Page 2 Read and do not add to the script

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Page 2 Read and do not add to the script

    . represent bullets

Page 1

    .First, I’d like to thank ________ for sharing her friends with me today. To show my appreciation I’d

    like to give-- : and as a special gift she will also get to purchase (*pre determine your discount / incentives e.g. $75 of

    great Mk products for $35 or 100 for 50 plus / or 10 % of the sales today in free product and 15 % with two bookings and 20% with 2 bookings . Today we are going to do a special hand treatment, skin care and a light glamour look for the hostess /

    winner and at the end I will talk to everyone individually to answer any questions you may have about

    the product or your skin and also book your second appointment where you will receive your full

    glamour makeover with colors suited to your wardrobe, lifestyle and application types according to your

    face and eye shape. Isn’t it great to try before you buy? . Let’s start by going around the table to introduce yourselves, and tell me a little bit about you, your work, family or what you would like to learn at the class.

    . With Mary Kay you get to try before you buy using clean samples and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


    . Now, is everyone ready for Satin Hands?

Page 2 Read and do not add to the script.

Page 3 Read only bullet #1 and add Mary Kay won many prestigious awards and was also recognized as

    the greatest female entrepreneur in American History.

    . Mary Kay is a simple business. You can just flip, read and squirt. You will hear more later

Page # 4

Read bullet # 1 and tell ONLY ONE THING that appealed to you about Mary Kay .

Read bullet #4 Flip


I’d like to share a couple of quick facts about out products, so that you are totally comfortable trying

    them. First we have been #1 in the US for the past 14 years. Isn’t that reassuring to be on a winning team?


    1. We have top quality products. We put money into ingredients and research rather than advertising.

    Our products are clinically tested by a team of scientists and dermatologists. What is says on the

    box….it will do. Fragrance free, unless otherwise stated. They are safe for sensitive skin and aren’t

    tested on animals. Our products are also non-comedogenic, which means they won’t clog your pores.

    Isn’t it also great to know they are PH balanced for your skin? (There are more great beauty products on the

    market today, but let me compare Estee Lauder and Mary Kay for 2006. For that year sales for Estee Lauder were 2.7 billion and for Mary

    Kay 2.3 billion. What is interesting when you compare these two great lines with each other, is that Estee Lauder owns over 15 brand names

    while Mary Kay is just one brand.)

THE SECOND REASON is we are #1 in service. Our goal to keep you happy. Who here owns a drawer

    full of beauty mistakes? Our products are 100% guaranteed either for exchange or refund which I

    mentioned earlier. Did you know about Mary Kay’s 100% guarantee before? I also follow up at regular

    intervals to make sure you are happy!!

THE THIRD REASON is we are #1 for value. You will be thrilled about the quality and excited about

    the service, but the bottom line is…how much is it going to cost??? I’m happy to let you know that we are

    less expensive than department store brands and last 4-6 months making it very cost effective.


We all want beautiful skin, right!! Mary Kay develops it skin care to work with the natural process of

    your skin. Now, I’d like you to pick up your mirror and take a close look at your skin. Pay attention to the things you already like about it and want to keep and things you would like to change.

    What do you notice about your skin’s radiance, pore size, evenness of color, softness, any fine lines, or


    Now think about this… How old you are is your business…how old you look is mine. Are you excited to know that what we will do over the next 30-40 minutes will only take you 2-3 minutes in the morning and

    again at night before you go to bed. You will see results right away, in 3 days, 3 week, and 3 months. It

    costs about the same as a cup of coffee or a can of pop a day.

    No…if you were told that you could slow down the aging process of your skin and keep it healthy by

    drinking a can of pop each day, wouldn’t you decide that would be a great investment?


Who here would like a Miracle on their face?

    Pictured here is our five-step miracle set which delivers healthier and younger looking skin. Take a look at the statistics at the bottom of the page. Could you get excited about these?

    83% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

    100% had softer, more supple skin

    46% saw an improvement in more even skin tone

    Isn’t that great? We are the only company that has their skin care system, as an entire set clinically tested. This 5-step program is called Miracle Set because of the clinical testing.

What are the benefits of the Miracle Set?

    The Timewise 3/1 Cleanser, Moisturizer and Foundation from the set;

    Cleanse to remove dirt, makeup and impurities Hold the containers up and romance the Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells like you are in love with it Freshen to tone your skin and refine your pores

    Moisturizer to hydrate dry, or oily, combination skin to keep it soft and supple

    Protects evens out your skin tones as well as creates a barrier from outside pollution

    When you add the Day/Night which completes the set; it smoothes, helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, firms, softens, energizes, rebuilds and delivers a flawless look.

Doesn’t that motivate you to get started on the full set today??


Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover; it gently removes eye makeup and mascara while

    conditioning you lashes and skin in the eye area. The skin around your eyes is 7-10 times weaker than the skin on the rest of your face. So, it is important to use something gentle to remove eye makeup. Also remember to work from the outside in so that you are not stretching your skin in the eye area and causing lines/wrinkles to form. Use a cotton pad as it uses less product.

    (I also do satin lips, but it is your choice)

Are you ready to see the Miracle Set in action? Lip mask

    Dampen your face with the face cloth. Massage the cleanser between 2 or 3 of your fingers for a few seconds to warm the vitamins so they are ready to work on your skin. Apply in an upward, outward motion. The pink or purple beads in your cleanser exfoliate, giving you a gentle exfoliation morning and night. When finished remove with a wet face cloth, rinse and go over your face the second time to make sure you remove all of the cleanser Can you feel the microbeads working? Your skin is being treated to outstanding removal of foundation and build up of dead surface skin cells, dirt and pollutants that make your skin look less radiant.

    You will notice your skin looking brighter. It contains Vitamin E and other botanicals that speed up the skin’s renewal process. Do satin lip balm.

    PAGE 9


    Pretend that you have a centre line down the middle of your face. Apply the day solution to 1/2 of your face. These products are great for your neck as well. See the bright white bottle? Think of it as the sun and apply it daily. Isn’t is reassuring to know that the Day Solution with SPF 25 helps prevent and repair skin damage and uneven coloration by protecting and shielding the skin from both UVA and UVB rays? And, how about this, it contains calming peptides that relax expression lines and soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

NIGHT SOLUTION (on back of hand)

    The night solution delivers amino peptides to help fade away lines and wrinkles and if you

    don’t have any yet, it is like preventative medicine. See the 3 colors of beads in the product? Think of them as stars in the sky, so you remember to use it at night. The beads are Nutribead Microcapsules that burst open when you dispense them through the pump to deliver fresh antioxidants, Vitamin C, A, and E every time you use the product. Apply a dot on the back of their hand.


Read as is and the add:


    These rich, luxurious creams dramatically reduce lines and wrinkles that aren’t so funny. Dot

    a little on the orbital bone and then pat in with your ring finger.


Okay, now it is time to apply your foundation to even out your skin tone and to protect your

    skin from pollutants in the air. Apply it with your fingertips over your entire face. Spread

    across on your forehead, pat sparingly under the eye area, as you don’t want too much in the

    eye area. Come down on the nose and pat going down over the rest of your face.

Mary Kay’s foundation is light and silky. It also contains Vitamins C, A and K.

Medium Coverage light weight, oil free and absorbs oil for at least 8 hours

    Full Coveragelight weight, oil free, hydrates for up to 6 hours Both are longwearing and transfer resistant.

    If you have the right color of foundation, it will disappear on your skin.

    If you have the right formula of foundation, it will not feel heavy.

    When we get together for your second appointment for color, we will make sure that we have

    selected the best formula and color for you and make any necessary changes.

    At you second appointment we will work with concealor, highlighters, powder

     And try the tinted moisturizer with sunscreen.

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