Faiveley Transport India Ltd

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Faiveley Transport India Ltd


Faiveley Transport India Ltd.

    Using CATIA to create world-class products for the railway industry



    A global leader in rail systems and components, Faiveley Transport India required infrastructure

    allowing collaboration with other development centres to design & manufacture products tailored for

    India’s harsh operating environment.


    To provide high-quality complex engineering systems and components, and to allow

    collaboration on multiple 3-D design projects with the group’s other subsidiaries, Faiveley

    Transport India zeroed-in on CATIA.


    Using CATIA, Faiveley Transport India has improved efficiency, and now collaborates with other

    design centres to deliver products that meet global standards and customer expectations of

    customisation and reliability.

“CATIA is a widely accepted PLM solution for the manufacturing industry. CATIA offers a

    flexible and powerful environment for design.” Ch. S. N. Sreenivasa, DGM - Engineering, Faiveley Transport India Ltd.

There is no limitation to using CATIA at Faiveley Transport India. We are using CATIA

    extensively and would like to increase productivity further.”

    R.N.Dube, Senior General Manager- Product Engineering, Faiveley Transport India Ltd.

Providing rail engineering systems across the globe

    Faiveley Transport is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of components,

    advanced braking systems, HVAC systems, and other electro-mechanical and electronic

    systems for the rail industry. Headquartered in France, the company has operations in 13

    countries across the globe. In India, Faiveley supplies brake control systems, air generation

    products, and couplers for the country’s rail network. The company has provided systems for

    Delhi’s Metro system and also offered its technologies to other Metro projects in the country. Faiveley Transport India's abilities can be gauged by the fact that it filed five patents in the

    financial year 2007-08.

Higher efficiency and multi-site project management thanks to CATIA

    Faiveley was quick to realise that clients had greater expectations of reliability, fault tolerance

    and robustness from products meant for use in India. Taking into account India’s harsh

    operating environment and a general apathy towards maintenance, Faiveley turned to

    Dassault Systèmes’ leading 3-D product development solution: CATIA. In India, the company has a team of 40 engineers, 30 of whom use CATIA. CATIA has now replaced the multiple

    software suites in use earlier and also proved to be far more powerful, allowing Faiveley's

    engineers to create complex geometry and process-centric, mathematically precise 3-D

    designs with ease. Engineers are also able to work with Faiveley's other design centres on

    multiple projects at the same time thanks to CATIA's support for multi-site project

    management. With Faiveley's products characterised by complex assemblies and large

    BOMs, it was essential that any solution support associative design, and seamlessly link the

    design and manufacturing stages. CATIA has met all requirements in this regard with its

    excellent management of 3-D modelling hierarchies and support for macros and relations.

    Engineers are now able to deliver flexible designs, making customisation, future changes and

edits easier - 70% of the company's orders require customisation. Manufacturing efficiency

    has also been greatly improved by CATIA's linking of casting and machining processes -

    vendors and suppliers are now provided with 3D or 2D models as required. All this has led to

    Faiveley Transport India being able to provide greater robustness at the design stage itself -

    highly important since the company's low volumes of production cannot provide economies of

    scale. CATIA has also allowed the company to meet the challenges posed by the poor quality

    of source material in India. “There is no limitation to using CATIA at Faiveley Transport India.

    We are using CATIA extensively and would like to increase productivity further,” stated R.N. Dube, Senior GM - Product Engineering. Faiveley's engineers also use CADUA to check for CATIA enables delivery of world-class products errors, enhancing productivity by ensuring that any issues are resolved at the design stage CATIA has allowed Faiveley to deliver highly advanced and over-engineered products that itself. meet global standards, and can withstand the rigours of the Indian operating environment.

    The company has also improved efficiency by increasing collaboration with suppliers and

    allowing flexibility in design. Faiveley's different subsidiaries now also collaborate on multiple

    projects at the same time. “We are working with different people in different countries and

    CATIA is known and used by all," added Dube. Faiveley is also in the process of introducing

    new products such as passenger car HVAC systems into the Indian market, for which it is in

    the process of transferring technology from its other Centres of Excellence to its Hosur works.

    “The next 1.5 years are crucial in terms of future investments,” explained Ch. S. N.

    Sreenivasa, DGM - Engineering.

    EDS Technologies EDS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (EDST) is Dassault Systèmes’ largest PLM partner in India, apart

    from being the country's largest PLM Solutions and Real Time 3-D Visual Simulation provider.

    Established in 1995, the company is headquartered in Bangalore, with offices in Chennai,

    Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai. With over 115 skilled professionals on its rolls,

    EDST provides Indian industry with complete assistance in implementing Dassault Systèmes’

    PLM solutions, with majors from the aerospace, defence, heavy engineering and automobile

    industries among its over 650 clients. The company has been able to meet the PLM

    requirements of its clients thanks to its focus on delivering complete solutions that also meet

    customers' requirements of technical excellence, with its excellent after sales support and

    customer service much appreciated by clients. The company has played a critical role in

    helping Faiveley Transport India transition to CATIA and has been providing consultancy and

    support services for the past two years. “The team has been responsive and has

    good understanding of our applications. The services extended by EDS Technologies have

    been highly professional,commented R. Prabhakaran, Senior Manager ISD, Faiveley

    Transport India Ltd.

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