Item Challenge Form

By Florence Arnold,2014-06-17 19:13
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Item Challenge Form

    CTP Exam Item Challenge Form

This form is used to challenge the validity of a CTP exam item. Within 72 hours after the examination,

    the CTP candidate must e-mail the completed form to - include the

    word “Challenge” in the subject.

Note: Even though this is a CTP exam, please use the above address. Certified Internet Web Professional

    (CIW) is a Web-based certification program also provided through Prosoft Learning Corporation.

The CTP candidate must fill out this form completely. All fields are required.

    Describe only one challenge per form. Use an additional form for each examination item challenge.

    Item Description. Describe in detail the exam item Candidate Information

    you are challenging, and you believe it is not valid. The Name: CTP candidate’s use and submission of this form to the Address: CTP Program does not violate the CTP non-disclosure City, State Zip: agreement, provided this form is not distributed to any

    other parties in any manner.Country:

    Exam information Registration ID:

    Exam ID: Date:

     Test Center Information


    Address: City, State, Zip:


How did you prepare for this exam?

     Self Study

    What products

    did you use?

     Training Center

    Name, location:


    Name, location:

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