Perfect StartPower Start Dialogue

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Perfect StartPower Start Dialogue

    Booking Dialogues by Lisa Anne Harmonmodified by Kathy Becker

    Perfect Start/Power Start Dialogue Hi_________, this is____________, do you have a quick minute? Great! I’m very excited that I have just

    started my own business with Mary Kay Cosmetics. As part of my training I'm going to be pampering 30 ladies

    to a facial in 30 days. I could really use your help. I promise I know enough not to do permanent damage

    (laugh ?)! What I would love to do is pamper you and a couple of your friends and family to a facial and

    makeover, and as my thanks, you'll receive a special gift. Isn't it fun to receive gifts! Grab your calendar; let's

    set a date. Which would be better for you, beginning of the week, or end of the week? **When possible try to

    bring your customers to our unit meetings and events in the beginning so that you can observe a Director do the

    class and we can sell product for you!! ?

    Turning a Facial Into a Class (After you have scheduled a time say…) You know, _______, it is just as easy for me to do one face as it is to

    do three or four. Do you have any friends that you haven’t seen in a while or that you haven’t had lunch with in a while that you would like to have a pampering session with? Everything is more fun with our girlfriends,

    right? Even better, you would receive some wonderful FREE product just for sharing your pampering session.

    Which is better for you, daytime, evening or weekend? Either way I want you to know that I am coming for


Inviting a Guest

    Hi _________, this is _____________, do you have a minute? Great! I am very excited about an event that is

    coming up this Tuesday. My director has asked me to bring a model for our Skin Care Class (we will be

    modeling the new Spring Looks, whatever). I am looking for someone with (beautiful eyes, red hair, warm

    smile) and I immediately thought of you! You would have the opportunity to have a facial and makeover, and

    then give your opinion of what you liked. I would be so honored if you would model for me; you would have a

    ball. As my thanks you would receive a special gift. Tell me, is there any reason why you couldn't be a model

    for me this Tuesday; I think you'd be terrific!**I will be wearing a skirt and my Mary Kay pin just to let you

    know. If you have a cute outfit that you love that you haven’t worn in a while, this would be a great place to

    show it off! What color do you think you will be wearing so I can pick out a look for you. You are going to

    look great in it! ? SMILE!!!!!

**Then email her directions AND send her a postcard as a reminder and please pick up your guest whenever

    possible. Women like to feel comfortable from the very beginning and it is intimidating to show up to a place

    where you don’t know anyone.

Booking an Interview

    I have decided to move up into leadership in my Mary Kay business, and I’m very excited about it. One step in

    moving up is to select 5 women who love the product (or compliment 'who are outgoing' or 'who are sharp') and

    share the information about the career opportunity with them. I immediately thought of you! You may or may

    not be interested in Mary Kay, and that's OK. I would love to sit and share the facts of our Company with you

    and gain your opinion. Is there any reason why you couldn't help me out? Which would you prefer to do, be a

    model Tuesday evening and receive a makeover, then hear about the company…meet for coffee and sit one on

    one for about 30 minutes…or attend the next event __________? (Offer two of the three choices)

**When booking an interview either in person or over the phone you may want to offer a small gift like a free

    lipstick or lip gloss as a Thank You for her time. Always write a THANK YOU CARD after your appointment

    thanking her for sharing her opinion.

Pre-Profiling your Guests for a Skin Care Class

Remember that you are a PROFESSIONAL and it is your JOB to get to know your potential customers before

    your appointment so that they leave more satisfied and you can make the class successful for the hostess so that

    she is more likely to be a hostess for you in the future, which hopefully will lead to more money in your pocket

    and future bookings if you are PREPARED.

2/3 of the time you will most likely be leaving voice mail messages so your answering machine message will

    sound like this (smile and be upbeat but don’t talk too fast!!):

“Hi _________. My name is Kathy Becker and I know that you don’t know me but I am _________’s friend

    and the Mary Kay consultant that will be at her party on Friday night. I just wanted to call and ask you a couple

    quick questions about your skin type so I know what products to have on hand that night and also I would love

    to know what your color choices are so that I can make up a special GOODIE BAG JUST FOR YOU!!! Please

    give me a call at _________ at your earliest convenience. _________ party starts at 7pm but if you can get

    there at 6:45 you will receive a special hand pampering treatment that you don’t want to miss! If for any reason

    you have an emergency and will be unable to attend, please let __________ know 24-48 hrs. in advance so she

    has time to fill your spot. I really look forward to meeting you and pampering you on Friday night. Talk to you


If you are able to speak with someone LIVE, you will want to ask the following questions from the

    CUSTOMER PROFILE ( you will want to have this in front of you while you are on the phone so it is already

    filed out the night of the class TO SAVE TIME!!):

    ? Have you ever tried Mary Kay products?

    ? What if anything would you change about your skin? (You may then recommend ONE product that

    would address her concern so she can look forward to trying it at the class)

    ? What currently are you using?

    ? Is your skin dry/normal/combination oily?

    ? What are your color choices (pinks, browns, neutrals, etc.) so that I can have a GOODIE BAG ready for

    you that night?

    ? Please know there is no obligation to buy but if you find that you absolutely can not live without

    something, I will have product on hand for you to take home that night so please do a quick bathroom

    inventory to see if you are running low on anything I would be happy to take care of for you.

    ? Please be sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the class so that you can receive a special hand

    pampering treatment.

    ? Please let ____ know if you have an emergency come up 24-48 hours in advance so that she can re fill

    your spot.

    ? I look forward to pampering you!!

Tentative Date Booking Approach

    When someone at a class shares that they are not sure they could book because they don’t know their calendar,

    or if their friends could come, you say this:

    “Well, why don’t we do it this way. I’m sure you would like the hostess to get credit for your appointment,

    right? Let’s set a tentative date, with the understanding, that if we need to change it we can, OK?” As soon as

    you set a tentative date, it ceases to be tentative because you are going to coach it as a firm date.

Correct Booking Approach

    At every skin care class I always select several ladies that I would most like to have as my future hostesses, and

    today I've selected you because (compliment her: you are so outgoing, you look great in the product, you are so

    much fun). Tell me when we get together for your follow-up, is there any reason why you couldn't share it with

    friends, I think you'd be a terrific hostess.


    Correct Booking Approach You know, _________, at every skin care class I choose two women I want to work with most. Today you are

    my first choice. Do you know why? Because you were the most excited person here - and Mary Kay always

    tells us to pick the sparkler because she ignites the room! I love to work with excited people. When we get

    together either for your check-up facial after you get started on your basic skin care, or for you to be in my

    makeover portfolio, why not share your appointment with a couple of friends? I really want to work with you,

    _________. It is obvious you had a great time tonight. When is the best time for us to get together again, next

    Tuesday or Thursday?

    Warm Chatter/Thank You Gift You've been (such a good friend, so helpful at work, terrific helping me pick out this dress, such a support) as

    my thank you I have a gift for you! I am an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics and I

    would love you give you a complimentary facial and a $5.00 gift certificate to spend at your facial. Jot your

    name and number down so we can arrange a time for you to spend your gift certificate. (Have your business

    cards and a pen ready)

     When you call back say… Hi __________, this is _________, with Mary Kay Cosmetics. We met the other day at _______. Thanks

    again for your great service. I'm calling to arrange your pampering session so you can spend your gift

    certificate. Grab your calendar let's set a date.

    Booking a 15 minute appointment This is a great alternative if someone says they are too busy to have a facial or class

    “I would love to stop by for just 15 minutes to show you ____________ (whatever item you have called her

    about, skin care, or lipstick, or fragrance, or whatever is new). You’ll be able to try the product on the back of

    your hand. Would it be better for me to stop over _________ or __________” (offer 2 choices: after work, on

    your lunch hour, before work, in the evening, Saturday morning)

    Booking an E class (or book party) This is a great alternative for someone who lives out of town, or doesn’t want to schedule a skin care class or

    beauty boutique show.

    “How would you like to earn some free products with out having a class? Great. All you have to do is take

    orders from family and friends during the next week, and then you’ll earn $10 of free product for every $100

    you sell. Would you prefer to send an email, and people order from the web page, or would you like to have

    samples and catalogs to take to work”

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