NCU English Study Group Weekly Report Worksheet

By Ruth Porter,2014-05-12 16:03
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NCU English Study Group Weekly Report Worksheet

    NCU English Study Group Weekly

    Report Worksheet

Meeting ___05/27____

    Group No.___A____ Group Name____空中英語教室自學小組__________

Secretary of the Week: (A)王立農(Roger)(B)黃智鉉(Tim)

1.Material(s) used: Please write down the name(s) of the magazine, the DVD, or other

    materials you used.

    教材名稱: 文章名稱:(A)5/25 Skin care

     (B)6/8 Small changes equal big results


     (B) p22

2. Summary of the things you learned/activities you did this week (e.g. new

    vocabulary, phrases, sentences, plot of the movie, etc.)


    important words

    pimple []

    a small raised red spot on your skin, especially on your face.

    acne []

    a medical problem which causes a lot of red spots on your face and neck and mainly

    affects young people.

    Bacteria [] very small living things, some of which cause illness or disease.


    to remove something that is covering the surface of something else


    one of the small holes in your skin

    plenty []; scar []

    if a wound or cut scars you, it leaves a permanent mark on your body

Talk about it

    Do you have acne problems Have you had them in the past What is the best way to treat acneDescribe your experience.


    important words

    1. KK: []意味深長的

    having a clear aim or purpose:

    EX : He walked purposefully to his desk.

     KK: []終身的 2.

    continuing or existing all through your life:

    EX : She became a lifelong friend of ours.

    3. KK: [] comparative neater整潔的 tidy and carefully arranged:

    EX : His clothes were always neat and clean. 4. KK: []凌亂

    a large number of things that are scattered somewhere in an untidy way

    EX : Could you get rid of some of that clutter in your bedroom?

    5. KK: []勢不可擋的

    having such a great effect on you that you feel confused and do not know how to react:

    EX : She found the city quite overwhelming when she first arrived.

    6. KK: []一堆

    a large amount of something arranged in a shape that looks like a small hill

    EX : All that remained of the old house was a pile of rubble.

    7. KK: []冰箱 British English formal or American English a large piece of electrical kitchen

    equipment, shaped like a cupboard, used for keeping food and drink cool

    8. KK: []吃驚的

    very surprised [= astonished]

    EX : I'm amazed you've never heard of the Rolling Stones.

    9. KK: []專家

    someone who has a special skill or special knowledge of a subject, gained as a result

    of training or experience

    EX : He's a world expert on marine mammals.

3. Reflection



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