Nicole Fetingas

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Nicole Fetingas

    Nicole Fetingas

    Outline for Persuasive Speech

    Instructor: Jowi

Title: Mary Kay Cosmetics

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the benefits of Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Central Idea: Mary Kay products are easy to use, provide your skin with the essential

    skin care elements, and protect your skin from everyday abuse.

    Pattern of Organization: Problem-Solution


Open with Impact/Attention Getter: When you are invited to celebrate your best

    friend’s birthday, or while you are shopping for Christmas presents do you ponder on what to buy? Do you know one of those people that have everything, and it is impossible

    to find a gift for them that they can actually use and appreciate? Well I have a perfect

    solution for those gift buying problems, Mary Kay.

    Speaker Credibility Statement: I have been a Mary Kay beauty consultant for a little less than a year. I absolutely love their products, and it lets me become my own


Connect with Audience: Mary Kay is not limited to just make-up. We sell a men’s line

    of products, fun kid’s stuff, and any kind of skin care management product that you can

    think of. You can avoid the hustle and bustles of malls by ordering right from your home,

    and within a week it will be delivered to you. How simple is that? College can be a very

    stressful time in a person’s life. College can take up a lot of your time. Who needs to

    spend extra time to buy gifts?

    Preview Statement: The outdoors and everyday hassles can be very hard on your skin. I know that you really are not that concerned with aging yet, but if you start taking proper

    care of your skin now it will not be as much of a concern when you get older. You need

    to start by learning the dangerous causes wrinkles, and what to do to prevent them, along

    with some Mary Kay products that will assist you in protecting your skin.


    I. Causes of premature aging.

    1. The number one cause of wrinkles is the sun (Arpel pp. 17).

    2. Dry skin influences early aging (www.rci,, 22 May, 2001).

    3. Just being rough on your skin is a big contribution. If you begin noticing

    these things now you will be one-step ahead in the future.

    (Transition Statement) Like the products Mary Kay makes, we take the time to understand you so we can develop products that truly meet your needs. What is great

    about Mary Kay is that you can try each one of our products before you buy them, and all

    of our products are backed with a one hundred percent guarantee.

II. Healthy Skin

    1. Healthy skin is beautiful skin.

    2. Mary Kay has more than 37 years of experience helping women achieve that

    goal (, 22 May, 2001).

    3. One reason for our success is that we can customize a skin care routine that is

    simple and is sure to fit your specific skin type.

    4. For your skin to look its best you must:

    a. Cleanse to remove make-up and any other dirt (Mary Kay, 2000).

    b. Exfoliate to remove dead and dull skin cells.

    c. Freshen to refine pores as well as tone and tighten your skin (Mary

    Kay, 2000).

    d. And one of the most important steps is to moisturize to help your skin

    hydrate itself (Parenting, 2000).

    e. Last after you have completed the first four steps you need to protect

    your skin from the environment (Parenting, 2000).

(Transition Statement) Let’s take a look at how Mary Kay’s TimeWise products stand

    up to these requirements. After two weeks of using TimeWise there is clinical proof that

    it improves skin softness by 30%, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by

    17%, and by 11% it increases skin firmness (Mary Kay, 2000).

    II. 3-in-1 Cleanser

    1. You will want to use the cleanser every morning and evening to wash

    away any impurities that lie on your skin.

    2. As you wash the 3-in-1 Cleanser covers your skin in retinoid, a vitamin A

    derivative (Mary Kay, 2000).

    3. As you massage your face in an outward motion blue microbeads begin to

    dissolve releasing vitamin A and E derivatives that provide your skin with

    anti-aging benefits (Mary Kay, 2000).

    4. At the same time the green microbeads exfoliate dull surfaces (Mary Kay,


    5. If you have sensitive or oily skin you may want to try the Gentle

    Cleansing Cream, Creamy Cleanser, or the Deep Cleanser.

    6. No matter what your skin type is Mary Kay has the best products to serve

    your needs.

(Transition Statement) The 3-in-1 Cleanser is easy and convenient. Students do not

    have a lot of time to take care of their skin properly. We have combined the first three

steps, cleansing, exfoliating, and freshening in one simple action. After you finish the

    first few steps you can move to the forth step to healthy skin, moisturizing.

    III. TimeWise Moisturizer

    1. This advanced moisturizer brings you multiple visible anti-aging benefits

    (Mary Kay, 2000).

    2. It is contains no oil to add to already oily skin (Mary Kay, 2000).

    3. This formula absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft and fresh.

    4. Plus it is proven to keep your skin hydrated up to ten hours (Mary Kay,


    5. It is very simple to use. Just apply to your face and neck after washing

    with the 3-in-1 Cleanser using outward strokes.

    6. While the moisturizer absorbs it gives your skin the benefits of botanicals

    plus vitamin E to keep your youthful look (Mary Kay, 2000).

    7. Mary Kay also offers several other moisturizing lotions such as:

    a. Enriched Moisturizer- for dry skin (Celebrate, 2000).

    b. Balancing Moisturizer-for normal to combination skin (Celebrate,


    c. Oil Control Lotion-to gains control over blemishes (Celebrate,


    d. Daily Protection Moisturizer with a sunscreen protection factor

    of 15 (Celebrate, 2000).

    (Transition Statement) After you treat your skin to TimeWise Moisturizer it will thank you. There are a lot of things that contribute to harming your skin. The sun, dirt, and

    indoor lighting, believe it or not, aren’t the best things to expose your skin to. So you

    have to protect it from potentially damaging particles. . The last step to healthy skin is to

    protect (Mary Kay, 2000).

    IV. Day Radiance Foundation

    1. Foundation shields your skin from the harmful factors of the environment

    while covering minor blemishes, and giving your skin an overall color and

    flawless look.

    2. Just for you, Mary Kay has four different foundations to meet your skin


    a. Day Radiance Foundation with sunscreen SPF 8 for dry skin

    (Celebrate, 2000).

    b. Day Radiance Foundation with SPF 8 for normal combination

    skin (Celebrate, 2000).

    c. Day Radiance oil-free foundation for oily skin (Celebrate, 2000).

    d. Crème-to-powder foundation for all skin types (Celebrate, 2000).

    (Transition Statement) After your skin is fully protected you will want to have fun with your new look. The final step to a flawless look would be to add color. Mary Kay has

    several selections and color to choose from.


    Signals the end and reaffirms the main points: I hope that you have learned the fundamentals of skin care. Remember, if you want to be that girl with great looking skin

    to cleanse, exfoliate, freshen, moisturize, and protect.

Reinforce central idea: Mary Kay products are easy to use, provide your skin with the

    essential skin care elements, and protect your skin from everyday abuse.

Close with impact: If you would like to schedule skin care class, want to see the men’s

    line, or any you would like to sample some of our cosmetics let me know. If you have

    any questions on what to buy Mom for her birthday or Christmas feel free to ask, because

    you are not getting any younger.


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