Lecture 5 Films

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Lecture 5 Films

    Lecture Five Chinese Films

    ?Motion pictures were introduced to China in 1896 . It was not until November 1905 that the Chinese shot their first film, The Battle of Dingjunshan. It was adapted from a Peking Opera of the same title by the Beijing

    Fengtai Photo Studio and Tan Xinpei, a renowned performer of Peking Opera. It was

    only a collection of scenes from Beijing opera based on the classical novel The

    Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

    The shooting of the film marked the official birth of Chinese cinema.

    ?The Chinese film industry didn't begin until 1913 when Zheng Zhengqiu and Zhang

    Shichuan shot the first Chinese movie The Difficult Couple (1913). During the 1920s film technicians from the United States trained Chinese technicians in Shanghai, an

    early filmmaking center, and American influence continued to be felt there for the next

    two decades. China's first "talkie" was The Songstress, Red Peony (1931) played by the then "film queen" Butterfly Hu (Hu Die in Chinese) and produced by the Star Studio,

    Shanghai's largest film production studio.?Along the Songhua River ?Eight Thousand Li of Cloud and Moon

    ?Spring River Flows Eastward (1947) by Cai Chusheng and Zheng Junli ? Crow and Sparrow (1949) by Chen Baichen and Zheng Junli ? Light of Million Hopes (1948) by Shen FuBridge---first feature film in 1949

    The White-haired Girl1950

    Scouting Across the Yangzi River (1954)

    The Song of Youth1959

    The Storm

    Lin Zexu

    The Naval Battle of 1894

    The Lin Family’s Shop Threshold of SpringThe New Year's Sacrifice (1956)In the 17 years between the establishment of P.R. China and the "Cultural Revolution" (1966-1976), 603 feature films and 8,342 reels of documentary and news were made. The first wide-screen

    film was produced in 1960.

    The fifth generation directorsThree Principles of Hollywood Films

    ? Surprise

? Suspense

? Satisfaction

    Films; Movies

    1. Film Festivals:

    Cannes International Film Festivals Venice International Movie Festival

Tokyo International Film Festival

    Berlin Film Festival Shanghai International Film Festival

    2. Award

    Oscar Awards Golden Globes

    Silver Bear Gold Lion Award

    Golden Gate Award Golden Palm

    Golden Rooster Award Hundred Flowers Award

    Best film/director/actors/actresses Original Screenplay最佳原创奖 Top Acting Award 最佳表演奖 Best Supporting Role

    Cinematography; Best Cameraman Award 最佳摄影奖

    Best Film Editing Award Best Costume Designing Award

    Best Dubbing Award 最佳配音奖 Nomination提名

    3. Film Making

    feature program 专题片 costume film; period pictures古装片 dub film 译制片 sensational film轰动一时的好电影 slasher movie 枪战片 photodrama 戏剧片

    thriller 惊险片 blue film; X-rated film色情片 animation film; cartoon; animated cartoon 动画片 feature film

    action movie swordsmen film 武侠片 Hollywood blockbuster 好莱坞大片 vernal film青春片

    gangster film警匪片 emotive film言情片 travelogue 风光片/旅游记录片 jointly shot film合拍片 film caption; film subtitles 电影字幕 box office hit; blockbuster票房卖座片 4. top notch大腕 movie king(queen) triple actor(actress)三栖演员 lovers of masses girl-killer/lady-killer; woman killer少女/师奶杀手 star fun groupie 追星族 after thought观后感 movie-goer; cinema-goer电影观众 quick motion/slow motion/慢镜头

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