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     08503 鞠娅

    More Respect For Peasants

    Recently, a part of our campus has been under construction. In order to finish the project as soon as possible, the workers do the job day and night. So it is not unusual that you see several guys in rags stroll down the road when walking past the canteen or dormitory which is close to the construction site. Not long ago, a friend of mine told me that her cell phone was stolen by a peasanty man while she was ordering dishes in the school canteen. After hearing this, a strong sense of insecurity has grown in my heart.

    Once, while I was waiting at the elevator gate, a peasant worker came and stood next to me. For no reason, I backed a few steps to keep distance from him. He didnt see or affected

    not to see. I heard some steps from behind came toward me, hesitated for a second and chose to take the stairs. Finally only the man and I got into the elevator when it came down. Immediately the door was closed, I stood still close to the door, eager to get out of the sealed room earlier. Part of me pretended to be calm, but the other part of me was in anxiety. My eyes focused on the rising numbers, my legs were ready to flee as soon as the door had a chink. In the corner of my eyes, he showed no nervousness, stayed in one corner. With the sound of arriving, the door opened, I relaxed. Now I am wondering why I felt like it was an adventure although nothing happened.

    I admit that such feeling is due to an unfair attitude toward those peasants, but would you also have a feeling like that? On a train, for example, if your sitmate wears clean and neat, like an office man, your precautions will be less, but if a peasanty man wearing dirty clothes and bad smell sits beside you, you may force your nerves and muscles against him, on the alert of what he would do. If so, I think you and I both have labeled these people as a kind of immoral men like thieves or robbers. Do we dislike them because of their dirty

     08503 鞠娅

    clothes or their tough work?

    I suppose I wouldn’t change my mind until I met her——a garbage collector. Once

    more, I was waiting for the lift, with 8 thick books in my arms, I could barely hold them. When it came up, there was a woman in it who clutched a big garbage bag, she saw me carry so many books which were likely to drop onto the ground next second. Without many words, she sought out a black plastic bag which seemed strong enough to hold these books. I hesitated and accepted her bag and thanked for her kindness. Suddenly, I realized that these peasants are also common people. When you are in trouble, theyll do you a favor if they are

    able to, just like other nice people around us.

    Many of the peasants are working industriously with sweat and toil. they are the foundation stones of our society. Without them, I can hardly imagine what the city will be like. However, whats a satire thing, the more work they did, the less respect the have. Because some of them who want to reap without sowing all the time have ruined their fame. In fact, the peasants are the weak, underprivileged, the poor in the social environment because they dont receive much education. Although tough work almost exhausts their physical strength, the pay is pitifully little. Most time, they dont know how to protect their

    rights in a legal way. They resist the unfair treatment rationally, gain little sympathy but more prejudice. Personally, I want to call for more respect, more attention to those peasants, they are an integral part of our life.

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