New Concept Skin Care Boutique

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New Concept Skin Care Boutique

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    Marianne Zullas

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    Marianne Zullas Customized Skin Care Offers

    Exclusive, Food-Grade Quality Products

    Brookline, Mass., May 6, 2008 Responding to the growing demand for organic skin care treatments, Marianne Customized Skin Care, located in the Coolidge Corner Arcade at 318 Harvard Street in Brookline, has become the only boutique in

    Massachusetts to use Starflower Essentials, a line of high-quality organic products, in its facials.

After a wide-ranging search and extensive testing, Marianne Zullas, the founder and

    operator, selected Starflower Essentials because its unique, food-grade quality products provide organic beauty and wellness for all skin types.

    “I’ve seen the immediate results that the Starflower products can bring, and I’m eager to share them with my clients,” said Ms. Zullas, whose mission is to provide clients with

    personal attention and customized treatments to meet their skin care needs. “For over

    two decades, Starflower Essentials has been a trusted source of herbal formulas, pure ingredients, and essential oils, which distinguishes it from many of the other organic

    product makers,” she added.

    Marianne Zullas Customized Skin Care offers an alternative to the cookie-cutter approach to skin care favored by big spas and busy hair salons. Each client receives a

    deep skin evaluation and consultation about all the factors affecting skin health,

    including lifestyle and mindset, and a treatment designed to meet his or her individual

    needs. In addition to the new organic facials, clients can take advantage of the cutting-

    edge technology of Ultimate Ultrasonic Skin Care and specialized treatments for age-

    management, sun-damaged skin, acne, and rosacea.

    Marianne Zullas Customized Skin Care also offers a botanical soy-based hair removal system, a unique alternative to standard waxing. This product, combined with a special

    technique perfected in Ms. Zullas’s native Brazil, allows clients to enjoy the benefits of the Brazilian Bikini without unnecessary discomfort.

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