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    Is having children social imperative

    Society is an organized group of people who interact with one another and form a cohesive unit. In society, people link each other. In reality, society is a huge net of relationship. Children are of course the indispensable part of society. However, what is the role that children play in society?

    Suppose that there were no children in our society, there would not be great paternal love and great mother love, there would not be Childrens Day and so much

    fun brought by children in our daily life. In my opinion, having children is social imperative.

    Primarily children can ease up the dispute between family members. When adults quarrel with each other, maybe just for something trivial, they cannot deal with their relationship well, but children can solve the problem in an easy way because of their innocence. Take the plot we can often watch from the TV for example, parents quarreled with each other and they were reluctant to talk to each other, but the child did not understand what had happened and why they did not talk to each other. Then the child put their hand together and said, “Shake the hands and make friends. At

    this moment, the parent will smile and be on good terms again.

    Moreover, children can maintain the relationship of husband and wife and decrease the divorce rate. From many researches, parents who have children have less possibility to divorce because they have to consider the future of the children. It is helpful to maintain the social order.

    Children are not only influential in families relationship but also significant in

    the view of the whole society.

    People always regard children as the hope of the future. Definitely children has large amount of social value. First of all, children are the motivity of the development of the unborn society, as children will be the labor force of the intending society. With the decreasing birth rate, many countries face the problem of aging population. In society with this problem, the labor force is lacking. There will be a mass of old men require large amount of money to support. The lack of labor force and the increasing cost of welfare will force much pressure on the government and cumber the development of society. At this moment, having children become more crucial for society. The stable and suitable birth rate can provide continually enough labor for society. The problem of aging population indicates the importance of children to the economic development of society.

    Then children are also the continuators of the social traditional culture and the civilization of human beings through nowadays excellent education. When society begins to develop, its culture goes with it. The culture includes social custom, moral criterion and the public opinion and so on. These are the origins of society. The civilization consists of the knowledge of math, language, physics and chemistry and so on. Without these traditional culture and civilization, the society will not continue. Children are able to learn them from adults and hand on. Children are one of the indispensable parts of chain of passing the culture on generation by generation. Children are born to bear the mission to preserve the achievements that human beings

    have made and contribute to develop the society by making use of them.

    Furthermore, children are the new power of innovation and can promote the progress of society. Some studies and the development of the economic or technologies are not the job of just one generation. It may take several generation or more to fulfill the mission. They need cooperation. Each generation gestates a brand-new creativity because the new personalities are different from the old generation. They own their new style. Based on the formers work, they can learn a

    lesson and take a new road. Then everything changes. The newborn things appear continually. They contribute to keep promoting the progress of the society.

    Having children is also significant in terms of keeping society stable. Society has a succession of perfect infrastructure to keeping its normal running. The infrastructure links different kinds of people. The lack of people of one time will lead to uselessness of some parts of the infrastructure and influence the whole development of society. In society, some establishments are devoted to children, such as the kindergarten, childrens wear manufacturing services and toy services. Without children, these industries will discontinue and go bankrupt. It will have bad impact on the economic development of society.

    In a word, children play an important role in the development of society. Thus, having children is social imperative.

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