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    1. Who is your favorite character in the film? Why?

    Hugo. He is very brave and smart. After his father died, he struggled to live and tried so hard to fix the robot, hoping to find some secret message from his father. He tried everything he can to collect the elements of the robot. With his wisdom, in the end, he not only fixed the robot, but also another geniuspapa George, who once lost his purpose and dreams.

    2. In your opinion which character has the biggest development as a

    person in the film? Why?

    Papa George. Because of the war, people saw too much reality and did not want films, he have to give up his career due to no money, in desperate, he gave up his dreams. Luckily, Hugo fixed him, and finely, he found his purpose of life again.

    3. Why do you think the city of Paris and the 1920s time era was

    used in the film? Would you choose another time period and city


    As we all known, Paris is the city of romance, in this film, there were some romantic stories with a happy ending. The 1920s was just after the World War One, and the film business was developing so fast then, so Paris and 1920s era was used in the film. I would choose the 1930s and Shanghai city, China, between the two world war, Shanghai city was the most developed city in Asia, and there were many young Chinese genius

    came bake from abroad, which brought many advanced technologies in every aspect, including films.

    4. Which character did you like the least? Why?

    Uncle Claude. When Hugo became an orphan, he was the guarder of Hugo. He did not do his responsibility to take care of Hugo, besides, he had a work, he should also take care of the clocks in the station, but still addicted with alcohol, and died of it.

    5. In your opinion what is the moral of the movie?

    Every one has purpose to be alive, we should do what we meant to do. If someone loses his purpose, he is just like a broken machine, which is useless. We should take an active part in this world, never like an extra part in a machine,

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