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    Why the western world started the trouble in Tibet

     and was hindering the Relay of Olympic Torch?

    物电系0702 周姗 演讲稿 guided by John

    Good evening, Ladies and Gentleman! May name is Zhou Shan. I come from Inner Mongolia, a beautiful place of China. As a freshman, I feel greatly honored to stand here to make a speech.

    My topic is why the western world started the trouble in Tibet and was hindering the Relay of Olympic Torch?

    Can you still remember the announcement made by Mr. Samaranch in Moscow

    thon July 13, 2001? The 28 Olympic Games is to be held in the city of Beijing. On hearing this news, the whole Chinese people jumped with joy, happiness, laughter and

    applause. Yes, we are proud of China. It tells the world that China is not as weak as before! It shows the world that China is not as poor as it used to be! It indicates that China has a strong influence over the world and has stepped on the world stage!

    In order to host the Games, in order to satisfy both the sportsman and audiences,

    in order to let the world know China, firstly, a special committee has been set up under the direct leadership of the state council, secondly, airports, highways, hotels and stadiums have been built in Beijing, thirdly, in order to communicate with the coming foreign guests and serve them, the whole Chinese people, men or women, old or young, especially many young volunteers are all busy learning English.

     The steps of Olympic Games are drawing nearer and nearer. Now the Olympic torch is being passed from one country to another, from one city to another.

    But Da Lei Lama and his likes supported by the western world made troubles in Tibet and cheated the Tibetans to separate Tibet from our motherland.

    Why does the western world support Da Lei Lama? Is it free for them to do so? What is their purpose?

    As it is known to all, Tibet is part of China since ancient times. They should instigate Da Lei to separate Tibet from our motherland!

    Can Alaska be separated from USA? How about North Ireland? They say

    China violated the Tibetans human rights. As it is known to the world, there are millions of people in China living under the poverty line. Has the western world given

    them any aid? There are thousands upon thousands of children in China who cant

    afford schooling. Do they have them enjoy free education? Instead, these countries


just invaded, robbed and bullied China! Its not difficult to find that the main

    countries in the western world are the late generations of the notorious joint forces

    of 8 nations at the beginning of last century.

    t caring bout the Chinese peoples human rights. They are shedding They are no

    crocodile tears!

    Their real purpose isnt for the human rights of the Tibetans, but for their own

    interests. As Olympic Games can bring China good fame and huge financial benefits, they envy the rapid progresses made by China, they are afraid of being caught up with

    by China, they fear that China will become a world power. So they try to destroy Beijing Olympic Games, separate Tibet from out motherland, devastate the sovereignty of China and finally rule the whole Chinese people!

    So, as I have pointed out previously, what they have been doing is not for our

    Chinese people but for themselves. We should make their plot known to all the people throughout the world!

    As citizens of the world, we should defend peace and development and guarantee the hosting of the Olympic Games in Beijing. As citizens of China, we should defend

    the sovereignty of our motherland and be alert to stop anything bad for the Olympic Games. As college students of China, by using pens and mouths, we should appeal to people both at home and abroad, to expose the western worlds plot and do anything

    we can to defend our motherland and ensure the smooth performance of Olympic Games in Beijing!




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