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The contractor must provide information regarding its independence with respect to the reporting entity/reporting entities and its quality control

    Request for Proposal

    Annual Financial Statement Audit

    FYs 20XX, 20XX, etc.

    Name of your Agency


    For x (x) Reporting Entity(ies)


The offeror will be selected based on a best value decision.

    This means that the offeror’s past performance and relevant experience, technical approach, and staff qualifications

    are most significant than cost. The following provides

    information on the factors and how they are weighted:

    Selection Criteria/Method of Award

    Factor One (xx%)


    Limit to xx (xx) pages in total

Offerors will be evaluated based on their past performance

    and experience performing Federal Government financial

    statement audits for the past x(x) years. The offeror

    should provide the name(s) of the audited entity and the

    FY(s) audited and explain any complicated or unique

    accounting and auditing issues associated with these audits.

    Along with discussing the specific issues associated with

    these audits, the offerors must also explain their audit

    experience in the following areas which are considered

    essential to this task order (in order of importance):

    ? This section should contain the areas pertinent to

    your agency and should be listed in the order of

    importance to your agency. Examples follow.

    ? Consolidated financial statements of an Executive

    Department or Federal agency with a

    decentralized/centralized bureau/component structure,

    or, financial statements of a large, complex Federal


    ? Test of Information Systems (IT) Control Environment

    (including reviews of general and application controls

    and penetration testing).

    ? Federal Grant Accounting.

    ? Actuarial Accounting.

    ? Revolving Funds or Working Capital Funds.

    ? Performance and Accountability Reports (or

    Accountability Reports).

    ? Agreed-Upon Procedures for xxx.

    ? Audits of Independent Service Organizations as

    required by SAS No. 70.

    ? Etc.

Offerors will provide information on their past performance

    or efforts on contracts they have performed on the last xx

    years that is similar to this effort.

Failure to address all of these areas will result in a

    reduction of your Technical Proposal’s score.

For each of the FY 20XX audits discussed in the offeror’s

    proposals, the name address, telephone number, and fax

    number of COTRS must also be provided. The COTRS may be

    contacted by the Technical Evaluation Panel and asked the

    following question:

    How would you evaluate the contractor’s overall

    performance for audits performed for FY 20XX,

    including quality of service, quality of staff, and

    timeliness of performance?

    Factor Two (xx%)


    Limit to xx (xx) pages in total

    Under this factor, offerors will be evaluated based on:

    1. Their overall and specific technical approach,

    along with their understanding of the specific

    issues and risks relating to each of the separate

    tasks. Offerors are not expected and should not

    completely reiterate or delineate the joint

    GAO/PCIE FAM. Rather, offerors are expected to

    present their overall understanding of the FAM,

    demonstrate their understanding of the specific

    issues and risks associated with each task, and

    present their audit approach and methodology for

    the material account balances for the reporting

    entity. In addition, the offerors must discuss

    how their technical approach will be tailored to

    meet the accelerated due dates.

    Offerors should also demonstrate their

    understanding of current accounting and auditing

    issues (i.e., pending changes to FASAB accounting

    and GAO auditing standards, and OMB guidance)

    that may affect the audit of the reporting entity.

    2. Their proposed estimates of time (by labor

    category and labor hours) to complete the four

    phases of the audit (planning, internal control,

    testing, and reporting). (Note: the labor hours

    must be the same as provided in the separate cost


    Note: If your SOW has separate tasks, please add the

    following sentence.

    Offerors must separately address each task (Task X through

    Task X) of this task order.

    Factor Three xx (xx%)


    Limit to xx (xx) pages in total of which no more than x (x)

    may be used for an overall narrative discussion

    Offerors will be evaluated on their ability to immediately provide staff that are experienced, qualified, and trained and who have the appropriate levels of security clearances (if necessary). Consideration should be given to providing staff that has demonstrated experience in performing complex audits and in the areas considered essential for this task order (see Factor One (1)).

    (Choose from one or both of the following per your agency requirements.)

(Top Secret Option)

    All personnel assigned to the audit of the Consolidated Department of XXX reporting entity must have a top-secret clearance or an interim top-secret clearance by the time they start work on the audit. And, at a minimum, key personnel (partner, senior manager, manager, and senior) must have a top-secret clearance or an interim top-secret clearance at the time of the proposal.

(NACI Option)

    All personnel assigned to the audit of the Consolidated Department of XXX reporting entity must have a NACI (National Agency Check and Inquires), a NACI in process, or a current clearance issued by a Federal government agency at the time they start work on the audit. And, at a minimum, key personnel (partner, senior manager, manager, and senior) must have a NACI at the time of proposal.

    For the reporting entity to be audited under this task order, please provide a schedule of all staff that would in fact be assigned to the audit that includes the information listed below:

    1. Name.

    2. Labor Category.

    3. Whether the person is a key personnel on this task.

    4. Professional Certifications (CPA, CGFM, CISA, etc.)

    and advanced degrees.

    5. Total years of Federal government financial statement

    audit experience.

    6. Total years employed by the offeror.

    7. Current security clearance level, date of clearance,

    and agency granting clearance.

    8. Years and brief description of Federal government

    financial statement audit experience in the last three

    (3) years in the areas considered essential to this

    task order (see Factor One (1)).

Individual resumes will not be accepted in lieu of this

    schedule. However, for each individual proposed, a one (1)

    page summary of additional relevant experience may be

    submitted for consideration.

    Factor Four (0%)


    The contractor must provide information regarding its

    independence with respect to the reporting entity/reporting

    entities and its quality control procedures. Each of the

    following items must be addressed, including negative


    ? A statement that the firm is independent with respect

    to the reporting entity/each of the reporting entities. ? All work, including non-audit services, with the

    reporting entity/each of the reporting entities in the

    past two (2) years (including the type of services

    provided, the period covered, and the results). In

    addition, the contractor shall briefly describe all

    services for which the contractor is planning to

    perform or has proposed to perform for the reporting

    entity/these reporting entities.

    ? Any lawsuits with the reporting entity/these reporting


    ? Any relationships with the reporting entity/these

    reporting entities that could impair independence. ? Explanation of the firm’s current internal quality

    control system, including such items as workpaper

    review procedures, staff independence requirements,

    and continuing professional education requirements. ? A copy of the contractor’s most recent peer review

    report, related letter of comments, and the

    contractor’s response to those comments. If the peer

    review report is more than one (1) year old, the

    contractor must also discuss the results of the

    contractor’s most recent internal inspection program

    or equivalent. This discussion shall include the date

    of the report, the period of the report, and the


    Factor Five (0%)


The factors for past performance and relevant experience,

    technical approach, and staff qualifications are

    significantly more important than cost/price. While

    cost/price is a substantial factor and will be considered

    in the evaluation and selection for award, cost/price is

    less important than the other factors. Cost/price will not

    be point scored or otherwise rated. Cost/price will be

    considered and evaluated in determining the overall best

    value and interest to the Government.

    The Offeror's Technical and Cost Proposal must demonstrate a clear understanding of the nature and scope of the work required. Failure to provide a realistic, reasonable and complete Technical and Cost Proposal may reflect a lack of understanding of the Statement of Work requirements and may result in a determination that the Offeror is technically unacceptable. Generally speaking, "generic" information may score lower than information "well tailored" to the selection factors.

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