 body parts 6 jointed legs 6 legs 3 body parts

    6 jointed legs 2 antennae 2 antennae 6 legs

    2 jointed antennae 2 antennae

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