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    Chinese and Western education

    Education emphasis

    Chinese education focuses on the knowledge to accumulate and indoctrinate, on how

    students use and manage the knowledge they learned in school , and on how to understand the knowledge system and structure. In Chinese education, Chinese think it is basic to have calculation skills so everybody has to remember the entire concept. So, from elementary school to high school you are not allowed to use a calculator.

    Western education care more about how students use knowledge in society. It lets student challenge the knowledge, animadvert ideas, and focus on, exploit or create knowledge. American education focuses on improve student assuredness, self-determination, independence, and Chinese education focuses on strictness and preciseness.

    Education method

    The Chinese traditional education method is a type of education in, which people repeat what the book says and imbue the child with it. It emphasizes mechanical memorizing. Therefore, the Chinese guardians most like seeing the child sit in front of the desk, either reciting with his head wagging, or bending over the desk doing exercises. The eyes do not leave the books; the hands do not leave the books. “Dig into books of saints oblivious of what is happening outside”. Load the stomach with ancient's knowledge and sage's experience without knowing whether they can be digested or not.

    The west emphasizes the child’s “power of understanding”. They like letting the child practise by himself, going to the nature, seeking the knowledge from life. Their study resides in many kinds of forms. The western family has the special cooking class, the hardwork class and the playroom. They do not think that play and study are conflicting with each other, and encourage the child to study outside, pay great attention to the child’s ability to ponder.

Education goal

    Foreign education is not the preparation for earning their living, but for survival. “The learned education” has the value of molding one’s mind, one kind of value which has nothing to do with the utility or the occupation consideration.

    The Chinese parents care about the reputation in educating the child. Educating the child to become a useful person is their achievement, but if not, the parents feel shameful. The education's goal is for earning their living, for honor

    The choice of college

    When the Chinese child goes to college, his comparison is more intense. If he studies in

    Qinghua, Beijing University, or other famous universities, his parents will take a pride in him; if he has not been matriculated in a famous university, he will feel sad and ashamed of facing relatives. Above all, we can know Chinese put their faces in the first place.

    The Western children choose the college according to their own likes, instead of taking famous or top collegeas the decision factor.

    The value of education

    The Chinese teachers think the value of education is studying for entering a higher school, they only ask the child to study attentively, without bothering about other things. So the childern

    s consciousness of all-round development is faint and they have no opportunity to develop and enhance their qualities in many aspect. The Chinese parents place their hopes on the child, the sense of responsibility for education is overloaded. The unsuitable extending of guardian role, the replacements of the child to arrange everything in daily life, to stipulate the study content. and to settle the development direction.

    The western parents pay great attention to raising children's independent consciousness since childhood. He solves some problems all by himself. They leave the child an opportunity of undergoing a process of tempering. Let the child learn how to make a living since childhood, have the strong physique,the quality of bearing hardships and standing hard work, and good psychological quality, thus moves towards life with perfect composure. Such independent individuality causes the child to pay great attention to individual ability and the struggle when he moves towards the society.

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