Paula Begoun

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Paula Begoun

    Paula Begoun

    Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me

    Paula Begoun has sold 2.5 million books on hair care, skin care,

    and makeup, making a lifelong career out of educating women on

    the facts and myths behind the $45 billion beauty industry. She

    advocates smart beauty: looking beautiful doesn’t have to be

    expensive. A well-recognized authority on the beauty industry,

    Paula is commonly referred to as the “Cosmetics Cop,” and is

    known for her irreverent, candid, and enthusiastic style.

    Marveling at how she happened into her role as cosmetics

    consumer advocate, Paula tells the story of how, at 23, she took

    her first job at a department-store makeup counter and learned

    first-hand how customers truly are misled. “I was supposed to sell

    astringents and toners by saying they could close pores. But I

    knew if they could do that, anyone who used these products

    wouldn’t need them! Even more difficult to sell were the anti-

    wrinkle products—the formulations simply didn’t work, and

    companies are still making the same exaggerated claims two

    decades later.” Paula refused to sell products that she knew were

    a waste of money or bad for her customers’ skin. She recommended other product lines when appropriate, or just told people the truth, and was ultimately fired from

    her job. “Since that time I’ve been on a mission to expose the truth behind the beauty ads and the unbelievable

    claims thrown about by the goliath cosmetics industry, from corporate headquarters to cosmetics counter


After more than 25 years of experience and study, Paula bases all of her information on comprehensive

    interviews with dermatologists, oncologists, cosmetic chemists, and cosmetic ingredient manufacturers, as well

    as through extensively researching cosmetic industry magazines and medical journals. Her books, newsletters,

    and online publications are the leading source of valuable, straightforward hair-care, skin-care, and beauty

    information for women, helping them navigate around common misconceptions, outrageous claims, and

    exorbitant costs.

    In 1986 when not one publisher showed interest, Paula self-published her first book Blue Eyeshadow Should be Illegal. “Publishers told me women only want to learn about how to look good from fashion magazines or

    doctors,” says Paula. They were wrong. When Oprah Winfrey got wind of her book, she invited Paula to be a

    guest on her newly national “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” That one appearance generated sales of more than

    150,000 copies and her career as a consumer advocate was launched. She has gone on to write (and self-

    publish) other best-selling books on the beauty industry including Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me, Don’t Go Shopping For Hair-Care Products Without Me, and The Beauty Bible. Paula is also recognized internationally as a consumer expert on the cosmetics industry and has made repeat appearances on CNN,

    The Today Show,” “20/20,” “Dateline NBC,” ABC's “Primetime,” “Oprah,” and “The View.”

A regular speaker at dermatology and cosmetic surgery conferences, as well as seminars for women in

    business, Paula is also a syndicated columnist with Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service, and her weekly “Dear

    Paula” column appears in newspapers across the United States.

In addition, Paula was named one of the top 5 finalists for the 2005 Nellie Cashman Woman Business Owner of

    the Year award. Each year, the Nellie Cashman award is given to honor and recognize one woman business

    owner who has enhanced the status of women entrepreneurs through her vision, perseverance, and fearless,

    relentless leadership in business and the community.

    Paula Begoun

    Upcoming Speaking Engagements

    Baycrest Women’s Toronto, Ontario April 17, Debunking Beauty Myths Health Forum 2007

    Past Speaking Engagements

    Thompson Okanogan Kelowna, BC October Top 10 Beauty Myths: Why Dental Society 2006 You Shouldn't Go to the

    Cosmetics Counter Without


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    for Medical Sciences Cosmetics Counter Without


    Society of Cosmetic Newark, NJ April 2006 Cosmeceuticals: Science,

    Chemists, New York Marketing, or a Little of Both? Chapter

    Fashion Institute of New York, NY April 2006 Masters' Class in Skin-Care Technology Masters' Product Development Class

    Herzl Ner Tamid Mercer Island, April 2006 Skin Care Myth Busting:

    Synagogue Women’s WA Finding Truth in a World of

    Club Fiction University of Seattle, WA March 2006 Being a Woman Business

    Washington Business Leader School’s Women in

    Business Club Alumni


    Beauty 2006 Amsterdam, The March 2006 Solving Skin Care Problems


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Urban Learning Amstelborgh March 2006 What Every Woman Needs to

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    Chapter Better

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