Completing USMLE Step 3 & Applying for NYS - HOW DO I COMPLETE

By Darlene Powell,2014-05-07 10:43
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Completing USMLE Step 3 & Applying for NYS - HOW DO I COMPLETE


You must apply to take your USMLE step 3 examination at the same time you apply for

    your New York State license.

    Follow these steps to apply to take your USMLE step 3:

    ? Go to

    ? Click on examination services on the left side of your screen

    ? Click on step 3 homepage (assuming you’ve taken steps 1 and 2 (both CK & CS)

    ? Print Bulletin of Information; this also includes the paper application

    ? Review Frequently Asked Questions (left side of screen)

    ? Fee for step 3 = $655

    ? Complete either the paper application or register online

    o Registering online? Then pay by credit or debit card

    ? If using the paper application, mail to Federation of State Medical Boards,

    Attention: Examination Services, 400 Fuller Wiser Road, Suite 300, Euless, TX


    o Mail either by certified mail receipt or use an overnight carrier

    o Include your check addressed to FSMB, sign, and include your USMLE # and

    social security number on your check

    o Include certification of identify

    ? Once your application is registered and eligibility status approved, a Scheduling

    Permit notification email will be sent to you at the email address you provided on

    your application.

    o Your Scheduling Permit will outline your assigned eligibility period and will

    include specific information for contacting Prometric to schedule your test

    date(s) at the test center of your choice.

    o Note when contacting Prometric you will need your Scheduling Number.

    o For information on locations and to schedule, go to

Follow these steps to apply for your New York State License:

To be licensed as a physician in NYS, you must be a United States citizen or an alien

    lawfully admitted for permanent resident in the United States (Permanent Resident

    Card/INS I-551 Status/”Green Card”)

    Go to to find further information on general requirements and also on obtaining limited permits. The instructions provided here are for those who are citizens/permanent residents and graduated from a LCME or

    AOA school.

If you graduated from a NYS- registered or LCME- or AOA-accredited medical program,

    you must complete at least one year of postgraduate hospital training in an accredited

    residency program approved by the ACGME, the AOA, or the Royal College of

    Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.


? Go to

    ? Click on M (profession name begins with)

    o Scroll to see Medicine Physician

    o Open Medicine forms 1, 2, 2PGT and print all and complete following the


    ? If you did not graduate from a NYS medical school, then you will have to enclose

    proof that you completed child abuse coursework

    o Need to register for a child abuse course? Call 242.0900 or 877.446.6232

    X3371, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

    ? Mail form 1 to New York State Education Department, Office of the Professions,

    Fee Section, Division of Professional Licensing Services, 89 Washington Avenue,

    Albany, NY 12234-1000

    o Send with check payable to New York State Education Department for $735.

    ? Mail form 2 to your medical school registrar’s office for completion of page 2.

    o Your medical school registrar will send to the New York State Education

    Department directly

    ? Complete form 2PGT and give to your program director for completion of page 2.

    The GME Office will provide the University of Rochester seal, keep a copy in

    your GME file, and mail directly to the New York State Education Department.


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