New Consultant Info The ABCs of Networking, Sponsoring and Goal

By Crystal Rodriguez,2014-05-12 16:15
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New Consultant Info The ABCs of Networking, Sponsoring and Goal

    New Consultant Info

     The ABC's of Networking,

    Sponsoring and Goal Setting

    NETWORKING, SPONSORING & GOAL SETTING Decide and affirm who you want as clients and business partners. What qualities do they have? A) NETWORKING The life-blood of our business - Commit to getting 2 leads a day. Networking is a state of mind! Only through practice does it become second nature and effortless. Here are some networking ideas! Discuss these networking options with your up-line. There are man y options and you will find the right “fit” to help your business grow. 1. Chamber of Commerce 2. Networking or Leads Groups

     BNI LeTip ToastMasters Women’s Referral Service Other networking clubs and organizations

    3. Ads Classified - advertise in the business opportunity section for business partners or product ads. You can advertise locally or anywhere in the country! We do not have geographic boundaries. Magazines/Newsletters specifically for:

    Babies New Moms Holistic Health Medical/Dental Magazines

    Example of Classified Ad:

    WHO SAYS YOU CAN’T HAVE IT ALL Work from home 21 yr. Old European Skin Care / Nutritional Co. Botanical & herbal formulas low start-up Top commission FT/PT Call 1-800-222-8888

    4. Charities Ask if they are having any upcoming events where they will need items for goodie bags or silent auctions. Offer gift certificates, gift baskets or both Get involved yourself! 5. Trade Shows/Fairs It’s best to have a basket to raffle or survey to get names (leads). Do not give away sample. If you want to give out samples, then charge minimal amount for the samples. (This attaches value to your sample) If you choose to sell product, be prepared to invest in some inventory. Health Fairs Baby Expos Bridal Shows Women’s Expos 6. Marketing Arbonne Baby Care Products Basket to raffle in baby/children’s retail store (also use lead slip) Lamaz instructors La Leche groups Moms groups Here is a sample of an expo lead generating slip:

    ARBONNE INTERNATIONAL Skin care - nutrition - cosmetics Name: _______________________________

Address: _____________________________ City: ________________________________ State: _______________ Zip: ____________ Day Phone: ___________________________ Evening Phone: ________________________ I’m interested in: Natural Skin Care Products _____ Working from Home _____ Baby Care _____ Acne Treatment _____ Weight Management _____ Face & Body Care _____ Wholesale Buyer _____ Natural Progesterone Program

7. Medical Community Dermatologists - lead with baby care, acne and NutriMin C products Plastic Surgeons - better if you have a connection, cold calling is a challenge (offer a full size Skin Conditioning Oil for new scars) Gynecologists - lead with baby care, Prolief & Phyto Prolief Pediatricians - offer to place baby brochure in waiting room, gift certificate for new mother packets Chiropractors - lead Skin Conditioning Oil, Rejuvinating Cream and Herbal Foot Care. 8. Get involved with groups that interest you Women’s Groups (offer to speak/give gift certificates) Churches, Temples, Spiritual Groups 9. Gyms, Fitness Centers - offer to do free product presentations Set up table and offer samples of Bio-Nutria, offer gift certificate/flyer for new member packets. Personal Trainers - ask for their professional opinion 10. Other related professions Massage Therapists - usually looking for additional income opportunity Aromatherapists - they love Arbonne’s aromatherapy products 11. Salons - seek specialized training from your up-line manager See Sandra or Donna’s website for Salon Information Hairstylists - personal contact is best Aestheticians - personal contact is best - give product knowledge manual along with samples 12. Tanning Salons/Nail Salons - fishbowl for free 3-day trial system 13. Bridal Industry Gift Certificates to bridal shops, photographers, etc. Team up with a salon or make-up artist and promote together 14. Make-up Artists - Ask for professional opinion. Team up to do Glamour Nights 15. Nurses Day (usually in May) offer gift certificates to local hospitals, Doctor’s offices and clinics. Check with your up-line manager to avoid duplication 16. Mothers Day - hand out gift certificates @ local restaurants or hotels, provide a gift basket with a raffle to obtain names, Promote Mother/Daughter Facials/Make-overs, Team up with make-up artist, massage therapist, etc. Go to businesses that are predominately male (firestations, police department, car repairs, etc. Take gift baskets a few days before mother’s day to sell on the spot.) 17. Gift Certificates, Gift Certificates, Gift Certificates!!!! Offer to local businesses. Be creative - these can be used in all situations! 18. Referrals - ALWAYS ASK! "Since Arbonne doesn’t do any advertising, we rely on word of mouth for our advertising and really appreciate referrals. If you give me the names and numbers of 5 people you feel would be interested in my product or business opportunity, I have a special gift for you!" 19. Strangers who have skin and are within 3 feet of you! SMILE! Compliment their hairstyle, clothing, shoes, children, etc - BE SINCERE! Here is some verbiage that will help you: Your skin, is so beautiful, I notice that “In my business…" "As a matter of fact….." My company doesn’t advertise…. "As a matter of fact … “ Here’s my card… “By the way …. “I’d love to give you my business card “By the way… “would you be interested in sampling my product? "I notice you have beautiful skin, may I ask you what products you use?" (answer) "I'm always curious what people use because I represent an herbal/botanical skin care line from Switzerland." "I'm working on expanding my business in this area, do you know anyone who… …is a professional, currently not getting paid what they are worth and would like to have their own business? …is a self-motivated professional with a desire to own their own business?

     …has a great personality and would like to earn an extra couple hundred dollars a month through their own home based business? …has leadership qualities and an entrepreneurial spirit? …is ambitious and self motivated that can handle a large cash flow? …enjoys helping people and would like to be their own boss? …is a successful professional who is interested in an unlimited income opportunity? B) SPONSORING is the key to building a team. A consultant’s top priorities are selling and sponsoring and attending training. You will sponsor many of the people you meet at your presentations or classes. You will also sponsor your clients. The key is to not pre-judge. Just ask! If they say “yes”, you have a new business partner. If they say “not now” keep them in your pipeline. If they say “no” your response should be, “who’s next”. Remember, SW, SW, SW, SW N. Some will, some won’t, some wait, so what, next! 1) To sponsor you must network. Here are some great questions you can ask to see if your prospect is interested in a home based business.

    ? Do you like your job?

    ? Have you ever thought about opening your own home-based business?

    ? Have you ever thought about developing an additional income stream?

    ? Do you earn what you’re worth? ? What is success to you?

    ? Do you have the time and freedom that a home-based business can offer?

    ? Are you maximizing your tax benefits by having a home-office?

    2) Learn the compensation plan, at least to the District Manager level. It is important if you want to build a team. Sponsoring is much easier when you can explain how we earn our money. 3) Immediately identify 3 people with whom you would like to work and why you thought of them as a potential business partner. a) Name Why? b) Name Why? c) Name Why? 4) Selling and Sponsoring are the keys to building your business! Self-development is an added benefit when you become an Arbonne consultant! We always encourage personal and self-development! It’s often a challenge to work for yourself! Learning self-discipline is important when you have a home based business! Goal setting, time management, affirming your success are just a few areas that you will work on with your up-line managers! Self-development will build you and your paycheck!! Here are a few more suggestions to help you build your business!! Ask for help it’s your up-line’s job to assist you!! Attend personal growth and development seminars Discipline yourself. No excuses! Never Make Excuses. “If it’s to be…it’s up to me”. Don’t wait to have time, you never will have it. You must make time. Duplicate the people in your business who are getting results. Get busy Get enthusiastic Hand out a business card to everyone you meet and get their card in return. Make it a habit to get 2 leads minimum each day. Follow-up on leads within 48 hours. Set achievable goals so you can reach your goals. Tell everyone about your business. Without realizing it, you will become a Master Prospector. Every time you get someone’s name and phone number, write it in your pipeline. Make a decision to succeed! 5. Create A Plan of Action To Reach Your Goals To be effective, goals must be specific, measurable and written down. Take a few minutes and write down what you would like to accomplish. A goal is a dream with a deadline! You may wish to seek some additional advice from your sponsor in this area. You can also follow the Action Plan in the “At Home With Success Workbook.” The workbook can be ordered by calling 888-895-4383 or visiting the website Here is some information on goal setting: YOUR GOALS AND PURPOSE Aligning your personal and professional goals with the freedom and power inherent in Network Marketing is the first step for creating success in this business. The primary misunderstanding that people have with goals is that too often they become the end result in themselves. THEY'RE NOT! Consider, if you will, Goals as the "means" not the end result. Achieving a goal is a self-acknowledgment that we're on the right path of becoming the person we've always wanted to be! Goals help us get where we're going by measuring our progress. Goals let us know when we're on track and doing well or when we're off track and need to make an adjustment. Goals help us build momentum. Each time we accomplish one goal, it gives us more power for the next one, and the next, and the next, and so on. When you set a goal...commit to it...hold a vision of toward it and then achieve've really done something. There is an old Chinese saying, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." That first step and all the steps that follow, are represented by your goals. Your goals keep you on track in pursuit of that timeless destination, your purpose!

YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE "If you think you can, or you think you can't, either way you're right!" "Energy follows thought!" "Mind your mind!" The mind is goal seeking by design. An area in our brain called the reticular activating system filters out the unimportant inputs we receive from the environment and focuses on what is important to us at the moment. Be careful what you give importance to in your thinking and in your conversations with others. Your reticular activating system is recording all the time and will look for your desires or fears as if they were your goals. Concentrate your attention on where you want to go, NOT away from where you DON'T want to be. YOU WILL ALWAYS MOVE IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR CURRENT DOMINANT THOUGHTS! Our thoughts are very powerful. They shape what comes into being in our lives. One way to focus your thoughts is to WRITE THEM DOWN. Writing is a powerful action. By writing things down you make a commitment. You commit what you've written to your subconscious mind. When your commitment is expressed positively, and is in the present-tense, your subconscious accepts it as an accomplished fact. Your subconscious mind WILL then guide every aspect of your life "as if" that purpose were true! It is truly awesome!

GOOD, GREAT AND AWESOME A good goal is your bottom line commitment. It's what you absolutely know you will achieve! People are often afraid to set goals because they feel they will fail if the goal is not achieved! Setting a good goal eliminates the dilemma! You set the goal that you know, in fact, you will definitely achieve. A great goal is slightly out of your comfort zone! It's a bit of a stretch, yet definitely achievable. Select a great goal slightly higher than your good goal! An awesome goal is just that, awesome! It's quite a stretch out of your comfort zone! This is where you get to dream big! The sky's the limit! Go for it with your awesome goal! Use good, great and awesome for your short term goals!

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